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what’s up everyone my name is Alex Costa and today we are talking about one of my favorite subjects ever sneakers not only that but we’re going over the best of the best the sickest sneakers of 2020 you guys asked for this video so here it is and before

I start just remember that if you want any more fashion hairstyle travel with fitness inspiration and I got you covered not only on my youtube channel but also on Instagram where I post a lot you can follow me on at Alex Costa I’m going to leave a link

below so you guys can go and check it out alright let’s get started number one at today’s list has to be the Nike waffle sakai now I first saw these Nikes on the Paris Fashion Week show and immediately thought the collab was just it was just sick right

I love that they have a very casual look but with a high piece touch to them to give it that extra edge to make them stand out from any other Nike out there I have my eyes on these babies right now I’m definitely getting them as soon as

I can because I know they’re gonna be hot this year they’re gonna be everywhere in different colorways are coming out in a few months too so I’m very excited about that however they are a little bit pricey just so you guys know they’re around 300 bucks right now

but that’s if you can get your hands on them so if you have your eyes on these babies start shaping up now or you know if you want to send me a pair again start serving up now I’m a size 10 let me know by the way guys

I’m leaving the links to every single sneaker that I mentioned on today’s list in the description below so you can easily get them if you like any of these sneak all right number 2 speaking of hyped up sneakers I can’t think of one pair of sneakers that is

more hyped than these right now these are the Dior Nikes everyone is talking about them all right from the moment there were announced people went crazy like my Instagram blew up and with good reason because I love that silver tone leather the white details plus that iconic Nike

swoosh with the repeat of your logo I mean it is pretty insane the back actually says err Dior which I thought was a really nice touch and if you’re a Jordan fan then I know that you’ve been keeping track of this super hyped elite the price on these

bad boys that’s gonna be crazy I don’t actually don’t know how much they’re gonna cost but I know they’re super hot and you’re you know and brand probably like two grand if I had to guess 2500 bucks out it up what do you guys think is it gonna

be worth it are you guys thinking about copying these or is it just way too much money now the next pair in today’s list I actually have these I’ve been wearing them for a while they’re not new they’re just there they’ve always been hot they’re hard to get

they sell out all the time I’m talking about the converse play the combi gar song collab every time I wear these I get compliments it’s insane they’ve been around for a few years but they still get compliments every time they still turn heads alright when you strip away

to come the gar song part we know that converses aren’t going anywhere you know they’re classics everyone should have a pair of chucks but as most of you know I don’t necessarily like we’re in the same kicks as everyone else which is why I go with these common

gar song if you’re out and people haven’t seen these yet or if they don’t know what it is like trust me you’re gonna want to know they’re gonna ask you what are those where’d you get them what wood is it hard for like you always get those questions

and that’s a great conversation starter for you next up speaking of converses there is another super dope collab that just came out not that long ago a couple few weeks ago actually the all-star fear of God essentials these just came out in mid-december and there is no way

that they’re not gonna be a top pick this year like I don’t own a pair personally because these babies sold out in a second but my brother William does and they feel more high-end compared to the regular converse I tried them on they’re heavier they have a you

know a leather top and the quality is on point and the thing is you can still find these for less than 150 bucks which isn’t too bad considering the quality and the type of collaboration that they put together next up number 5 adidas Yeezy 500 and yes before

you start yelling at me I know there’s this is gonna be controversial you know it’s probably the most controversial there’s this but anything Kanye is gonna be like that you know so it’s expected the thing is with all of these new colorways coming out with more stock right

they’re selling more of these you know they’re gonna be everywhere and the chunky or the dad shoe trend whatever you wanna call it it’s not going anywhere fam like I think there’s a lot of brands coming out with the chunky sneakers a lot of like high-end brands so

you know Balenciaga Yeezy Versace Gucci all of these brands are pumping out new chunky sneakers so the trend is gonna carry on for at least another year and these sneakers do the easy 500 they might not be my favorite on today’s list but you’re gonna you’re gonna see

them everywhere alright and they and they’re cool they’re cool sneakers and they’re now a lot easier to get than the easiest when they first came out speaking of adidas you can’t go wrong with for Wells human-made sneakers right for where was the legends and adidas you know had

a huge year 2019 with these sneakers so combined it’s a no-brainer they’re gonna keep selling and you know what I’m not mad at it because these are actually sick I’m a big poor elephant and I also love the adidas and MDS to me there’s some of the most

comfortable sneakers ever so these are super dope next up these are my favorite white sneakers right now the BP and Alex cost the Venice sneakers now every guy needs to have a pair of white sneakers in their closets this year and there is no better choice for the

price I designed these myself with the Nordstrom team and they are they’re just the perfect white sneaker for 100 bucks all right there’s no better way to say like they actually sold out instantly when we launched them a few months ago and then we just restocked them a

couple of weeks ago I haven’t even told you guys this but they restocked so you don’t have a lot but we do have some a few a few of them left so don’t wait up they’re all white leather rubber so they’re extremely comfortable and they can literally go

with anything what I like the most about these though is the extra thick sole here that gives them a modern edge it sets them apart from anything else now if for some reason you don’t own white sneakers yeah then definitely check these out or if you want to

upgrade it’s gonna be listed in Egyptian below like I said all of these sneakers that I’m talking about listed below next up at number eight on the list Nike react element now I loved these sneakers they’re so freakin beautiful the design is amazing and honestly the hardest thing

about them is picking the colorway because there’s just so many and they all look cool I have them in black and white but it was a tough choice I gotta tell you like the tan one is super sick and even though all white sneakers like they would be

really dope to own too so I might have to might have to upgrade enough well not upgrade to get more they’re so stylish you know they’re comfy they’re light they feel really good on your feet you can actually wear them to the gym like I do or where

them to run errands I’m actually going to Mexico tonight and I’m gonna be wearing them in the plane because I know they’re super comfortable number nine is another classic all right one that is I don’t I just don’t see these going away like anytime soon they’re probably always

gonna be trendy I’m talking about vans these sneakers they just keep making comebacks like year after year like Nike Air Force Ones vans converses you know they’re affordable they’re everywhere and everyone can relate to them they’re nostalgic they can bring memories you’re classic they’re timeless if you’re just

getting into the sneaker game then these are a great pair to start your collection with because they go with everything I personally like and own the black and white classic low tops because they’re just like I said literally go with everything in my closet so if you’re looking

for sneakers and at an affordable price point that’s the one next on the list the Dior b23 sneakers I know it’s a little bit of a weird name sounds like a robot but they look awesome look at Dior grabbing two spots on this list right and you know

what they deserve it they’re pumping out some really sick collabs even the collab with Rimowa like the luggage print looks awesome I looked at it a little bit too expensive but it looks cool I wish I could get it I have a few friends who own these these

sneakers and they’re they’re awesome like I had these in my hands a couple months ago at North Jim I couldn’t pull the trigger because of the price you’re paying around a grand for these bad boys you know so I had to hold back but when I see my

friends wearing them I’m just like should I get them should I not get them I get sneak you’re jealous do you ever get sneaker jealous let me know in the comment section down below which sneaker makes you sneaker job guys don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for

fashion hair style travel inspiration like I said go to Mexico tonight hopefully you guys are gonna enjoy those photos it’s at Alex Costa and if you liked the video today if you learn something new if you found some new shoes some new sneakers then hit the subscribe button

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