10 Pairs Of Shoes & 10 Outfits – Affordable Men’s Shoes

like they’re all pretty much under $100 let’s get some show hey everybody and welcome back to my channel my name is Thomas if you’re brand new and I make videos every single week here on YouTube so in today’s video I’m going to be showing you my ten favorite pairs of shoes seeing as I’ve just gone on a shoe shopping spree actually I’ve only just bought four new pairs of shoes but I’m really really really excited to show you guys this and this video is also actually a video request from soul availa so availa has asked that i do a video about my shoe and sock collection so i’m going to be showing you all of that good stuff today and I just wanted to say soul avilés said that he has 98 pairs of shoes that is crazy I only have I literally I probably have 15 pairs but I’m only going to be showing you ten today how many pairs of shoes do you have let me know in the comment section below so to keep this video off I think I should just show you what kind of socks I where I literally wear one type of soft and it’s an angled sock it doesn’t go over my ankle it goes around the front of the foot and around the back of the back of the heel and that is it and I have it probably about 16 pairs of these so if you want to know what kind of socks I wear there you go but yeah ankle socks they’re the best okey dokey so if you follow me on snapchat you would know that I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately and probably a little bit too much but I bought four new pairs of shoes which I thought was totally appropriate for this kind of video and I wanted to start from the newest shoe to the oldest shoe so that’s the order that we’re going to go in today so the first shoe that I’ve got to show to you is the UK creeper these came in the mail yesterday I have wanted a pair of to UK creepers since I was about 18 I never had the balls to buy them noise because I always thought that this chunky sole was like too feminine or whatever but I’ve kind of gotten over that and I actually just gave in to the impulse the other day when I saw these on sale and I just went and bought them and I actually you know what I frickin love them I find the the chunky soul to be quite unique and awesome looking you don’t really see these on many shoes in saying that Rihanna has just collaborated with Puma they called Santi creepers and they are hot I tried to get my hands on a pair but one they were just too expensive and two they’re super popular like I just could not get my hands on a pair so I went with the tuk creamers one because I’ve always wanted a pair and two they were on sale I got these for 50 but that was from the Australian website if you check the American one I think they’re still full price but yeah if you want some creepers that’s what this kind of shoe is called they are freaking amazing and they look just phenomenal I just love them okay okay so shoe number two is the pink Chelsea boots from Urban Outfitters also if you follow me on snapchat you’ll know that I’m going through is big fat pink phase where I’m just buying everything pink I do have like this whole pink outfit video coming for you but I really really want to execute a well and these boots definitely fall into that category you’re not really meant to be seeing any of the footage or photos from the pink outfits but I will show you a little bit in this video just so you can see how these boots look with some attire and yeah I just love these boots when they first arrived I actually don’t have the boots right here right now because I had to send them back because they were a little bit too small so I’ve actually just tried the boots on just to show you guys and then I’m waiting for the right-sized to come back in the mail I really really really am loving pink right now yes tick urban outfitters also PS all of these shoes are really really affordable like they’re all pretty much under $100 I need to get them on sale or I get them like just because they’re cheap while we’re on the topic of pink as well shoe number three is these bad boys that I got from Azoff they are an azo special actually if you have a look at the tag they are from Azoff they are a beautiful dusty pink they’re just a really nice smart direct shoe and yeah I just love these as well they go with all my pink outfits that I’ve got and speaking of peak again I just cannot wait to show you all of those pink outfit these guys are on sale as well on a soft they were fifty five dollars down from like I think 120 Azoff is great for any anything you want to go on by you can like filter out whether you want like cheaper whether you want a color when I went on there actually shopping on Azoff and when just show me all the pink stuff and I got all the team stuff and that’s how I found these but you can go to the sales section you can go to the cheap section you name it you can do it on easels and I am really really a big fan of their website alrighty and to number four are these white slip ons from Zara so white slip ons er and being my favorite thing forever I’ve been the like the last pair of shoes I’m going to show you is like the regular slip-on that I wear but these slip ons are ones that I in the za romance stores our man is look seriously that is a shop that every time I go into Zara man I find something that I have to have and it’s just crazy anyway there’s my story some time that I went into zaur man these are the ones that I have to have particularly because if you look at these as well they’ve got a really sick soul kind of like the creeper they’re not as thick but compared to a normal shoe this soul seems a little bit thicker and I’m just really diggin that I feel like that’s in fashion at the moment so that’s the reason I had to buy these these were $40 $40 the Australian and yeah I just really really liked them I would wear these with you know like casual wear you know a pair of shorts in a singlet or something like that it’s totally up to you I would just say as a rule of thumb smart casual okie-dokie and shoes number five whoo another Azoff special if you have a look again these ones were only $24 they’re made of fake suede which is fine by me I don’t really mind and $24 seriously they weren’t even on sale but that’s how much this shoe was and I think things are really like they kind of look like a nice dressy shoe but very cheap if you know what I mean the way you can tell they’re cheap is if you see this crease see that when I put my foot in this you can actually see the crease which makes me a little bit disappointed but for $24 I don’t even give a they actually look really really cool and I love this tan color this tan color goes with pretty much anything so yeah I’m really really like them 24 bucks pays off honestly go check it out after you leave this video moving on to issue number six so obviously there was going to have to be a pair of Nikes in here somewhere so here they are these are my workout shoes they’re actually a little bit dirty oh my god and these are the smelliest shoes that I own particularly because these are the shoes that I do the most work in they are they actually don’t smell too bad and that is because of a certain products but these shoes were I think 110 dollars from the Nike outlet store at Harbor town and I really really love them they’ve got these really cool patterns on them I got these my first started zone because I needed a shoe that was more like support and running because we do a lot of like bootcamping but we also do a lot of weights and things like that so I sure liked this was really really good for that the only thing is that they get quite smelly but the way I’ve been combating bad smelly speech is with this looming outdoors spray so I’m actually not getting paid to put this in this video but the reason I like this so much is because of the smell and it’s an all-natural product the main ingredients are like peppermint oil eucalyptus oil tea tree oil and all of those really really good smelling oil and they’re all natural so there’s no chemicals going into your shoes if actually it’s not ten times better after I’ve been using this stuff but yeah smelly feet is kind of like something that gets on your nerves I would go and check out Lumi because their natural spray actually works super good I really like it alright moving on to chute number seven a dr.

Martin suede boot so I got these off my sister for my birthday I think two years ago love love love dr.

months particularly because of the aerated sole that they put in they literally feel like you’re bouncing I do have a normal pair of Doc Martens but they didn’t make the cut this time because they’re just not pretty enough to be honest but these ones are so these are kind of like a dress shoe slash casual shoe really really liked it I’d probably I don’t wear these ones as much as my other pairs simply because I actually as a rule of thumb just like to hang around in in casual clothes as it is but if I go out somewhere where it’s really nice or it’s smart casual dressing I’ll definitely wear these guys I feel like the color navy blue kind of goes with everything so it’s not like it wasn’t ever going to fit in my closet shoes number eight the boat – I love boat shoes I even have a Pinterest board that is dedicated just to boat shoes that’s how crazy about virtues I am again I would probably not wear these anywhere formal they’re quite dorky looking but like smart as well love boat shoes I’ve had this pair for about a year now I got them from industry there are about $80 they’re not the best fitting that is better fitting boat shoes that you can get out there I wouldn’t be sure of what the brands are I just like the look of them but yeah I don’t know I just I’ve always been in love with the look of a boat true and these ones from industry are the ones that I have so I like them and they are definitely a casual item true number nine is a Chuck Taylor or a converse shoe everybody has had a pair of Converse All Star shoes the dirtier they get the better they look in my opinion anyway so I’ve had this pair for about two years now they’re red pair again casual wear I probably wouldn’t wear these any-any we’re like Michael Schmidt goal whatever you want to call it but you have to have a pair of chucks in you in your closet like come on if you don’t have a pair of chucks go and buy some they’re comfy they’re cool and the dirtier they get the better and for sure number ten the white slip on from Big W so before I had the white slip on from Zara which was a little bit more expensive but the white slip on from BW honestly I cannot recommend this to anybody enough the reason is they are so cheap five dollars for a pair of these right I actually got these from the ladies section because they’ve stopped making them in the men’s but yet $5 are you kidding for a great look I also wear these just with like really really really casual wear if you didn’t notice I kind of like casual wear a lot like my favorite team if you’re in the space I’m not sure whether you guys have big W but you have things like Walmart or something and I am absolutely certain you’d be able to find a white slip on like this in Walmart honestly you must be able to and even if you’re looking at me going hey crazy just give it a go $5 what do you got to lose and I bet you any money after you buy pair your convert guarantee it alrighty guys and that is my 10 pairs of shoes that I wanted to show you today I really hope you enjoyed this video if you want to go and check out any of the websites or brands that I mentioned in today’s video I’ll leave them all in the description box below so you can go check them out but other than that I just really hope you enjoyed this and honestly when it comes to Footwear or any clothing of that matter if you want to wear it I encourage you to go and wear it because seriously if you if you don’t go and wear it then you’re going to sit there like I did with the creepers going oh I really want to parent them but nobody will like me if I wear them thinking like that it won’t make you happy don’t buy it wear it and that will make you happy I promise okay also please make sure you go to my website and check out the giveaway I have this month just typed in Thomas and action comm click see this month’s giveaway tab and you’ll be able to find the giveaway that I’m doing for March I’m going to be drawing it on the 28th of March and then announcing it on the 31st so if you want to win something cool you have to go to the website to find out what it is just head over there and I’ll see you there I guess they need so much to coming back and watching this video if you like my shoes make sure you give this video a thumbs up and share it with all with your friends and I’ll see you next week for another video the subscribe buttons just down there or down there somewhere or up there I can’t remember where it is have a good day bye [Applause] you.