£100 ASOS SUMMER OUTFIT CHALLENGE | Men’s Fashion 2019

children seem welcome back to another video I’m Daniel and I hope that you fellas are having a good day dressing well and of course getting stuff in today’s video we are doing another hundred-pound a sauce challenge outfit summer trial it’s a mouthful when it does come to challenge videos I normally try like if you’ve seen in the past try push the limits a bit like try like go outside of my comfort zone and things like that but what I really want to doing today is a video is actually see if I can get an outfit from a source for 100 pounds or less of something that I would literally wear like an outfit that I would truly wear on the daily and feel you know like really comfortable and so that’s the goal today is to see if I can get something that really does match my style fits me well and you know just looks good all around one thing to clarify first guys I am gonna be shopping for London’s summer I noticed in there 10 like simple outfits are for summer it was quite a few of you commenting below you can wear this in my country you can wear this you couldn’t wear this bah-bah-bah not summer outfits and the thing is I don’t live in your country I live in London and that’s how I dress and that’s how I plan these outfit remember these are all just ideas guys I’m not showing you exact outfits that you should wear with fashion it is about putting your own spin on it dressing for your own climates your own environment and everything like that okay so I just give you guys the ideas it’s still up to you to kind of like put your own spin on things so yeah just know that today I’m still shopping for London’s summer now that that’s out the way I’ve got the laptop we have a hundred pound limit let’s get onto a sauce alright we’ve got that screen recording started so pretty much my process with this one is I’m gonna kind of just start off with a sauce design stuff because a sauce the website itself has a ton of brands a ton of stuff so if you don’t narrow things down enough you’re gonna be on here for ages that’s what we’re gonna be doing first okay so keeping in mind that I’m trying to go for something very wearable we are gonna go to clothing as you know not let’s go to brands let’s go to brands a sauce design that’s like all of like a sauces kind of like stuff and already here you see there’s still eighteen thousand two hundred and forty six items so we need to limit the hell out of this I’m not gonna do shorts guys like it is hard for me to find really good shorts I like the only ones I like the ones from on plus a or on plus C I’m saying it wrong okay I want houses and we’re gonna go for jeans as well but you can’t wear those in my country move to London you can kind of bear anything whenever so already I’ve limited down which is taking the search to any now four point thousand two hundred and forty six let’s do two sizes as well because that is a important one boom again now that’s already taken it down to six hundred and seventy seven colors I don’t really know size done price range you’re not going to do but what we’re gonna do because a hundred Panama I’m gonna go from low to high so it’s going to show me the cheapest first and now we can really start going through it we’re going for simplicity so let’s speed run through this so a sauce tapered smart trousers and ice gray a sauce Navy I’m just gonna open quite a few Ted see those are cool but I know I wouldn’t really wear them on the daily so I’m trying to really go for a like a daily wear even though this might look so basic to you guys do you know I’m gonna do because it kind of just realized I’m gonna move out of the way now we can actually have a bigger screen here that makes a lot more sense right okay let’s keep going through I’m gonna go into jeans because there could be other brands that do really cheap okay so I’m looking for jeans on twelve pounds I like the color of those much indigo kind of do want my jeans to be a bit brighter though because it is still like a summer fits what are these a sauce design oh that’s a nice color the collusion wants 12 pounds these look like a nice fit although I feel they’re gonna be a bit too dark for what I want I’ve got no plans of these I do really like the colorway of them and then also a sauce I think I’m gonna stick with these ones for now let’s go linen trousers linen will be very light and breathable and very thin so if you guys do live in a hotter country that something you can look at we’re not gonna like I’m because you guys don’t need any seamy shop I’m gonna go through I’m gonna obviously open up quite a few things that I do like a so I’ve got the pants that I’m considering on boom boom now tops is definitely one I’m gonna narrow down a lot more so I’m going to go back to the brands gonna go to a sauce white a sauce white is a bit of their like higher-end kind of like range thing like a little bit better quality the thing is I still got to keep the price range in mind and that’s kind of what I’m forgetting about right now all right so the tops that I’m kind of looking at as you see it’s just a price range here but we do have this like cool boxy shirt obviously just a standard loose-fitting t-shirt got a very nice kind of like jagex I’m thinking like a jacket just for the evening if I can fit it in and then nice white shirt and then also another shirt here I think I’ve got in mind what I’m gonna do I’m looking for a jacket let’s go find a jacket again we’re gonna do the same thing price low to high because we’re trying to stick in with that budget okay so if I were at 20 pounds and I’m not feeling any of these vest is cool so you guys can make 22 pounds for our vest I was actually telling my friend the other day like we saw this really cool vest and a store and it was why 400 something pounds I was like you can just find that exact same thing especially because they’re still kind of like on trend and stuff like right now like a utility vest you find that stuff online like a sauce does great versions like when something is a trend I think looking like a source and stuff is a good place to go because it’s not you’re not gonna probably be wearing it for that long like a year max okay so the jack is that we’re looking at we do have this utility vest which is a vest no jacket then we have a cup zip up the jacket in a checkered gray I’m kind of looking at also this hat and Dragons it is a skinny denim on my tier foot there’s a just on like the same price type one with it’s not skinny denim that’ll be too tight on my arms and then we do have this really nice one from collusion again there’s like a nice oversized very similar to my car hat one so if you guys have like really a fan of the cat hat when I thrifted this collusion 125 pounds here BAM so I’m not gonna show you guys exactly what I’ve ordered but I have ordered it so I’ve put under is next day’s delivery so we’re just gonna skip to tomorrow if it comes so see you fellows tomorrow man or Shutterfly be so cool will teleport teddy cook cook quitter I’m flying them in the sky and it’s free and then teleport fast fast too fast or free last 300 hey buddy yes I might so I’ve got a delivery for mr.

Daniel I know sort of what well what I know they’re sandals on just how would you have you wear them with socks box yes I like just some sandals but right yeah sure you like them Bart I deliver the plenty of fashion food here you go bloody kids in that fashion these days what grandma I probably just better than that fool all right so it is the next day guys also neighbors have got that uh you know like hedge trimmer thing out so sorry if you can hear all that stuff but it is the next day we have the package from a sauce so you guys want to see what I got I don’t even know if I’m doing it along the line oh there we go in total I ended up spending 98 pounds here is a quick screenshot so you guys can see I ain’t seen it this is what we got we got a total of four items for 98 pounds a full outfit I’ve got pants I’ve got a shirt got a jacket and I’ve got an accessory shoes I’m gonna do myself I’m not gonna mess around shoot on a website so first up we’ll start with a pant I ended up going for only and Suns slim so we’ll see how that actually fits they each pens in a linen material so these are very nice and lightweight I mean the color the color is nice I did first time I’m seeing this to guys because these were slim I was that I’m gonna size up so I actually went for duty for waist I wouldn’t really suggest you guys to do that but for me again I can put a belt through and it’s also got the drawstrings and that is just cuz the size of my thighs so if you guys do have that bigger legs and stuff like that something look at doing so hopefully these will actually fit nicely these were the most expensive item that I got and he came in at 38 pounds then the shirt I ended up going for it again going for that summer vibe but on a sauce white loose-fitting shirt and it’s in this kind of like textured color again my all sizes were actually sold out in this so I would have gone for a large because it is loose-fitting but I sized up to extra-large so again fit might not be fully on so this came in at 26 pounds and so far it’s like kind of like a creamy white it looks good it feels nice it’s actually really like that I hope it fits like I know it’ll fit because I wear oversized clothing but I mean like I hope it doesn’t look too oversized because I think so far I mean although that beige and white it’s good so far because it’s a summer inspired outfit I did want to go for the lighter color ways as you see I’ve got beige pants and a white tee shirt they’re just really like kind of like screams summer vibes but then I also did get a denim jacket now the denim jacket I got this from the ASOS design brands just came in at 30 pounds now me you may be like why are you getting a check and in summer I really want to outfit it’s versatile and gonna sneeze I really want an outfit that’s versatile and can go from day to night like I said this is for London weather and yeah this is nice what was it what did I say well still 30 pounds brought it in a size large went true to size with it this would just be a nice kind of like contrast to the whole entire outfit I feel to like chuck on more in the evening so that’s pretty good then the final thing I got because there was still some money left over I picked up an accessory which is this tote bag right here again just so that outfit just goes together that beige the one I went for says it was even this one this one says a sauce design on it but if you don’t want you know the brand to be seen you square on the inside won’t really be shown I love tote bags is an accessory and also just obviously a functional purpose and I feel this really still ties in with the whole entire outfit so those are the four items I picked up I spent a total of 98 pounds two pounds under budget and so far so good what we’re gonna do now we’re going to go on to the streets where the whole entire I’ll show you guys a little bit of b-roll and then we’ll sum it up outside my overall thoughts on this so let’s get to outside [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and there we have it guys that is the outfit that I put together so all up 400 pounds I’m pretty happy with it I was able to stay under budget I was able to stick roughly into my style and I believe that everything came together quite well if there’s a lot of like background noise and wind and stuff unfortunately we don’t have the mic we’re just shooting this straight before so just bear with me now what I would say guys is that when you are spending 100 pounds or less for a full entire outfit you just have to be aware that the quality that you’re getting might not be there I just want to show you that you can still put a fit together when you are on a budget there guys all up I’m pretty damn happy with how it came together my favorite piece definitely was each my favorite piece of them all definitely was this white shirt was for a sauce white collection pretty much because of the price and everything else to me it doesn’t feel like it’s from a sauce like a sauce is brand quality is there you know it’s a nice heavy way I love the texture of it and kind of that off-white color side shot with that now the black denim jacket I think that was a bit true-life full-on black for the whole entire outfit I think it contrasted too much if that was maybe like a washed flag or like a vintage you know the vintage II washed black I think we’ve got and wasters obviously way too big but the pants to fit my thighs and that is key l literally cranked up right now being guys overall 100 pounds I think I did good let me know in the comment section below what you guys thought of the outfit I put together and also let me know in the comment section below where should I do this challenge next other than that guys have an amazing day and I’ll see you fellas next time [Music] [Music].