2020 SNEAKER RELEASES: SIT or SELL January (Part 1)

what’s up everybody I’m Seth Fowler and today we’re taking a look at the sneaker releases in the first half of January 2020 the first sneaker release video of the year not as exciting as that was hoping but it is what it is but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch because there are some releases that are interesting if you’ve never seen one of my sitter sale videos before basically what I do is I take a look at the sneakers releasing in the first half or second half of a given month I’ll let you know what I think about each one of the sneakers dropping and whether I think each one of these shoes are gonna sit on shelves or sell out immediately all the sitter’s sale ratings that I put on sneakers in these videos are based on my own personal opinions and experience so if you’re gonna buy a sneaker just because I said it’s gonna sell don’t that’s a stupid reason to do that so just sit back enjoy and take it with a grain of salt I’m gonna start this video off a little bit later than the beginning of January just because we’ve already passed the beginning of January so it doesn’t make sense but without further ado let’s jump right into things so starting things off on January 3rd we’ve got the Reebok question mid and gray suede I’ve really liked the fact that Reebok has been retro in some of their classic sneakers like the questioned mid and obviously I’m an Allen Iverson fan this wasn’t even on purpose so that’s pretty cool the Reebok question mid is a pretty comfortable sneaker and I also think it looks really really great and I think in this sort of gray suede makeup it also has a much more premium feel from what I can tell this way it looks super plush and I’m actually really excited about this sneaker know it’s not something that I might run out and grab on release day but it’s something that I might pick up when it hits the sale racks if it hits the sale racks even though people online seem to be really excited about this sneaker there just doesn’t seem to be enough hype to make this sneaker sell out so for that reason giving it a sit also dropping on the 3rd we’ve got the Nike Zoom Kobe 5 proto in the chaos colorway Nike has been steadily going through the Kobe silhouettes and pro trowing them which i think is a really cool thing to do pro TRO means performance retro which means that they’ve actually upgraded the internals of the sneaker to make it much more of a modern basketball sneaker than it was when it first released but the best part about Pro tros is that they try and keep the overall look of the sneaker exactly the same as the original so because of that you’re able to get your nostalgia fixed while still killing people on the court not so much me because I suck at basketball but for some people who are good the Kobe 5 proto Kaos is great looking shoe and because it is the first colorway of a Kobe 5 proto to release I think there is a good chance of this sneaker Mesa then moving on to January 4th we’ve got the grade school release of the Air Jordan 3 barely grape Piper Crimson this colorway is ok it’s alright I think if you have a daughter who really loves pink and fuchsias and can fit in a grade school size sneaker grab it for them or maybe even a little dude who really wants to rock pink sneakers I don’t know this shoe is fine I don’t have a problem with it it’s just not for me not that I could fit it anyway just like with some of the other grade school releases to come out and sort of random colorways I just don’t see this sneaker selling out then on January 7th we’ve got the Nike LeBron 17 in infrared this might actually be my favorite LeBron 17 colorway I think it’s up there with the Lakers colorway even though they were both general releases they both look really good this shoe comes in a mostly black makeup with some red accents around the heel and in the air unit and I think overall it’s a super clean look I mean you can’t really go wrong with black and red my favorite part about this shoe are the little red swirls hidden in the knit positive on the heel of the shoe it’s such a subtle detail but it looks so good when it all comes together the LeBron 17 as silhouette just isn’t for me though it’s not something I could wear casually and it’s not a shoe that I really prefer to plain however if you like the LeBron 17 and need another pair or just haven’t picked up a pair yet this shoe is awesome and I definitely recommend grabbing it that said I do think it will be a gr colorway which means there’s gonna be tons of pairs to go around so for that reason I think it’s gonna sit then continuing on to January 9th we’ve got the Jordan why not 0.

3 in the family colorway white on 0.

3 looks a lot like a pair of Pumas that I got a couple months back I can’t remember exactly which pair it was but when I first saw this sneaker I thought it was a pair of Pumas that’s not a dish though I’m just being honest that just sort of reminds me of I mean it’s obviously not copied from that shoe but just looks pretty similar with that being said I do think that the Jordan why not 0.

3 is a pretty decent looking sneaker especially in this black white and sort of gold accents and colorway and I actually like it a lot better than the 0.

2 s Westbrook’s why not line is one of Jordans more budget-friendly sneakers and I think because of that it’s actually very accessible to a lot of different people honestly I don’t really have anything else to say about the sneaker I think it’s fine I think it’s a good looking shoe I just haven’t had a chance to play in it so I don’t know anything about it other than that and if you’re in the market for a new pair of Westbrooks great I think this is a good sneaker to grab and if you’re trying to grab it you shouldn’t have very hard time because I do think this sneaker will probably sit and then rounding up the ninth we’ve got an air max 90 og in the Volt colorway this og volt colorway is releasing sort of in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 90 which i think is pretty cool what I personally would love to see is an OG infrared colorway because I have a pair from 2015 which is beat to hell at this point and I really need a new pair the Volt colorway is also very clean it’s pretty much the same thing as the infrared colorway except with the infrared switched out four volt and if you’re an Air Max 90 fan or just love those Volt hits this is a great sneaker to go with even though the shoe will probably hit a nostalgic cord with a lot of collectors I just don’t think there’s enough hype behind it to really make it sell out so for that reason I’m giving it a sit then moving on to January 10th we’ve got a nike freak 1 in total orange and dynamic yellow I’m not totally sure why the colorway is total orange dynamic yellow because if you look at the shoe that kind of looks like green nike always has a way of putting colours on the box that aren’t really that obvious on the sneaker I don’t know why they do that but this is definitely a prime example of that that said the sneaker looks fine I don’t love it I’m not gonna be grabbing it it also isn’t orange so they lied but I’ve heard that it’s a good sneaker and if you’re looking for a freak one go out and grab it do I think this green freak one will sell out probably not also dropping on the 10th of the concepts Nike carries six Khepri continuing with their Egypt theme collaboration Boston based sneaker boutique concept is collaborating with Nike once again kind of interesting because Kyrie is no longer with the Celtics but it’s still cool to see this collab drop and I love the first one so much I think this one’s also gonna be pretty solid Khepri raw is apparently an Egyptian god that represents the Rising Sun and so because of that the shoe comes in sort of a pink Rising Sun colorway I don’t like the colorway as much as last year’s version but I don’t think it’s bad what I am kind of annoyed by is that the grade-school colorway in my opinion is better than the adult colorway but it is what it is the shoe is some pretty cool Egypt themed accents and will no doubt be super limited what I’m interested to know though is whether the sneaker will come in sort of a special box like the original regardless I think it’s dope sneaker and I definitely see it selling out then on January 11th we’ve got the clot Nike Air Force One low in rose gold silk Jordan Brand surprised me last month and blessed this insane package which ended up being the Edison Chen or clot Air Jordan one myths and since then I’ve been obsessed with the recent clot collaborations especially with Nike other than the Jordan one mids I don’t have any other clot Nike collaborations and I’m really looking forward to trying to grab this pair for myself obviously one of the main features of the shoe is the fact that the silk or the material on the top of the sneaker can actually be torn off or worn off so that you can see a colorful leather underneath I’m not sure what the color of the leather is underneath the fabric on this colorway but I’d be excited to find out but I could only find out if I actually bought a pair which to be honest won’t be easy because these shoes are pretty limited and just like all the other clot Nike collaborations that have dropped recently this shoe will definitely sell and then after that we’ve got an Air Jordan 13 reverse he got game this shoe might not actually be a reverse he got game it just kind of looks like that’s what they’re going for these 13s feature a primarily black upper with some white accents around the mid foot and around the heel and overall it’s a pretty clean looking year Jordan 13 isn’t anything special yeah not really but it’s still a good looking pair of sneakers and I think if you’re looking for a great pair of 13s that are easy to rock this is a great way to go however I do think there will be a lot of pairs of these available and for that reason I think this shoe is probably going to sit after that we’ve got the adidas Don issue one in solar red this orange and black issue one is a pretty good-looking shoe and if you’re looking for a new pair of Adidas basketball sneakers this is a great way to go however it is just kind of a different colorway of the do and issue one I like it there’s nothing wrong with it I just think it’s more of the same and for that reason I think it’s gonna sit and then rounding off the 11th we’ve got two different colorways of a brand new Pharrell silhouette the adidas Pharrell future craft 4d in my opinion this is a classic case of this shoe should have dropped two years ago and this shoe would have sold out like crazy and resold for crazy money back then but I don’t know I just don’t think it has a height behind it anymore adidas has finally decided to mash up one of their most hyped up brands the Pharrell Brandt with one of their most hyped up technologies the 4d technology however again I just think they did it too late the sneaker itself looks great it comes in both an olive colorway and a purple colorway and I think overall there’s nothing wrong with it I do think the price point is a little bit high at 400 bucks I think that’s a lot of money to be spending on a pair of sneakers which aren’t incredibly comfortable and again it’s just a case of too little too late I just wish they’d drop this shoe sooner so honestly I could see the shoe going either way if it’s super limited then yes I could see the shoe selling out if it’s not super limited it probably will sit on shelves maybe not everywhere maybe it’ll sell out online but I bet if you go to an Adidas flagship store in a big city like New York you’ll probably be able to find a full size run so with that being said I really think I’m gonna have to go with the sit and then moving on to January 15th we’ve got the Air Max 90 in the Chinese New Year colorway obviously because it’s the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 90 we’re gonna be getting a lot of air max 90s this year which i think is a great thing and some of them are gonna be hits like the og neons and some of them are gonna be misses like the Chinese New Year 2020s this shoe really could have easily been a slam dunk but instead they decided to go with metallic accents pink white and also red I don’t hate it I just don’t think it’s very well thought out I feel like they could have done a much better job and made this shoe much more exciting but instead they kind of phoned it in went with some red went with some silver threw some pink in there and just kind of left it at that and because of that I don’t think anyone’s gonna be interested so for that reason I’m giving it a sit and then finally rounding off the list on January 16th we’ve got the Nike Kyrie 6 and black and red this is a black and red Kyrie 6 it is decent it looks fine nothing too exciting about it it’s the Kyrie 6 if you’re looking for an on-court shoe and you really like the Kyrie 6 you can’t go wrong with black and red I just think it’s a standard gr shoe and because of that it’s not gonna sell out with that we wrap up the sneaker releases in the first half of January 2020 now I would love to know your thoughts on these releases and whether any of these sneakers caught your eyes so let me know in the comment section down below as always thank you so much for watching make sure to subscribe if you haven’t yet and I’ll see you all on the next one.