21 Style Tips For Men In Their 20s (Young Men’s Fashion Guide)

Style Tips For Men In Their 20s[0:00:00] As a young man when it comes down to style, you want to be out there experimenting, making mistakes, and learning to formulate your ownopinion when it comes to your own personal image.

In today’s video, gents, twenty one styletips for men in their 20’s.

[Music]First up on the list, go out there and experiment.

You only know if you like something by tryingit by doing it.

You can’t just think about a style and say, you know what? I’m not into that.

You know at this age, you want to be out theretrying.

So, are you going to go street wear? Are you going to go classic menswear? Guys, it’s up to you, but go out there andtry and see what suits you.

And, with that, we’ve got our next tip, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Mistakes happen because you’re going outthere and you’re trying something new.

If you aren’t making mistakes in your life, you’re not trying enough things, you’re not putting yourself out there.

Mistakes happen whenever you’re learning, whenever you’re growing, whenever you’re stretching yourself.

Now, let’s talk about formulating your ownopinion.

This is hard especially when you go againstthe flow.

It’s easy whenever you’re with the crowdand you agree, but what about when you disagree, are you going to have the courage to go yourown way.

Next up, you want to learn to leverage thepower of color.

Notice all of a sudden, I brought in a pocketsquare right here.

This little bit of color this little bit ofpop, I think really sets the outfit apart from the sea of suits out there that aren’tusing pocket squares.

But, red also has the power of actually makinga man more believable.

Other things, let’s notice the green inthe jacket I’m wearing.

This is a very natural color, so when yousee a man wearing green, all of a sudden you’re more likely to trust him.

And colors can have this effect.

Blue can also make you look more trustworthy.

In addition, it can make an older man lookyounger.

If you’re already looking pretty young, then maybe you want to bring in charcoal gray, it’s going to age you a bit.

The power of black, that’s going to be aggression, it’s also going to slim you up.

And, when you understand the power of color, you can use it to your advantage.

Now, we’re going to learn how to kiss, andI’m not talking about with your kips – keep it simple silly.

So, we like to overcomplicate things.

Guys, when it comes to elegant classic style, you don’t need to bring an outlandish outfits, crazy colors, mindboggling patterns.

No! It really is something focus in on the stylepyramid; fit, function, and fabric.

So, that leads us right into our next point, fit.

You want to make sure everything you put onyour body fits your body.

If it doesn’t fit your body, you’re notgoing to wear it.

You need to know the name of your tailor.

Understand how your dress shirt should fit.

Understand how your jacket, your trousers, everything you wear should fit.

Even your jeans, you want to take them toget adjusted if they don’t fit you.

Next up, we’ve got clothing function.

Is the clothing sending the message you wantto send? If you’re an engineer working for a constructioncompany, your outfits are going to be different than if you’re a lawyer working for a constructioncompany.

The lawyer, probably going to dress up a bitmore, but still the engineer who’s going out to the field, he’s going to want towear set clothing.

If you’re a consultant working a New Yorkfirm, if you’re a consultant working for a firm in a very small town, your outfitsare going to be a bit different because in a bigger city in an urban environment, suitsare going to be the go-to.

But, still if you’re – and even in a smalltown, you may be doing consultations with a client in an urban environment via Skypeor via Zoom, so you want to still wear the appropriate clothing, so when they see youthey – they get this feeling of trust and confidence.

And now, let’s talk about fabric, the thirdpart of the style pyramid.

You want to buy the best clothing that youcan afford.

So, when you’re just starting off, you justgraduated college, you have a very limited budget.

In that case, you’re going to compromise, you’re going to maybe buy a blend when it comes to a suit, you’re going to buy shoesthat are perhaps glued going to be in the $50 to $100 range.

But, as you start to get your first, second, third paycheck, you start to put aside money because you realize I need to start investingin good pieces.

And now, gentlemen, you’re going out thereand buying your first pair of quality shoes, and I’m not talking Jordans, great shoes, but what I’m talking about here are dress shoes.

These are going to be foundation shoes thatbasically when it comes to your business wardrobe, when it comes down to your business casualwardrobe that you’re going to be able to use these as a foundation.

So, two great options right here.

You can go with a simple black Balmoral oxfordwith a closed lacing system.

This right here is a workhorse especiallyif you’re wearing dark-colored suits often.

But, if you’re in a more casual environment, maybe you want to look for a pair of Bluchers.

These are going to have an open lacing system.

And if you don’t know the difference, I’llbring up an infographic right here.

But, in general, the black Balmoral oxfordis going to be a little bit dressier than these dark browns here in a more casual style.

However, depends on really what your professionalneed is, what you’re going to wear more often is probably the one you want to firstbuy because you’re going to get the miles out of this and when you dress sharp, you’regoing to feel like a million bucks.

And now, let’s talk suit.

So, I think every man in his 20’s shouldhave at least one suit in his closet in his wardrobe that first off fits him well.

So, you want to take this to a tailor, getit adjusted to fit your body.

Make sure that the suits fit, don’t go forany of those crazy outlandish fits, and that takes us to function.

[0:04:54]So, you want this to be now a fashion suit, but a classically styled suit.

One that you could spend a bit of money onand ones that fit you you’re going to be able to use it for the next five years, maybeeven beyond if you’re able to, you know, get a classic style.

And, when we’re talking classic styles alsolet’s talk about the color.

So, you want to go with navy blue, charcoalgray, and when it comes down to what you can afford, spend a little bit more money here.

Get something that every time you put it on, that fabric drapes well and it makes you look like a million bucks.

So, you’ve got the shoes, you’ve got thesuit.

Now, let’s talk about accessories.

So, I think at this point it’s good fora man to buy his first high quality accessory, and this is going to be something going toserve you for the next decade and perhaps beyond.

So, you buy your first really nice leatherbriefcase or maybe you start to get into watches, maybe it’s a pair of sunglasses, when youput them on, you just feel great.

The point of these last three is that you’vegot an outfit when you put it together, you feel like a million bucks.

Gents, own at least one book on men style.

I’m not even saying that you need to readthis thing, but I want you to have this, so that you can make your way through and findsome amazing information.

And, it doesn’t matter who you are, whatyour complexion is, what you are bringing to the table, what your profession is, findsomething that works for you and go out there.

And, yes, there are so many YouTube channelsout there, and I’ll link to some of my favorites down in the description such as Aaron overat Alpha M or Jose over at Teaching Men’s Fashion or Raphael over the Gentleman’sGazette.

Guys, tons of options out there.

Really, you need to find someone that youconnect with and learn from others.

And, that leads me to my next tip, gentlemen, find your style inspiration.

So many options out there.

Just look to Hollywood, you’ve got RyanGosling, we’ve got George Clooney, you’ve got Idris Elba, Daniel Craig.

But, maybe you want someone who’s more relatable, look to Travis White over on Instagram.

And, gents, when you’re looking for yourstyle inspiration, find someone that you really connect with.

So, if you’re looking for someone that’sa bit younger, someone’s got more of a bleeding edge style, check out Khoi over at GentlemenWithin.

I love what this guy is doing.

He’s a good friend of mine.

Good channel.

Or maybe you want something that’s moreage-specific because you’re in your 50’s in your 40’s and you’re still watchingthis video.

Guys, go check out John over at 40 Over Fashion.

He’s killing it and I love his videos andwhat he brings to the table.

So, these next few tips are more like warningsand things to avoid.

First up, just because it’s expensive, justbecause it costs a lot of money does not mean it’s high quality.

And, related to that, just because it’sgot a fancy logo does not mean it makes you stylish.

So, next up you want to understand the differencebetween fashion and classic style.

So, fashion is going to be more fleeting, it’s going to be following trends.

Nothing wrong with this.

If this is really what you want to do, thengo for it, but understand that this is going to be something you got to stay up on.

Classic style on the other hand, these aregoing to be silhouettes, these are going to be looks, these are going to be pieces ofclothing that have stood the test of time.

A good well-fitted suit made in a classicstyle is going to serve you for a decade.

Now, it’s not going to win any awards fororiginality, but what it is going to win an award for is when it fits your body when youwear it you’re going to get compliments, you’re going to look like a million bucks, and you don’t have to worry about it going out of style.

So now, let’s talk about habits.

When you’re in your 20’s, you have a greatopportunity to create habits that for the rest of your life you’re going to follow.

Those are the strongest habits the ones thatyou’ve done for years and its’ hard to actually fall out of.

So, you want to make sure that you have goodhabits not bad habits which are going to lead you down the wrong path.

So, first up let’s talk about grooming habits.

I do think you need to have a skincare routine.

The skin is the largest organ on your bodyand you need to start protecting it now because this is something that you don’t noticeuntil it’s too late.

You want to make sure to wear a little bitof sunblock especially if you’re lighter colored in skin in a sunny area on your facemaybe even on your hands other parts of your body you’re exposing to.

And, I do think that having a good skincareroutine early is going to basically pay dividends in the future.

And, with that let’s talk about your groomingroutine.

So, for most guys their grooming routine isreactive, not proactive.

And what I mean by proactive is that you’vegot a set time every week in which you sit down and you take care of your toenails, ofyour fingernails.

Every day you should actually be cleaningyour nails.

You never want to have dirty nails.

When it comes to hair coming out of your nose, coming out of your ears, once a week you want to be trimming that, not just before you havea hot date and you’re worried that she’s going to basically see that forest comingout of your nose.

Now, let’s talk about hair and the nexttip here is to schedule in advance your time with your stylist or barber.

So, the reason that you want to do this isyou don’t want to have to think about it, again, you don’t want to be reactive, youwant to be proactive.

You don’t want to be all of a sudden realizedI’ve got that important interview, I’ve got hair all over my neck, it’s been fouror five weeks since I’ve gotten my haircut and all of a sudden you can’t get in, yougo to some barber you’ve never actually met you’ve never worked with and all ofa sudden they give you a bad cut.

Guys, avoid that by scheduling time with yourbarber.

And, guys, don’t be afraid at this pointto have fun with your facial hair.

Over the last decade we’ve seen beards becomemuch more popular.

The advantage of this in the workplace isthat beards are now much more accepted.

So, tons of options here, you don’t haveto worry about any negative repercussions what you did about twenty years ago, and youcan try tons of different options.

The best thing is to let your hair grow formaybe two to three months and then you can see, okay, what can I do with the way thatmy hair grows.

[0:10:04]Maybe it’s going to be some – you don’t grow it very well.

Well, have fun with stubble.

Science has shown that stubble makes a manmore attractive.

But maybe you say you know what? I can do something with this, I can go witha goatee.

Guys, find what works for you, but have fun, experiment.

Now, that being said some experiments aremore permanent that others.

Tattoos, be careful with tattoos.

In today’s society still especially in manycultures outside the US, tattoos are not as accepted.

In fact, there was a recent anonymous studygiven to employers asking them straight up, hey, are you going to be biased negativelytowards someone who has visible tattoos on their body, and 77% of people still said yes.

So, if you’re going to go with a tattoo, I would advise it being on a place that, hey, if you were to wear a jacket or a suit, itwould be covered up.

Be very careful with anything on the faceanything on the hands, that can be picked up especially in other cultures as somethingnegative.

So, another tip for guys in their 20’s, go shopping in a thrift wear store, and it’s not just about the money that you’re goingto save, it’s about being able to break free of the fashion trends.

You see when you go to a box store, you goto a menswear store, no matter what store it is, they are selling clothing that wassent to them.

They are stuck in the trends of the year ofthe time period, but when you go to a thrift store to a consignment shop, all of a suddenyou’re going to see clothing that was in style maybe ten, twenty, sometimes forty yearsago.

And, here’s the deal is that you find somethingthat you like the look of, you like the way that this thing just – but you’re notgoing to find this anywhere else because this one out of fashion or trend maybe forty yearsago, thirty years ago, but, yeah, you’re able to bring it into your wardrobe and youfind your own unique style.

And now, let’s talk about the power of theinterchangeable wardrobe.

If you can master this in your 20’s, you’regoing to save yourself a lot of frustration, a lot of time, a lot of money because you’regoing to be able to build a wardrobe which is made out of pieces that are going to workwith each other, so you own less clothing, you get more outfits, and you save yourselfthe frustration of not being able to piece things together.

You’re able to look sharper without anyeffort.

Guys, you want to learn how to do this? Check out this video right here, how to buildyour interchangeable wardrobe, one of my best videos.

Go check it out, guys, and learn how to dresslike the man you know yourself to be.

[0:12:14] End of Audio.