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[Music] hey guys so today we’re talking all about our five favorite shirt brands [Music] what’s up guys welcome back to jets lounge sorry for the delay in videos as of late if you did not already know I’m getting married when this video comes out probably in about a week or less so thank you guys for bearing with us but we’ll be back on track as soon as I have done and get that other way not like it’s a big deal or anything but today we are talking about our five favorite dress shirt brands now these are gonna be brands from budget-friendly to very very very expensive so we just want to talk about shirts we wear on the regular basis and shirts that are in our closet but first if you have not hit that subscribe button hit that right now leave us a comment on what your favourite dress shirt brand is and maybe it will be in this video but we’d like to see what you guys are rocking before we sway your vote so this is a mix of our favorite shirt brands and I think we’re just gonna get started right away there we go all right chef number one guys so we have this eat on I don’t know if you guys heard of it but eat ah it’s a Swedish brand it’s been around for a very long time recently got a lot of Neriah tea I rock up Georges Braque sim but they’re actually like one of the best shows like anyone could all know you just mean right yes so Etan is definitely on the upper scale of the price points of these dress shirts so their price point is probably 200 plus for a dress shirt but when Blake says it is the best shirt you will ever own off the rack it is guaranteed the best shirt you will have Barone off the rack I remember the first time I put one on I was like okay I I get it like I understand why it costs a little extra money nothing has ever fit me like that off the rack so they have different styles so not all of them are gonna be like super fitted if you’re like a regular fit guy they have those shirts one other thing about Etan that makes it stand out as a superior dress shirt is like the quality that they take in the collars like you’re gonna get a little taller collar it’s gonna be make a little more of a statement they add this little like hook thing to their collars which most of the kind of less expensive dress shirts kind of cut a little corner to save a little money because honestly the more angles you have in a shirt the more in a costume manufacturer and their materials are on point hi guys up next if you guys have not heard of Twitter yet you should have because these are your workhorse of your dress shirt so what’s amazing about Tuileries if you buy more than one of them the price goes down so if you buy two it’s one price if you buy three or more I think it goes down to like fifty four dollars per shirt which is unbelievable because I think they start out around a hundred bucks or ninety seven yeah yeah but these are phenomenal dress shirts if you’re a nine to five guy business guy these are gonna look great feel good and get the job done for you know without breaking the bank and one thing that’s really nice about twittery is their collars look good so even though it’s not as expensive of the shirt as eat on the collar still looks good and I think that’s where most dress shirts fail the looking good test is yes the color is what makes it look cheap and twittery does a really good job of keeping it classy and making it really stand out and look good all right now on to our third shirt this is George and I can agree on this one it’s a tie bar this is a fan favorite you guys know all their incredible like tie work that they do they’re tight bars that they do the guys at my wedding actually were all wearing tie bar so they have a good fit great price and the customer service is like second to none right guys so if you know anything about a tie bar you know that they made kind of the gentlemen’s essentials affordable yeah so before you know to get a nice looking tie you had to spend fifty sixty dollars to tie bar dated for 25 15 dollar tie bars they were all over GQ so every $3, 000 suit that you saw on GQ a little $15 tie bar tie bar in there and it looked great so their shirts are no different what they did for ties they did for dress shirts they made a really really high-quality dress shirt at a very very affordable price and the fit is on point so nice to see there and everything have yours is off equality but also about the fit that’s very important tie bar they nailed it alright guys nothing X on my list we have a shirt from mizzen and Maine now we’ve worked with these guys in the past before and I’ve really really fell in love with their dress shirts so if you had the equivalent of like Under Armour workout gear for a dress shirt this would be the show so like this is the only shirt I can lift my arms and like move my arms like this with a shirt that is this time yeah I’m not very flexible doing more yoga but you know if I did this with a shirt that fit me this height and this well there would be some seams popping in the back of it I mean when I wear it I feel like anyone who wears you shirts automatically they look a little bit more musk to it I don’t know their shirts kind of give you like this like athletic field oh I don’t know I don’t know what is about them that’s why I like them we like it for different reasons hey there’s one thing I will say about missing in Maine like they’re great in the summer because they’re super breathable and they move and they stretch with you and they don’t wrinkle and you can throw them in the wash so it’ll save you a ton on dry cleaning but I will say that they’re the callers that they do they could improve slightly there’s like like I said the collar is what makes a dress shirt look nobody your stats with a collar yes I’m sorry I’m obsessed but I would say you know I’m not gonna wear a Mizanin main shirt to like a black-tie event or with like a very very fancy suits if you’re going more casual unbuttoned it not too fancy still gonna breathe well still gonna move with you and it’s gonna be amazing but just pay attention to the caller for the occasions you’re looking for guys all right guys and last but not least on our list this is like the Ferrari of directions it’s a monster and it is expensive for a reason so Anto Beverly Hills has been making dress shirts since the 70s and they’ve made dress shirts for pretty much every movie you’ve seen that had nice fashion in it in the last 40 years 50 years so you know Casino la-la-land even Jumanji all the mission Impossibles they made the dress shirts for those movies and they’re located in Beverly Hills they’re actually doing the dress shirts from my wedding so you only get to see us in some mr.

mantou bespoke very soon but they do fully custom so it’s over 30 measurements when you walk in there and you get measured they look at your like slope of your shoulder and I was like yeah my arms are straight he’s like now you’re right your right arm Hank’s a little bit lower okay so I’m trying to like posture up a little yeah they do it Oh I mean what’s great about them is they’re also family-owned so they’re gonna take that extra special attention to make sure that you are nicking your best I don’t know if you guys can see right here but I’m going to show you this shirt so inside you know not only does it have like my initials and the date that it was produced for me this shirt is made specifically for me so I went in I picked the fabric they do this awesome it’s called I think it’s called an Italian collar shirt so it doesn’t even have a top button and this placket right here is reinforced so it stays up very straight and it looks phenomenal the whole time but basically it’s made to be worn open so it’s a casual shirt I got it because it was summer you know I don’t like wearing a tie all that often but I always have this problem with my shirts WAP and just gonna call it yeah you always got to pop it up like this this stays perfect forever now granted these are the most expensive shirts on the list around 400 plus but I will tell you when you have something that’s made specifically for you and with this type of craftsmanship and quality it’s worth it no I think second and nine mate is the Ferrari of shirts I’m like I said guys special occasions especially they’re making the shirts for my wedding so it means a lot to me to have something that fits perfect and it has a lot of sentimental value that now I’m going to wear for every New Year’s that I wear a tuxedo afterwards but it does you know mean a lot to have something like that that is that special and made for you for a special day like that alright guys that pretty much wraps up our five favorite dress shirts I hope this was informational for you guys remember look for a nice collar look for something that fits well and look for material that you can wear I will tell you that you have a dress shirt doesn’t matter how much money you pay for it if you don’t feel good or look good in it you’re not gonna wear it it’s gonna be a waste of money no matter how much money you spend so once again you know check out each on Twitter each tie bar Mizanin mane and Anto bespoke we will have links to all of them down below once again leave us a comment on your favorite dress shirts and if we missed anybody on this list you know this video wasn’t sponsored at all we just wanted to talk about our favorite dress shirts so once again thanks for watching guys if you haven’t hit that subscribe button yet hit that right now give this video a thumbs up if it was helpful and you know tell a friend about us cheers guys [Music].