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rocking the baldhead unapologetically really just comes down to confidence but four guys was really good to have somebody we can look at that inspires us like yo I really like that guy’s style especially if he has the same thing that we had in this video I’ve got five

dudes for you five that have really dope style and bald heads best of both worlds let’s get started y’all know the drill by now every guy that I mentioned in this video I will put their instagrams down below in the description you can click them and check them

out just like I did last week for the bigger guy video if you missed my video on 5 dope bigger guys that dress well I will have a car come out here and put it down below for you let’s get started the first guy on this list is

Paulo Rodin he’s a model professionally so I made sure to choose only street shots when he’s actually just wearing clothes day to day casts is very cool I’m on guard style he can just really stack anything scarves shirts jackets best like he’s really really good at doing that

now his Instagram is to have a whole bunch of pictures on it so you definitely want to google his name one thing that you notice about him he has a very signature style so not only does he always wear layers but he almost always wears boots as well

even if sneakers he has if you see these Jordan onesies wearing they’re even like tied tight around the ankle I think he just likes ankle support almost like a military look with a bit of like punk inspiration and another consistent thing is that he almost never wear his

head at the most to like put up a little hood in his head if it’s cold but at the end of the day he’s very proud of his bald head you should be – next up we have business and casual and this guy is just a regular dude

on Instagram and he basically takes the same type of selfie in the same mirror every day but that kind of consistency is great to have and he doesn’t look super tall look about average height he’s also very slender so for the slender guys he has great proportions for

how he dresses if you notice he always wears a tights Lior smaller sleeves as well as his pant with as you noticed it never does really skinny skinny jeans they’re like the Huggies legs because it makes them look super skinny and it situates the skinniness and we can

get into skinny guys later but if you want a little taste of that right now this guy’s perfect for it now two things that I’ve noticed about those guys that one he’s the Chino and slack King he almost never wears denim he doesn’t look too dressy he’s like

a good balance between the smart and the casual like he said business casual is his profile name right or if you have like one pair of pants like a burgundy pair of pants like he has you can see boom you’re four different ways of style these one pair

of pants he’s really good at like recycling clothes for making them all look different he’s a great guy to look at for versatility and how to mix and match next up we got Lulu s and this guy’s a Footwear designer with a very bold personal style he’ll hit

you would have suit any day as you can see he got the purple suit he got the blue suit for you he keeps it clean and then my personal favorite obviously when he’s rocking the black suit because that’s kind of more my style but then sometimes so just

plot a pattern um it’s got to have a lot of confidence to be able to pull off loud patterns like these I know I personally couldn’t he also is the king of hats as you can see he knows how to throw on the right hat with the right

outfit so if you need to see okay how do I wear a hat over this hair but not look stupid this is the perfect guy to look forward to saying okay I’m like how does guys like rocking his hats before I get to these last two guys which

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icon and every time I drop a video you’ll be notified next up we got Milan hook mirror vision this is a guy who’s already in the fashion industry so he has a lot of access he has the budget the street style game is strong now one thing you’ll

notice about Milan is that he understands the rule of one meaning that there only could be one thing that your outfit is going to be the star of the show as you can see here but the bird outfit is rocking all away and that one bird stands out

boom he kind of rocks that looser look and comes out great for a summer day same thing here with the all-black look great color blocking black and white in that red little cuff right there in the sweater bag stands out immediately same thing here with this all-black outfit

it’s basically all black and he allows a shirt to just kind of do all the talking doesn’t really compete with anything else in his outfit this is very very balanced any kind of rocks a little bit of stubble to it you can see he doesn’t always shave his

head all the way down sometimes is like I’m just gonna let it kind of grow back a little bit like Jason Statham I ain’t doing tribute so if you like to keep things a little bit more classic but you don’t mind taking some risks this is the guy

you want to check out friends bow the final guy on this list is definitely not the least he goes by hassan ylz I’m just like a few of the other guys before him he will show you a great way to style one thing various ways oh you want

to try a pattern pant well here’s three or four ways to rock this pin oh you just got yourself a pair of brown chelsea boots here’s a few different ways you can style those like he does a lot of variety in the way that he puts it down

one of my favorite outfits from him this is all black one really has kind of a classic overall look but a touch of like hyper touch the street wear right so you sees rockin all black sweater his signature short beanie then he has I think those of Doc

Martens low tops and then BOOM a little off-white bill he’s not doing too much he lets the belt stand out and do all the talkin or perfect balance in the outfit and the last thing I want to highlight is these great pants that he’s wearing first of all

let’s just talk about his walk okay you see this confident walk right here as you can see it doesn’t take photos being still already touch off you gotta keep it moving in photos if you haven’t seen how to take better photos for your outfits video I will have

a come out here and I’ll link it below but you need to learn how to take great outfit photos cuz it counts a lot for how good job is look but anyway he’s walking here and he put on a pair of black vans I probably want to put

on more soba sugar work right here with this outfit but the thing he did with this one is that he said y’all put on a striped shirt and it’s a nice little balance you gotta have there with being able to pattern I love the fact being able to

pull that off effortlessly this guy’s got two outfits for a day so do all the rest of the guys on this list so check out their instagrams below and next week I’ll be back for more videos like this for tall guys skinny guys short guys if you have

anything else knew besides tall skinny short or the combination of any of those let me know down in the comments if you haven’t put a thumbs up on this video yet do that and if you haven’t subbed make sure you do that as well thank you so much

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