5 Body Parts Men SHOULD NEVER Shave

you see voice when I’m manscaping I’m like I’m like Michelangelo in my body my body’s David I’m carefully sculpting and shaping my body for maximum sexiness and just like a sculpture I use different tools for different areas of the body for ultimate precision duh and that’s for a reason because there’s just some certain areas of the body that you’re gonna sculpt a certain way in other words you’ll never shave and others that you’ll just trim today I’m gonna show you exactly the areas you’re gonna want to avoid shaving and instead you should probably opt for trimming if that sounds interesting let’s hop into it the first area you probably never want to shave is your butt while yes your butt might look nicer and feel better it is a tricky area to shave that the value of your ass crack is a complicated a shave with your arm bent behind your back holding a sharp blade chances are pretty high you’re gonna have a few Nicks the first couple times you do it add into that the mix of ingrown hairs and you’re gonna have trouble doing basic Biggs like sitting down or even just wearing underwear it’s just gonna be painful moreover you’re gonna look awkward because when the hair starts going out the process is super itchy which means are gonna be scratching your crack into that voice that just kills your sexiness and you just look gross your best bet is to use what I use for grooming for anything below the belt and it’s the lawnmower from our sponsor manscape it’s an electric trimmer that’s economically designed to fit perfectly in your hair I mean just look how freakin cool this little thing is have you seen anything like this in the market no because nobody’s doing it they purposely designed it like this so it fits your hand perfectly so you can maneuver all those hard-to-reach places for your butt all you do is remove the clip guard and allow the ceramic blade to deliver that close shave you’re looking for without the troubles of actually having to shave the second error you probably never want to shave as your balls now I’ve done a whole step-by-step guide on how to shave your ball if you have your huevos heavyset and think you’re up for it then click this video and go to town good luck but as a personal option and suggestion don’t shave your balls it’s a painful blood bath waiting to happen especially the first couple of times and most girls say they like their guys trimmed anyways so why risk it that’s when again I just use my manscaped lawn mower it’s the fastest and best way to go the guys this week just released their lawnmower 2.

0 which is this one that I keep showing which is better than ever essentially you guys are getting first dibs on this trimmer because it just released they upgraded the blade to a ceramic blade which is more precise more quiet and more durable than your regular steel trimmers it’s also waterproof so if you like trimming in the shower you can do it for ultimate efficiency all in all this genius and attention to detail is because all manscape tools are designed by aerospace engineers that think about all the small details even the shape and the hold of the trimmer to ensure that you have full control of your grooming needs below the belt honestly I’ve said this before I think every guy should have two trimmers one they use on the face and other areas of the body and one that they use on their balls in their ass crap because using one for all it might be a little unhygenic and in the market right now this lawnmower is one of the best ones for below the belt and one of the most affordable ones on top of that if you click the link below and use my discount code you’re gonna get 20% off free shipping and a free traveling case which is a high quality leather Dopp kit which honestly get easily retail for 30 to 50 bucks and you get all of that for free so if you guys want this stuff right now click that link below pick yourself up one of these lawn mowers it’s a must in every guy’s bathroom and it’s a steal the third area guys should never shave are their eyebrows mainly because you’re gonna be dangerously close to your eyeballs with the razor and why would you run that risk and while the myth that the more you shave the more hair grows is a lie what is true is that when you do shave your hair you cut the thin point of your hair and when it grows back out that thicker root grows to the end making your hair look fuller and where that myth comes that the more you save the more your hair grows it’s not that it grows more is that it just looks thicker and the one thing you definitely don’t want looking thicker is this caterpillar so instead of shaving you should always pluck your eyebrows with tweezers because this pulls the hair from the roots and then the new hair that goes out doesn’t grow out any thicker but instead it’s just a new strand of hair that looks just as thin it also lasts longer than shaving so it’s the best option number four your armpits just an uncomfortable slot to run a razor blade through and try to shave down which then just leads to cuts razor burns an ingrown hair trust me because I speak from experience I’ve tried it the next three days are gonna be the most uncomfortable and painful days of your life so it’s not even worth on top of that just like your but the same issue happens as soon as the hair starts growing and you forget to shave it starts getting very itchy and you’re scratching your armpits or your ass crack that’s not appealing again these are the areas where you want to take a trimmer and just cut your hair down as low as possible so without a cliff guard what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna get a close shave that looks clean looks masculine but also you’re not cutting under the skin so you don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs or any itching them now we got two more that I’m going to cover but these are just my personal opinions are just taking with a grain of salt number five you should never shave your beard guys they just look more handsome with beards that’s a fact studies have shown in women find you more attractive so I suggest you only shave when you have to whether it’s because you need to look presentable or maybe your job requires it other than that rock at least a low shade for added masculinity and sexiness and finally number six your legs again there’s gonna be professions where it’s required maybe you’re a physique competitor you’re a swimmer you’re a cyclist that’s cool but for your average guy most girls will just see your legs as feminine if you shave them completely down a better approach is to grab a trimmer put a clip guard and just manage the hair by trimming down the bolt and not after your shaving all the way down to bare skin and that’s basically it for today’s video guys I hope you enjoyed it if you did don’t forget to drop us a like down below also don’t forget to check out our sponsor manscaped if you guys want to check out that new lawn mower 2.

0 and get that free gift it’s gonna be linked down below that’s it for me today see you next time.