5 Men’s Shoe Styles Women Love

[Music] hey you I’m celebrity menswear stylist Ashley Weston joined by my partner Dorian you can’t hear her voice doesn’t carry very much so hopefully that picked up anyways hey guys how are you good to see you so we’re talking about shoes today specifically shoes that women love and

before we get into that we have a video about guess what who would have thought the shoes women hate below so maybe you should watch that one first we’re not it’s George it’s your choice you may be taking a gamble here you might be thinking some of your

shoes that you love we’re gonna be on this list and they’re not and you might actually be on there so all right Ashley so let’s just get into it so the fifth one on the list is casual leather sneakers but obviously other colors gray black those just a

classic you know clean silhouette with the sneaker design but it’s great because you can wear them not only with your casual outfits but then like you know semi-formal semi-casual I only a little classier outfits they work really well they’re like casual very sexy very supple it’s almost elevating

you were a well-fitting t-shirt and jeans with the casual leather sneaker elevates the outfit actually a little bit I think I think it does help I have noticed that women definitely kind of like understated and you know that a guy knows what he’s doing when he’s doing that

and the next one is penny loafers I love seeing a man in penny loafers I don’t care if you pair it with a t-shirt and some chinos or even a polo shirt and Jeanne’s there is something so sexy and elevated about a pair of penny loafers it just

instantly adds a formality just to something rich to your outfit number three our Chelsea boots so leather suede doesn’t matter I had a love-hate relationship with them but I’ve definitely come around in the last year and I really do love them there’s something very sleek and sexy about

them and as long as you make sure to pair them with tapered pans always whatever type of pant you’re wearing they need to be tapered so you got to make sure your body type I was gonna say that now if you’re talking about tapered pants there are some

body types they can’t pull it off so you know a heavier set gentle so while they’re great maybe they’re not for you I certainly can’t wear like big chunky shoes it looks really autumn yeah so there’s just some things maybe they just aren’t for you but they all

start great still great I love them yes you’re a big fan they’re great you can dress them up or down but I love a good Chelsea boot and number two on the list are classic Lisa dress shoes whether it be Oxford’s or derbies black or black brown coloring

women love a man in a suit it’s lingerie for women it’s definitely lingerie for women but they also I mean with a suit you’re gonna wear a dress shoe so it’s it’s just having a man dressed up there’s something very just masculine and attractive and I think it

stems from the everyman that has a suit on especially a well fitted sue a great pair of dress shoes their confidence just goes immediately up they just their shoulders are back and that’s very very attractive so a good pair of dress shoes can definitely catch someone inside the

shoes make it the man lastly the final style that women love is but you know I can say yeah you guys if you enjoying this video be sure to let us know by giving a thumbs up subscribe to our channel for more videos like this and hit that

file icon to be notified every time we upload a video and just like Dorian said at the top of the video we do have a companion video about the sky shoe styles that women heat that we’ve linked below pretty vicious you should check it out sorry guys but

anyways okay so the number one shoe style that women love boots lace-up boots so whether it’s casual or our dress boots suede or leather there is something so delicious and rugged but still put together about a pair of boots lace-up boots look and all Ben can wear lace-up

boots so that’s the great thing about them and you know depending on if you go with dress or casual you know you dress it up dress it down whatever but there is a sleekness but ruggedness that is just both of those when they come together we’ve done whole

artist articles and videos about basically every single shoe we’ve listed so definitely check it out in the description below with Ashley’s recommendations of the items that she loves for all budget ranges so definitely check it out I think that’s a – that is this well she’s right see

in the next one bye [Music] [Music]