5 Men’s Style Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier

hey guys so I thought I might do something a little bit different in this video over the past five years or so since I’ve become more interested in menswear and fashion in general I picked up some pretty useful tips and tricks which I thought I’d share so these

are my five menswear tips I wish I knew already so the first note is a lint roller and I think this is a pretty essential piece of kit for men or women really who care about clothes whether it be some knitwear that pails a little bit or maybe

a pair of trousers that just attract a little bit of dust the quick once-over with a lint roller and the beautiful fraction no time at all [Music] I’ll use my lint roller so off a net but I’m not really sure how I survived for so long with that

one and they’re pretty inexpensive too so it’s a really low budget pickle that will improve your style shoe trees are definitely my most used on this list and in my opinion that are not suitable for anyone who wears either feather dress shoes or leather sneakers regular tea as

you wear shoes they twist and bend with your foot this causes creases to form in the upper once these creases have formed your shoes will begin to look a little bit tired even after you’ve given them a go team to prevent this place shoe trees in your shoes

when they’re not in use this stretches the leather back into its original shape and helps prevent bad creases from forming although I tend to leave mine in all the time if you only order two shoe trees and many pairs of out of shoes the best thing to do

is just to make sure you put them in for the 24 hours after you wear your shoes this tip might be an obvious one for many but something like a great value at off so I thought it’d be worth sharing the center crease is become particularly useful for

me over the past few years as I’ve moved away from slimmer and skinny trousers to a wider leg so materials tend to hold our center crease better than others but broadly speaking you can do this to any trouser Chino or Jean not only does the center crease change

the visual of a treasure it draws more fabric to the front and back allowing for a wider leg treasures to appear slimmer from the growth on the back it can also add a certain level of sophistication and thoughtfulness but otherwise pretty basic Jean oh I find the center

crease works perfectly when you’re wearing a pair of wider fit trousers and you want to make them look slightly more refined and less blurry when I started getting things altered I completely change the way I think that clothes it allowed me to focus more on design details and

fabric as opposed to just don’t this item fit me correctly everyone’s a different size and shape and we’re all not looking on to be able to consistently buy clothes that fit perfectly off the rack the thing I get altered more than anything else is treasures find it very

difficult to get the desired leg length and leg opening from most brands alterations are surprisingly good value to my tailor and Dillman charges me between 10 euro and 20 euro for a pair of trousers depending on what I want though to me getting the perfect length taper and

leg opening under hair trousers is 100% work that cost some brands like Uniqlo even offer free alterations on their leg wear in store I’m planning full video and how I get my trousers altered so if that’s something you think you find useful or interesting let me know in

the comment section down below and I’ll be sure to make that video so I’ve got a steamer from my mom for Christmas and I have to say it’s something that I wish I had a long time ago there are two main tines that they use it first and

most common is for doing a last-minute touch-up before I put on my t-shirt or my shirt after these items were washed ironed and folded they often develop some like creasing along where they were folded a quick steam gets rid of that with ease and you’ve got a perfect

increase free top the second time I tend to use my steamers for harder to iron pieces these all items might include a coat jacket or a piece of knitwear although you don’t typically wash these pieces as often after a good few wears they can feel and look a

little bit tired and often the quick steam is exactly what they need to be freshened up now it don’t take a steamer would ever fully replace my iron but I’ve been finding it just so tiny that I have to put it on the list as always everything I

mentioned in this video is linked in the description box down below hopefully it helped you if you’re not quite up to speed with some of the things that I mentioned if you enjoyed the video be really great if you’d give it a like down below it really does

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