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what’s up fellas welcome back to effortless gent today we’re going to talk about the five shoes that every guy needs in his wardrobe for spring and summer so the weather is finally warming up and it’s starting to get a little hot and sticky and you want to look

fresh but honestly you want to stay cool too right I hear you there let’s get into the five shoe essentials that you need for a spring and summer that also work well with your lean wardrobe oh by the way if you’re new here and you don’t know what

a lean wardrobe is I put together a few free guides for you just click on the link above in the cart and that’s going to take you to a download page where you can grab those free e guides and that’s gonna get you on your way to building

a lean wardrobe of your very own all right so shoe number one the unlined or unstructured suede loafer if you haven’t given loafers a shot yet you definitely should they add a bit of prep and polish to your look and on top of that if they are online

they’re gonna keep you really cool and comfortable especially in the warmer months you can go with traditional Brown but I prefer lighter neutral colors like like gray taupe or tan maybe olive those colors look really good especially as you wear a lighter color palette in the warmer months

anyway all right shoe number two the classic white sneaker white sneaks are a year-round thing but in a spring and summer they look especially good when you’re wearing lighter and more vibrant colors if you get the right pair they will go with everything from jeans and chinos all

the way to trousers you don’t have to stick to white necessarily although that’s gonna be your most versatile color you could also try the other colors like I mentioned earlier like gray taupe tan those are all gonna be really neutral and really versatile but of course white is

always your best bet an alternative to the standard leather sneaker will be something like in canvas or maybe a knit or a perforated material that’s gonna help keep you cool so what you’re sacrificing here is formality if you’re wearing a canvas sneaker or something that’s knit or perforated

you’re gonna have to stick with a more casual outfit which is totally fine alright shoe number three the suede driving shoe you might confuse these with the penny loafer style that I mentioned a bit earlier but these are quite different driving shoes definitely give your look more of

that your like imagine you’re driving a Ferrari down the Italian coast these are the kind of shoes that you want to wear driving shoes have a more elegant silhouette so you’re gonna want to wear them with a really slim pant with no brake or if you have a

pair of slim tapered shorts that will also look really good as far as color again I would stick to something in the menswear neutrals that’s gonna give you a little bit more versatility but if this is your second or a third pair you can definitely go for something

more vibrant and exciting because they do come in a ton of colors and it just looks great during the spring and summer shoe number for the unlined chukka boot you can definitely rock boots in the summer but if you want to stay cool make sure you find a

pair that is unlined that’s gonna be the most comfortable for you obviously you get the same benefit as you do with unlined loafers these are more comfortable and softer and they will keep you cooler longer so these chukkas from allen edmonds are a good example of something that’s

more formal you can still dress them up or down you can wear them in jeans and chinos but you could also wear them with trousers if you can find a pair with a leather sole all the better now that Clark’s desert boots which are arguably one of the

most popular kinds of chuckle boots that you can find come with a crepe sole so that tends to be a little bit more on the casual side which it looks great with jeans and chinos but you can’t necessarily wear those with dress pants or trousers again with colors

stick to light neutrals although for my chukkas I do like this snuff color it’s like that rich caramel brown it’s really nice and it kind of goes well in the spring and summer but also in the fall winter a great runner up is that taupe tan color I

feel like that goes really well with any sort of blue jean or Chino that you might want to wear shoe number five the tan suede Chelsea boot yeah yes the Chelsea can be worn year-round but specifically a suede Chelsea in that light tan color looks awesome especially in

the summer months Sport them with a slim pair of jeans with no break or you could stack them for that trendy or street wear vibe and you’re good to go I also love this color specifically because it goes really well with black jeans and white jeans and pretty

much any color blue in between they look really awesome all right fellas those are the five types of shoes I suggest you have in your spring and summer wardrobe let me know in the comments which ones you love the most and which ones you are looking forward to

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I’ll see y’all in the next one you