5 Shoes Every Man Should Have | Classic Essentials for Work & Play

hey guys this team of style I’m Jose Zuniga it for this week’s video we’re going to be discussing five pairs of shoes for work and play there’s three things that I love about menswear that I love collecting shoes suits and watches if you see my video I did

a video I want to say about three four months ago on a quick TMF closet tour I called it I’ll have it on the icon above me if you haven’t seen it but if you notice I have pretty much minimal everything but I’m more sure it’s everything but

on shoes I kind of splurge a little bit and I have around 20 to 25 pairs of shoes in reality though the sad part is that I really don’t use all those shoes I might use five maybe four to five pairs and now and there’s usually one or

two that are my favorite that I use all the time and what happens is the rest just sit there collecting dust and I might use once every two weeks once every month if that so this is why I usually recommend men to start with around five pairs if

you’re building out your closet start with the good pair or good five pairs that you should have and this should lay your foundation so this should be your goal don’t think oh I want thirty shoes think alright I need these pairs to you know quote unquote complete my

wardrobe so I decided to compile a list of five shoes that will suit you in both settings in the work setting and in a more casual play setting so let’s get started so of course the first pair is a given what kind of menswear blogger would I be

if I didn’t recommend to you guys the wing tip the wing tip is a traditional classic shoe that because of its texture and its design it’s just so versatile it adds good contrast to your outfits and it looks good across multiple settings this is why wingtips are very

popular amongst menswear enthusiasts you can easily dress it down and have a nice pair of jeans or dress it up for a more office setting and in both settings you will look great casually you get a good smart casual look and dressed up in nicely complements a sue

obviously the next one that I’m going to mention is the boot I’m absolutely in love with boots right now I love their functionality I love their look I love the designs that a lot of designers are putting out today you have so many options from the Jodhpur boot

the Chelsea boot the chuckle boot desert boot winter boot I mean the list goes on and on there’s a huge list so there’s usual your boot out there for you so what I usually recommend is when you’re going to choose a boot that’s going to serve you both

settings go with a leather upper suede boots are very nice but that I usually recommend as a secondary boot supplementary to your first leather shoe I also recommend a thin sole because this will be made this will make it a lot easier to dress up as you can

see this shoe it makes it a little harder to desktop I like it at some point but it really doesn’t look as refined as a thin sole boot should look however nonetheless paired with denim it looks great so make sure you get yourself a pair of boots because

it’ll make a great addition to your weekly rotation alright so the next one is a nice pair of white sneakers again you can hear you have a lot of options you can go with a canvas sneaker a leather sneaker you go with Converse Adidas New Balance there’s so

many options just get yourself a plain white sneaker the reason being is while a sneaker really won’t work into your work attire all that much because it really isn’t proper with suits you might be able to slip it in on casual Fridays and you’re always going to need

a good pair of sneakers for your play setting so that’s why I put in a white sneaker and given that you do want to try to dress it up it’s a lot easier to dress up a nice pair of white sneakers then say your new pair of Yeezys

so get yourself a nice invest in a nice pair of sneakers that will be more versatile in your wardrobe your next shoe is going to be a tassel loaf to be honest it could be almost any type of loaf right but I recommend always to and my personal

favorite as i mentioning right now is the tassel loafer i like the design the tassel gives it gives a good contrast to the loafer but a penny loafer can look very elegant in an appropriate collection so this one I leave it to the discretion of the wear and

your personal tastes if you’re a penny loafer guy go with a penny loafer you’re a tassel loafer guy go with the tassel loafer the idea is get yourself a laceless shoe something that you can just slip in because some warnings that’s all you’re going to want to do

slip them in and go out the door and if you have a good nice pair of loafers you’ll always look put together and it won’t look like you just quickly rushed out your home again paired with a nice pair of denim I love the look at it gives

a really good smart casual look you can just add a nice white button-up and a good blazer and you’re set to go with this outfit and easily transfer that to a suit setting the idea like I mentioned is you want to refine low for something that you can

put play around in both settings and finally the plain toe derby this is a shoe I’ve been using quite often lately and it’s the reason that I’m including it in this video I find the simplicity of this plain toe shoe looks so well with so many outfits it’s

it’s really that effortless shoe that you don’t have to think about oh how am I going to pair this shoe or will it look good with this suit since it’s so plain and so simple it’s basically like a blank canvas and you can add it to almost any

outfit you can think of and it’s going to look great looks good with jeans as you saw and it looks great with a suit so it might be smart to invest in a nice plain toe derby as your first shoe since I feel you might get more wear

out of this one obviously I chose a brown I’m very I’m very much a sucker for brown shoes but they come in black burgundy and brown as well alright guys so that’s it for this week’s video guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you like the shoes

I will try to link down below all the shoes you saw in this video keep in mind some of these I bought maybe a little while back so they’re not so they might not be for sale but I’ll try to find something very similar and link it down

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