Answer the Question OR Destroy the Sneaker.. **HYPEBEAST CHALLENGE**

just go easy on me you know I’m your brother what’s up guys welcome back to a brand new video today I picked out five of my favorite pairs of shoes and we’re putting them at risk of getting completely destroyed some of them are very used and some of them are brand new we’re gonna start out with the fear of God vans these are pretty worn out but they’re my oh gee first ever fear of God vans next up we got the off-white Nike Air Max is with the tag right here these are pretty special to me pretty dope still pretty clean next up we got the og zebra Yeezys man these ones I actually love and hopefully I don’t ruin these these right here I don’t know why I’m putting them up at stake but they’re brand new neon Balenciaga is not worn I really really hope these just don’t get ruined and lastly we got my og first pair of Gucci shoes like when I first was introduced to Gucci these are my first ever pair so of course I don’t want these to get ruined so how this is going to work is I’m gonna be asked three questions per shoe and if I get all three questions right the shoe does not get touched it does not get ruined but if I answer any of the questions wrong there’s gonna be some disgusting items poured on the shoes and potentially ruining them so I willingly put these shoes up I’m not being forced to do this I trust myself with these questions I have no idea what they are but I’m gonna be put to the test to see if I really can save my sneakers you guys know I’m a big sneaker head I have a sneaker collection of like 500 pairs of shoes so we’re gonna meet the host of the video and the person who picked out all these questions here he is Brod is himself about to ruin my shoes hopefully not no no I’m giving you a chance 15 questions each shoe has a different category you get all the questions right your shoes are safe you get some questions wrong then we’re going down a different path okay can you at least tell me what items we have that you might possibly which I’m not gonna get any questions wrong cuz I’m so confident poor on the shoe just follow me just go easy on me you know I’m your brother yeah oh great I see syrup that’s a great one police of your worries never had Tapatio yes shoes not on my shoes are on some food yeah this is how much I hate you Brian not just coke it’s store brand coke Coco : Palo soda this is not soberness Skippy peanut butter peanut butter all the sneaker heads out there watching this are probably gonna cringe heavy if I do get a question about peanut butter dude what dog doesn’t like peanut butter I’m sorry I’m sorry brotherly love ketchup organic Hey Dude what’s an egg gonna do to my shoe I’m not good smash that like button subscribe to the channel if you are new and by the way I forgot to mention I’m giving away three new pairs of shoes so stick around to the end of the video to see how you could enter let’s get into it so the first pair of shoes that I’m putting up at stake are the fear of God vans should have a few have these questions because these are pretty hard I’m definitely scared wait you pick these out via no okay okay don’t let me see don’t let me see but what’s the first category I’m your brother it’s basketball okay basketball okay I know it that’s the first category three questions about basketball and I have to get them all I just want to say bride’s crazy for even putting his shoes at stake I’m in my room upstairs and Brian comes up to me yo bro you want to help me make a video where you have a chance to ruin my shoes I’m like are you like are you okay and real quick guys I just want to say I’m not ungrateful for anything I have I just thought this would be like a pretty intense video because I’m putting these shoes up myself almost all of them are worn out and stuffs no beep but I just want to see if I could put myself to the test and save my shoes okay all right I’m ready first question okay first question dude they better not be like why there’s those kind of hard what team won the very first ever NBA game but we’ll give you multiple choice multiple choice when was the NBA even created Philadelphia Warriors to Rondo Huskies New York Knicks Chicago stags Philadelphia Warriors is not 76ers in Golden State like what what the hell I don’t even know those things existed back in the day so I don’t know and I’m glad you guys gave me multiple choice but I’m gonna just guess the current NBA team that still exists to this day the New York Knicks Knicks final answer yeah like when of the Knicks ever done something right Govan mix1 and end in any game donate one the first hey let’s go you’re literally guests on that one it’s crazy the mix actually won a game right next question which player has won the most League MVP Steph Curry MJ Kareem abdul-jabbar LeBron James Michael Jordan Michael Jordan has on the most League MVP final answer it’s either that or creepy dude what was all that name you said Kareem abdul-jabbar no I’ll be generous I’ll let you pick which one of these you want these are all so great there’s not even one that’s like oh it’s whatever you know what with this material the shoes like whatever we put it’s gonna sink in honestly like we’ll start with the peanut butter you’re left-handed no no no I don’t want to do this you broke at least make it like cleanable for me after I’m gonna try to clean all this off okay okay oh no okay we’ll leave it at that yeah okay dude you could already see it like smeared on the red Oh No okay we just move on please third and last question I’m trying to save my fear of God shoes from being damaged any further honestly Brian if you get this question right then your shoes are good you could easily clean that like your pair of shoe all it just relies on this last question Brian in which city where the Rockets founded in LA Austin San Diego or Houston dude that’s so bogus man you’re bullies so I know it’s not San Diego so we’re gonna go like the elimination method my teacher said it’s always the best it’s not Los Angeles I’m gonna go with Austin because it’s too obvious to be Houston like I don’t know why are you smirking back there it’s awesome but what city do we live in you’re lying is what I’m asking your question what city do we live in San Diego well a long time ago my friend are you so the basketball team here dude who picked these questions San Diego Roger I have one thing to say no wasn’t right of the bat fall out a big call about Devin Booker these are okay just pick your poison I don’t care like I do but not if it’s like see here it’s red and red so just go for it man guys I deserve this all right but any other question in any other category I’m gonna get right so like to be honest guys this is what can you just hurry I decide here no no no look you’re a dope ooh look under pardon oh okay all right first round it’s done I’m sorry okay guys I’m sorry yet the witnesses all right next pair of shoes we got the og zebra Easy’s and as you can see I wear them a lot because I love them so uh the next category is YouTube oh all right I might as well just wear them and like walk going now no we’re gonna need a time maybe would I hate time write questions cuz you get put on the spot and let you just can’t be no would you please set the timer to 30 seconds okay okay name ten you two root of 30 seconds go david dobrik mr.

beast Jake Paul Logan Paul Feig’s Road bro artist dude perfect um James Charles Jeffrey start making tutorials whoo dude that was easy let’s go I thought I was gonna choke that but you just got to go in like categories you know and the sneakerheads can breathe okay this gives me anxiety man okay okay okay we’re going back in time right now it’s like we got a time machine we’re going back in time what was the first youtube video ever posted and this is multiple choice how am I supposed to know who cookies come on more current questions I wasn’t born wait what was the phrase YouTube video ever posted me at the zoo it’s me at the zoo final answer are you serious wait are you actually dead no I just alright okay man I needed to hear multiple choice cuz I remember someone talked about this like a year ago okay I knew it I do well guess where the zoo was San Diego yeah wait if I was playing this game other than the basketball section let’s just say you myself took my shooter throw them in a fireplace and just burn them I would not have gotten you if you get this last question right and I think you will your zebra teas are safe which YouTube video has the most comments ever Baby by Justin Bieber Gangnam style Gangnam style okay come on I don’t know the cito or a hotline bling’ okay it’s not hotline bling so it’s down to three baby I know was one of the most disliked videos on YouTube but I don’t know if I have the most comments Gangnam style I know has probably the most views but I don’t know about the comments and esposito might be too fresh to have the comments so I’m just gonna go with a do this is so hard when you’re like deciding between the last two games style you gain dari you got it right all right next round we got my first ever pair of Gucci shoes these actually have a lot of sentimental value to me what was that about if you got like 50 other hey first ones are always special so what’s the next category bro – look the next category is school I went to school with Bryan Rowley a year apart so I went to school Bryan pretty much my whole life okay so what would you have to say about this so sorry dude that wasn’t that bad sorry guys just let you know had a 4.

0 GPA in middle school middle school largest planet in our solar system Uranus Jupiter Saturn or Mars just pick on the bright I’m gonna go with Uranus final answer nope it is Cupid ooh big expansion no no no wait you guys are not joking no serious I’m serious I’m gonna oh my gosh man here I’ll be nice because you’re my brother and I love you do you want this egg inside the shoe or on the outside I’ll be nice I’ll let you pick inside inside yeah okay you wanna hang inside yes okay I like that hey put the egg inside oh wait did you want it sunny-side up oh sorry Oh Brandon you [Applause] whoa if someone told me when I first bought these pair of shoes that there’s gonna be an egg cracked inside I just actually would make sense because we’re youtubers dude dude you know why is it moving oh Lisa never on the outside have some brunch okay all right Lisa P I got from you to Gucci egg I don’t know over easy next question please hand over the light board so can I get the subject at least math sorry dude actually what subject was I good at like YouTube actually not even PE PO you would run a mile and come back like this it would be like a 13-minute mom people actually know I’m not trying to put myself down in middle school in the middle school days I had a seven minute mile we want to see how short this question is okay absolute value of negative twenty sickest dude I’m trying to remember like I literally have not heard about Matt since I graduated high school but hey hey correct me if I’m wrong we learned absolute value in middle school and this kid’s been talking about middle schoolers guess I’m gonna just get did you share me timbers you got it right oh really yeah I was like are they tricking me right there that’s easier than thinking it’s just okay I forgot the egg is cooking we’re stuck it’s stuck look yeah it was inside of a shoe or because there was no oil so this is what the shoe looks like without the egg the rules are that I have to wait till the videos done to clean the shoes okay what subject is this don’t say English this is PE bro what what does BMI measure flexibility weight / high body fat or spring okay that’s too body pal that’s too easy bro just say it’s right so we can move on to the next shoe okay you want to move on how about you pick one of these kind of measured weight / height and you give me attitude some people put hot sauce on their eggs why did I agree to this video not only did he agree he’s the one who told me to do it the shoelaces oh okay can we hurry up so this isn’t dry they’re gonna clean it guy that really and then the egg on the inside let’s not forget it’s fine guys that is the end of round three so far two of my shoes have been messed up and now we’re moving on to the next next pair of shoes Nike off-white air maxes I like these shoes that’s all I’m gonna say next category Brian animals now when you were younger we used to always call you the animal like oh you look like a crocodile or cockroach so you should be good at this I kind of look like a parakeet with my haircut you look like a parakeet yeah yeah you’re a Duke and Sam wow that was uncalled for like Ellen DeGeneres guys by the way yeah we’ve added some Mota together but annoy when a male donkey and a female horse breed the resulting offspring is what animal pony mule donkey or baby horse a male donkey and a female horse vodka a Pony My Little Pony is not the right answer what is it um you yeah come on makes a pony bro a mule but what is that just bro just please get it over with like are no more anticipation for the jelly okay I mean at least it’s dark you can’t really see it’s not BAM this is a very tough video no this this hurts my heart these aren’t even my shoes I don’t like doing this dude this hurts my heart which species a bird is the only one my god can fly backwards oh yeah yeah cuz I learn about this one at school dude I didn’t even know bird could fly backwards okay bald eagle hummingbird Perry or pigeon hummingbird final final answer final final answer like your last answer last one you okay I’ve seen a hummingbird fly backwards so are you okay big tease damn question that make no sense you see that how many birds fly backwards well you’re right hum yes yes let’s go look actually have it I just wanted to be confident yeah okay now we only have jelly on my shoe wait there’s one more question I know I know Jesus can we just hurry it up man okay this question and I’ll give you a hand the answer is not boss which animal is able to sleep for three years not positive sloth snail bullfrog or bear three years of sleeping you straight man what a snail finally history snail final answers and that is a great dancer let’s go yeah only grape jelly on bees we haven’t even used the syrup and I hope we do not because I’ll definitely mess them up you all right No dude I have not wore these ever they’re so nice they smell brand-new I’m still waiting for like a nice Instagram picture haven’t figured an outfit out yet wait those would look really good with some ranch on you in the Instagram picture though that would look sick I was leaking syrup I don’t know okay so what is the final category of this video and am I going to get all three of them right so are these okay celebrities I could do that dude this is like so scary man what celebrity was the victim of an infamous wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Superbowl halftime show Janet Jackson Mariah Carey Lady Gaga or Madonna this is a really famous incident this is a baby Jennie Jackson finally yes yeah well I’m rooting for you I don’t want to touch people like okay two more questions and the Balenciaga czar safe guys come on who would dangle his baby from the third-floor balcony of a Germany hotel on November 20th 2002 a day after your Dennis Rodman Michael Jackson Charlie Sheen or Mike Tyson dude I’m so dumb uh I don’t know if you would put to light like Janet Jackson Michael Jackson I’m gonna say Michael Jackson final answer Michael Jackson the recipe right dsm-iv exited holy crap oh my god one more question and I don’t want syrup or tomato sauce or Rancher your one question away from saving these beautiful shoes which celebrity had to issue an apology after her cell phone was hacked and all of her celebrity friends numbers were posted on the internet Christina Aguilera Britney Spears Kylie jr.

or Paris Hilton okay I know it’s either between Paris Hilton and Britney Spears Britney Spears finally is the correct answer no you’re trolling right I wish I was guys I wish I was I want to give you like another chance I don’t want to do anything to these shoes don’t you do a chance you’ve got two out of three right brother you got two three right you could walk away and you don’t shit but it’s not fair for the video one redemption question not about the sons okay here you get this right your shoes are safe and the video is done in honor of the late great legend the late great legend rest in peace Kofi being Brian in honor of Kobe we are going to ask this question on January 22nd 2006 I remember this day like it was just yesterday white jersey was wearing a white jersey January 22nd 2006 playing in LA Kobe Bryant score an X amount of points and it was the most points he’s ever scored in a game how many points did Kobe scored 81 points 81 points is correct priors yup your shoes are safe most importantly recipes recipe era dice Kobe will be amazed you freaking love you man funny miss hey thank you so much for that redemption question I think three pairs of my shoes are kind of my stuff alright guys we are going to end the video there I hope you all did enjoy here is the aftermath of all the shoes my Gucci shoes that I’m gonna hope and pray it I can just get this all off dear God fans are definitely gone we got grape jelly that looks like it’s easy to come off and then my Balenciaga I’ve got untouched and the zebra Aziz are fully untouched guys I hope you all did enjoy to enter the shoe giveaway all you have to do is message me on instagram at face rub tell me what pair of shoes you want and i’m going to be picking three random people and shipping them to you myself so thank you so much Brandon the host for ruining my shoes I really really appreciate you I got some cool check is links down in the description and let me know if you guys want to see more videos like this subscribe to the channel if you’re new and other than that it’s been run [Music] and I’m in here gonna live but I mean you’re going maybe Lydia time maybe Lydia.