Beckett Simonon Review: 4 Signs of a Quality Dress Shoe

hey guys I’m Kyle from the Distilled man and up next I’m gonna share my experience with Beckett Simenon shoes plus I’m gonna tell you about four things to look for in a quality dress shoe every man needs a good quality pair of dress shoes but how do you

tell the signs of quality if you don’t know what you’re looking for chances are you’re probably just gonna be using price as an indicator and if that’s all you’re looking at chances are you’re gonna overpay recently I had a chance to try a pair of shoes from a

company called Beckett Simenon and full disclosure Beckett Simenon did sponsor this video but they had no input on the content and frankly they didn’t even know what I was gonna say but fortunately for them actually really liked their shoes in fact I think that Beckett saman shoes are

a great example of the four things you need to look for in a great dress shoe the first thing to look for in a great dress shoe is quality leather upper now not surprisingly the material that your shoe is made out of is pretty important but you probably

also notice that there’s all different types of leather there’s a top grain there’s full grain there’s genuine leather what do these even mean genuine leather is basically third-class leather so it is leather but as this great graphic from real men real style shows sort of on the right

it’s the what’s left after they split off the top layers of the better quality leather and a lot of times it’s actually spray painted to look like higher quality leather next there’s top grain leather and this is what’s left over after they sand down the outer layer of

the hide to get rid of imperfections and well the one advantage of this is that it is a little more uniform in terms of look so it’s great for sort of mass-market products but it’s not as durable and it doesn’t have as much character finally the best leathers

look for is full grain leather and this literally comes from the very top layer of the hide so it’s going to have more imperfections and nuances from the outside of the animal but it’s also going to have more character it also will develop more of that rich patina

character that we we look for in really high quality leather and incidentally it’s also the strongest and most moisture resistant of all the leathers so the shoe that I received from Beck Simenon is the cane oxfords and these are really elegant shoe they’re essentially remind me of just

a classic cap toed Boxford which is just a very timeless shoe and these are full-grain calf skin and they’ve also been vegetable tanned and they’re chrome free so your skin and also the workers who are making them aren’t being exposed to harsh chemicals the next thing to look

for in a good-quality dress shoe is a stitched leather sole now the construction of the dress shoe is obviously very important some people say the most important thing and in shoes in general there are basically three types there’s the cemented or glued type there’s Goodyear welted and then

there’s Blake construction as you might guess cemented or glued shoes are more common and better for those sort of like mass-produced casual shoes and sneakers right for dress shoes you really want to invest in Goodyear welted or Blake construction because one they’re gonna be stronger and they’re gonna

last longer and two you can replace the soles so think about it it’s you know if you spend a lot of money on a dress shoe it’d be kind of ashamed to throw them away just because the sole wears out right it’s almost like spending a bunch of

money on a car and then sending it to the scrap heap just because the tires will wear out if your shoes are made with Goodyear welding or Blake construction you can give them a second life or maybe even a third or fourth buy resoling them with Goodyear an

extra layer of leather is sandwiched in between the upper and the sole and everything is sewn together usually you can tell a Goodyear shoe because they’re stitching around the outside that’s visible by the way thanks to Andrew over at primer for letting me use these images and this

is probably the most sturdy type of construction but it’s also the least flexible and because of the extra steps and material involved it’s usually the most expensive these cane Oxford’s have a durable leather sole and they use the other main type of construction resole Belleek construction with blade

construction or the Blake stitch as it’s sometimes called the this upper is sewn directly to the insole and the sole so the stitching is actually inside the shoe which means that you can have a slightly narrower profile because the welt is not actually sticking out on the edge

and because it’s usually less complicated than Goodyear welting and there’s fewer steps it’s generally less expensive the third thing to look for in a great dress shoe is leather lining having a natural fiber like leather goes a long way in terms of comfort and also in terms of

preventing odor these cane Oxford’s actually have a full grain leather lining that makes them extremely comfortable and breathable and the final thing to look for in a quality dress shoe at least in my opinion is affordability and this may seem counterintuitive to you if you don’t know the

signs of a quality dress shoe because again you might just be using price as your only judgment while there’s some correlation between you know cost and quality in general at retail you’re going to be paying a two hundred to three hundred percent markup and so that extra cost

that you’re paying isn’t necessarily going towards the quality of the shoe what you’re actually paying for is the cost of carrying inventory paying rent in the store and to hedge against risk because think about it if your mass producing a bunch of shoes at once and you don’t

know how many you’re going to sell or what colors are going to sell you have to price each shoe and in such a way that it makes up for that potential waste beckett Simenon keeps their shoes extremely affordable because they don’t have these other extra layers of cost

so most of their shoes average between around 160 to 199 dollars for shoes that would easily cost upwards of $300 in a normal retail environment they can do this because all their shoes are made to order so they don’t carry any inventory they’re not paying rent in the

store and they don’t have that kind of waste that you see with mass-producing shoes so here’s how it works each month they release about eight to twelve styles of been designed in-house you select the style you want you select your size and you place your order the hard

part is you do have to wait so it takes about six to eight weeks for the shoes to be finished so if you’ve got a wedding to go to in the next three days and you need a pair of shoes in the best it’s probably not gonna work

out your best head to Nordstrom or something I know what you’re thinking there are other crowdfunding and pre-order models out there and usually they have some challenges one of the biggest ones is that they usually have minimums so if not enough people order then they won’t do the

production run but Beckett ‘cimmanon doesn’t have any minimums because they actually own and operate their own factories and also unlike other pre-order arrangements they offer free extry exchanges and for returns which is pretty generous if you think about it especially since you custom ordered the product the other

really interesting thing Beckett seminole does is they actually involve you in the process as Nicola Sturgeon Hurtado one of the cofounders told me they like to call this backstage access so you don’t just wait six to eight weeks and you don’t hear anything they actually send you periodic

updates along the way to tell you what stage your shoes are at they’ll send you videos so you get a sense of where the shoot how the shoes are progressing and also you even get to see the faces of the people who are actually making your shoes which

is pretty cool so you’ve known about Beckett Simenon for a few years there may be an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed when I started researching Beckett Simenon I noticed a handful of reviews and forum threads around 2014 or so where people seem to be

less than satisfied with the shoes and frankly the overall experience but then I noticed something else some of the reviewers who initially had critical things to say a few years ago about Beckett Simenon we’re starting to update their reviews for the positive like my friend Justin over at

fine young gentleman who incidentally knows a lot more about shoes than I do because he actually runs his own shoe company when I spoke with one of the cofounders Nicholas he explained that back then they had a different model and set up they were actually outsourcing the production

of their shoes to a vendor in India and ultimately the quality didn’t end up being – up to their standards since they were still outsourcing the creation of shoes like most brands do as Nicholas said they lost control of the most important part of the product and personally

I think they also just weren’t set up to properly handle the influx of initial orders that they receive so they couldn’t quite maintain the quality and and customer service level that they would have wanted to but now their process and their business model are entirely different as I

mentioned earlier they actually own and operate the factories now so they’re responsible for all aspects of the creation of the shoe so in many ways they’re an entirely different company now and now instead of focusing on quantity and speed they’re more focused on quality and value as Nicholas

told me we have less sales volume overall now but I like to think we have better customers if you’re interested in experiencing Beckett Simenon for yourself I do have a discount code for you if you enter distilled at check out you can save 15% off and I’ll go

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