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[Music] hey guys today we’re talking about dress shoes and how to find the perfect dress shoe for you [Music] welcome back to genocide you guys have not hit that subscribe button yet hit that right now we are here every week talking about men’s fashion lifestyle whiskey cigars and

today dress shoes so when it comes to finding the perfect direction for you it all comes down to kind of what you got going on above your feet so if you’re wearing you know slim fit suits or skinny jeans or have a slimmer silhouette it’s going to be

a different dress shoe than a guy who has a more relaxed silhouette so today we’re talking about how to look for you know specific things on specific shoes to kind of get the right dress shoe for your style for example guys most people think these two shoes look

exactly the same they’re both tassel loafers they are both leather they’re two different shades of brown yes but for the most part the average guy is going to be like these are the same shoe and you know he is right it’s a tassel loafer he’s right but this

shoe looks significantly larger than this shoe so if you’re a more slim fit skinny suit you know kind of no brake trouser kind of guy you’re gonna want a thinner sole a slimmer silhouette and if you have you know a small break and you know a little more

relaxed pant you’re gonna want to have to your shoe because if you have a big pant leg it’s essentially just going to eat up like a tiny shoe so if you have like no sole on here and no weight to the shoe it’s gonna look great with a

really slim silhouette and if you want that more relaxed slight break in your pants with your shoes you’re gonna want kind of something with a little more weight to it so you know how in Edmonds makes really great shoes I think they can go either way if you’re

not super super skinny but you know this is gonna hold up you know even if you have a slight break to be more traditional as with this shoe from Beckett Simenon it’s gonna be a little more casual because it’s a suede wingtip but it still has this thick

sole that can really hold up so basically guys rule of thumb if you’re wearing a skinnier cut with no brake you want to keep the sole and silhouette of the shoe very thin and streamlined and if you have a more relaxed kind of semi break in your pants

you’re going to want the thicker sole and a bit to kind of proportion the pant to shoot ratio out that makes any sense now moving on to the style of shoe I don’t think there’s really any style that you can’t can’t go with but if you have like

super long super baggy pants I think a loafer is probably not the shoe for you just because even if you know this shoe has a little more weight to it than this shoe but if you have a baggy pant that’s gonna just kind of cover all this you’re

only gonna see like the tip of your shoe and it’s going to look kind of awkward so you know I think the loafers still you got to go either slip or semi slim for a loafer wingtips as long as you get the sole and the weight of the

shoe right you are good to go Oxford’s and cap toes I do think are like traditional you can go either way there are slimmer and sleeker and there are more hefty or silhouettes with that and the monk strap I think you know even if you have you gotta

have like a slight break or no break just because I think you know it’s a monk strap it’s a little more out there for most guys and most guys that wear these are going to be more on the style forward side and I just think that you know

you kind of want to show up the straps because that’s what you’re working with here so you know not that you couldn’t do with a longer bigger break pant but I would stay away from that I would go more you know slimmer silhouette and higher break all right

guys before we wrap up this video I’m gonna give you one more tailoring tip if you do like the slimmer silhouette on your shoes if you want to go no break you really have to make sure your pant is tapered from the knee down because if you leave

it kind of straight it’s gonna flop around and look way too wide so you know if you have half break or you know semi break in your pants you can go a little wider because it’s gonna hit the shoe and it’s going to kind of fold around the

shoe but if you have no break it just kind of flaps in the wind on the side so make sure you taper your leg from the knee down if gonna go with a slimmer sleeker silhouette like something like these and you know these kind of mid tier ones

can go either way but if you want like a thicker thicker sole and want to go kind of heavier on the break I would recommend more weight on your shoes so once again thank you guys so much for watching if you have not hit that subscribe button yet

that pretty much wraps up how to select to dress shoe for you now the type of dress shoe is going to be totally your opinion but I would focus on the weight and the size of the shoe based on your style so once again thanks for watching guys

really appreciate it catch on the next one Cheers [Music] you