[Music] [Applause] you to family welcome back if you’re brand new to this channel my name is Devin on deck I cover fashion and tech and today we’re talking about the top five minimal sneakers that are less than $75 now when it comes to minimalist sneakers everybody already knows

about common projects or Stan Smith etc but on this channel you know I like to put y’all up on brands that a little bit more under the radar a little more slept on on top of picking shoes you can dress up or dress down and they’re affordable on

top of that so let’s get into it first up coming in at 70 bucks is the jack and Jones premium sneaker now at first glance this shoe looks exactly like a paul smith but when you get a little closer to it you notice a few different things that

i think make the shoe a little bit more interesting and a little bit more minimal and the first thing you notice is very subtle branding you have the embossed logo right there on the tongue and the deepest one right there like on the hill of the outsole and

that’s about it okay real quick y’all I’ve been saying Paul Smith this entire time what I really mean to say is Stan Smith these shoes that look like Stan Smith now you’re gonna hear me say Paul Smith a couple more times in this part we just ignore it

know that I mean Stan Smith and the detail that I love about these shoes is the reverse stitching on all the seams so if you look at the lace panel even around like the color of the shoe you notice that it’s kind of a reverse stitch so they

stitch it turning inside out so overall has like a smoother appeal to it when you look at it so looks a little more streamlined and you’re gonna say 5 less compared to the Paul Smith on top of that you’re not gonna have to shoot that like everybody has

in their shoe collection now next up we have a brand called Poland bear out of Portugal and I actually just found this brand today while doing research for this video and they have a lot of great shoes but my favorite model from them is called join life it’s

their runner and then at $67 it comes in the olive color way with the off-white sole and then a tan color way which is my personal favorite because I know that I’m a sucker for like a tunnel chute so do not be surprised if I’m rocking these boys

at some point on my Instagram where you see me put them in a lookbook or something on YouTube because I’m definitely feeling them and they’re at a great price so you can’t really go wrong next on this list is the pony top star at $65 they come in

plenty of colors but you know if you’re gonna go minimal you got to go low contrast or tonal completely the low top version is extra streamline super slim very low-profile and just clean and the high top has the exact same vibe and on top of that they’re like

40 bucks right now so if you like these high tops you probably want to hop on it now we’re kind of pre spring season you can grab these up for $40 now for my guys that aren’t afraid to push the envelope a little bit and want more of

an interesting shoe we have the Reeboks Rhythmics ripple coming in at 60 bucks now I believe this sneaker is a retro style it comes in a black and a white and then you have kind of these blue and red details on both and even though the silhouette is

a little bit chunky it actually is a pretty narrow and slim shoe over all and it has a little bit of an interesting appeal to it without being too crazy or wild or out of the box because the color is completely solid so if you’re the kind of

guy who likes to experiment maybe you’ve been thinking about a dad shoe but those are a little bit too chunky this is like a slimmer a little bit more of a low-profile silhouette that is still kind of taking a risk still kind of trendy and a little bit

more interesting but the price is so reasonable that even if you don’t like them in here from now you’re still okay and you don’t regret it too much now the final shoe on this list was certainly not least is the high top hiker by ASOS and you’re gonna

get these for $64 and these are in the same Lane as the faragon sneaker boot or the easy sneaker boot or like those Puma XO sneaker boots they’re coming in that same family but obviously a lot more affordable there are gray on gray you can’t really go wrong

with that color kind of goes with everything and obviously the price is right and that would be concludes this list so now that we’re done with this I would love to know your favorite from this list which one of these fits your style the best obviously everything will

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