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yo is there any ganga sagar tea back on another video today’s video we were talking about from pants but his pants is really important when it comes to dressing a style and outfit because a good pair of pants can make the outfit look cold or bad and really

terrible so without further ado we go hop right into [Music] so basically in this video I’m going to give you guys a rundown of kinda like the different types of pants where to get them some affordable options some higher-end options I’m gonna also talk about just some different

places where you can go you can browse around if you don’t really know what you’re looking for now two different types of pants I would say I probably did um track or like athletic pants Carlos Chino pants behind his pants nylon leather and like be like sweat pants

someone now decided not want to talk about like some more affordable places and brands where you can get this kind of stuff because majority people don’t have a high or big budget to go and spend on pants although I think pants if you’re spending a lot of money

huh I probably spend a lot of money on pants because there’s something that you can wear more than once and nobody’s gonna really notice or care if you wear the same pants often so investing in a good pair of pants is probably a good option but here are

some affordable the first break you have minimal embeddable typically carries denim cargo pants track pants pretty much everything um they’re one of those bridges that are like more on top of the trend so if something’s like running in you could go to minimal and find a similar style

for a lot cheaper usually their denims don’t run too far over like $60 I believe somewhere around that range so usually it’s under a hundred so this is one of those like more affordable more intense now another two general brands that kind of carry everything is like packs

on your Urban Outfitters these are two places that I would go and I don’t know what I’m looking for I don’t even know what they’re the style I’m looking for these are places that like carry pretty much everything and a lot of variations of brands so if you’re

wanting it just browse around these are places of check now a place that I’ve received dinner before is a brand called Gordon denim they pretty much are only specialized that denim only God did them from them one of the pair of prints that I got are these kind

of blended kind of paired I guess you can call it but it goes from like a dark denim to a light denim with this like cord I never watch another pair that I also got from them was one to have like caramel pockets on them so it was

like denim cargo pockets their pants usually run a lot tighter and a less skinny or so keep that in mind when you’re going to sock maybe you want to go a size up or maybe you want to say true to size but it kind of just depends on

your purpose now Brenda I’ve been talking about a lot recently on this channel is a very colorful aesthetics and they carry more of like cargo or Teno type of pants but then you also have denim so I wanted to show you guys a pair that I just recently

got from them this pair right here is a black I believe it’s called like the hand art the hand out pair so this is pretty much if you were to take like a marker and draw on your pants was a lot of people knew the reason I got

this one is specific because the black and black looks a lot cooler than the typical blue with like a black marker on top of it so went ahead and checked out these to see how they how they was looking this also they have these D read cargo pants

which I thought were crazy they actually have a lot of different colorways in this pair of pants I think they have like a red they might have a denim too but these are crazy and just the way they sit in the way that the pockets look in general

is in my taste no I was able to get a discount code for y’all so if you do want to stop that profile use my : jg 20 and ov2 20% off of your order it doesn’t even have to be panting just beginning now next up on the

list we got a brand called chicken YC now you probably know about this brand if you watching myself for a minute now because I got these bondage pants right here from them and check out YC is where I would go to give bondage penis they typically carry a

lot of war grunge rock star type of style pants so they have a lot of bondage pins they have a lot of oh just like plaid pants just a bunch of crazy colors and stuff like that so definitely check them off now next up on the list we

have veneer the board now this is the perfect example of what I was just talking about what the hand drop hints is a pair of pants that I got from the recently and they have that same hand drawn on it when it happens to me have like a

lot of cool details and stuff like that but they’re typically a brand where I would go to make me like Carlos or dinner last but not least on the portable side of things we have Amazon Amazon’s one of those places where I would just go to find cargoes

like I I never really looked on Amazon for any denim I have to look them there for bondage pants which I believe is where I found the chicken y SI joint so maybe you can just find some different variations of pants but I probably wasn’t going there to

find denim specifically but I don’t know you know I’m saying so I just take our car goes on if you’re higher in Brants now these are brands that I just put on the list maybe just because I’m interested in them I like their pieces or they have specific

designs to their brain now this first brand is represent clothing now they kind of aren’t one that trend to your side where they kind of like follow waves but at the same time they have a lot of dope stuff on there and I recently came across their cargo

pants which have like these crazy pockets like on the front and on the side so that’s the reason why I threw this brand in there just for those pins specifically so you’re looking for like a higher-end cargo I would definitely check them out this brand runs a little

bit more than everything else is why it’s on this list you can typically see a range of like maybe 180 to like 300 so next up we have a young designer out of New York and he goes by the name of ever Votto and basically I put him

on this list because he makes a specific type of look that is in trend right now and that’s that bag year type of distress and then I’m on top of being Dominic so he runs in this lead that has like dyed denim and it goes from like Zacchaeus

to pants to kind of like whatever you know I’m saying so he has a unique process and I think he has a unique look and should definitely be checked out next up we got Val Christopher now I kind of talk about him in the last video but he

basically makes denim like he’s denim specific but he makes the sample type of denim so it kind of looks unfinished which is the perfection of it so he’s definitely somebody who is newer and definitely more solid of a name now that he was so definitely give him a

lip he has a lot of no pieces next up we have forgot and I forgot as a brand that obviously is copied by a lot of other people especially with kind of like the side zipper in the inside and some justice joggers and stuff like that now it’s

kind of ironic that I said that because moving into the next person we have Rick Owens and I feel like sometimes a lot of the fear of God stuff was inspired by Rick Owens but Rick Owens in general is kind of known for their cargoes especially those front

pocket cargo and those kind of like natural tone colors it’s usually just like a black like a grey or like a sand color and you get what I’m saying so now next up we have a very and bomb a bomb on however you want to pronounce it but

these are two brands that I feel like are kind of similar as far as the land goes a berry is more like that password type of denim and caring like distressed denim and stuff like that and then bombing is kind of more biker denim they were like the

ones who started that whole trend so kind of like a similar length obviously they’re not exact but they’re put in like that same level I don’t even know how to explain now second to last level is we have undercover now undercover carries a lot of different type of

designs that are completely original and I think they’re fine one of them is the autumn/winter oh five I think it was like the arts and crafts joint or something like that not to Sarah like all the archives other pieces but these were a pair of pants that had

like the all-over distressing that minimal actually made a kind of like a replica pair so I just think these pairs are crazy because the overall distressing all over is in a different way – it’s not like just the regular hose and the knees or hose and it dies

so now they also made the rebel God joints and those are fired to me because that print across like the crotch area looks dope and I know a lot of other people made him like what was it like ice cream with the running dog joints but undercover also

carries I think it was like a 68 there were something like that and they have like a little red yarn on it and I think personally that those are very good-looking pair do now this last brand doesn’t really specialize in denim I guess but they have made a

lot of dough pieces in their recent collection and that is leaks now obviously we know at least for the buckles but in this last collection they made a pair of pants that I thought had to be with this list because they’re so unique now these are the pump

pants now how to throw these on the list I see no more bloody Osiris and pretty much they have this design where they kind of look like overalls like they have like you know if you wear overalls down that’s what they kind of look like and they have

like those same type of bondage pants straps and I just think they’re dope they also made like with other pants that had this snakeskin pattern on them and I thought they were crazy so definitely had to add them on the list so that’s pretty much simple the video

I hope you guys enjoyed it make sure you go down and you hit the like button I need you guys to hit the like button specially if you made it this far but besides that I have more videos for you guys coming soon always you can go down

in the comments and recommend a brand or anything like that or you can just give me a video idea of something you wanted to see so that’s pretty much it that’s watching I’ll be back to you more what do I do