BUILDING A MEN’S WARDROBE For Beginners | The BASICS | Men’s Fashion

[Music] what’s up my name is Alexei and one of the biggest challenges that men face when they’re getting ready and dressed in the morning he’s figuring out how to pair things together tell me if this sounds familiar ready you have a bunch and I mean a bunch of

items in your closet but once you stand there you try come up with an outfit then it’s nearly impossible you don’t feel like you have no clothes and you and I we both know that that’s not trusting guys it’s just a matter of quality and not quantity okay

so what do you need in order to build your wardrobe from scratch well here are my top 10 picks all right number one for example shoes because nowadays everyone will notice your shoes screw sneaker heads will definitely notice when you’re wearing two girls you taking out on dates

trust me they will notice what kind of shoes you’re wearing if you’re wearing athletic sneakers that you’ve probably an athletic guy or you’d like to be comfortable if you’re wearing nice leather shoes like that belongs for example you’re trying to look professional well every guy needs four types

of shoes to start their wardrobe right brown or black leather shoes for more professional look right white sneakers as an everyday type of shoe athletic sneakers for working out and getting that athleisure look and a pair of boots to change things up a bit don’t start with unconventional

shoes like blue shoes or yellow sneakers because those would be so much harder to style with the four shoes that I mentioned you should be able to pull a lot of looks together without spending a ton of cash on trendy sneakers that won’t be cool in just a

few months number two let’s talk about pants I have a huge fan of black jeans honestly I could wear my black jeans everyday for weeks and people wouldn’t even notice it and that’s because there’s plain black cheese with no rips no unnecessary details or markings or brand new

right for example if you Jesus a little design on the knee here in your thigh could be a crossing here with anything right so what my gonna say dude those are pretty cool what do you want them to get tomorrow that person who noticed they were wearing the

same jeans because he noticed that you the design is missing it again if you’re playing black no one is going to say those are cool but that’s because no one is going to notice them they’re gonna look at the rest of your outfit just fine so start your

wardrobe with dark wash denim black jeans dark indigo jeans you know that should do the trick remember that the most important aspect of your jeans will always be the fit make sure you get the right size guys nothing baggy nothing too long you need to be able to

see your shoes guys I know that sometimes these things can be really hard putting up this together you know getting the right size finding the right brands but the good thing is that this company called stitch fix who’s sponsoring today’s video has a solution to all those issues

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by professional stylist but then that amount is actually applied towards anything you keep lust if you keep all of the clothes in that box you get an extra 25% discount they’re always having new Styles new items and basics like underwear basic every size even Big & Tall up

to three itself so today would definitely have something for you but everything that I got my box it all fed me perfectly right from the shoes to the sweaters into t-shirt it’s even what I’m wearing right now this sweaters from them honestly it makes life a lot easier

I’m not sure what to get and you want professional help right if you need a professional stylist that would literally pick the clothes for you this is the way to go besides getting nice clothes you’re gonna learn a lot about your style different clothes and your brand’s and

back already these words make sure to check out stitch fix which is going to be listed description right below the video and that will take your style to the next level speaking up next next from the list is t-shirts going back to the basics guys tend to have

like way too many t-shirts in their closets for some reason I don’t know mostly I think because guys like t-shirts because they’re comfortable you know maybe because we just elected no t-shirt someway whatever but that needs to change alright make sure you get rid of those t-shirts and

upgrade to nineties solids folding is definitely the way to go white black gray navy blue that’s what I recommend to get started because all my outfits you can make up with a black tee and endless amount sit with the white tees into the great team and the navy

blue t-shirt once you have those then you can start experimenting with graphics and logos but honestly I would say stick to the basics in the beginning sweater it’s an easy way to look before elegant to the forespore spider to things that you have to look out for one

quality and two bits in terms of quality guys I will say honestly save up and buy the best one that fits your budget of course right you’re gonna hit the sweater that makes you feel itchy just comfortable so if you don’t have the medians yet wait until you

can buy the right one you hand a bit alright you’re gonna have to really understand your body here when he comes to sweaters because if you’re athletic then a muscle pick is gonna look amazing on you it’s gonna highlight our muscles if you’re a little bit bigger then

you know get something that’s a little bit bad gear down here otherwise it’s gonna be tight around your stomach which is not a good look my favorite colors when it comes to sweaters great navy blue I mean those two perfectly with pretty much anything and everything that we’ve

already discussed on this list so if you’re making a list and if you buy these things maybe blue and grey sweaters go number 5 is outerwear now I’m not sure which one is more important outerwear shoes honestly you didn’t keep your jacket on the whole time that I

probably say that you’re gonna take it off it probably becomes a shoes the bad news outerwear is usually the most expensive part of the out the good news is that depending on where you live you might not even need outerwear right so hopefully you live somewhere this is

a little bit warmer think about the weather before you do anything else because if you live somewhere warm like I do and maybe you know you just go for a nice little jacket in your set year-round super easy usually not too expensive and definitely do this with hearing

loss say if you live in the cold like New York for example such for you know you might have to spend a little bit more cash right a top coat would look great maybe something a little bit more budget to get you through the winter either way make

sure you get it’s an expensive piece you can only import so maybe that’s why people have one suite versatility is the most important aspect of our work it’s something that you can baby to wear over and over again all of your favorite outfits you guys to top it

all off get some accessories all right so many got an overlooked accessories and their outfit just it’s just not complete it’s like something is missing so if you wanna see a video on the accessories that I think every guy should have I actually just made that video check

out that latest video where I go in-depth into each of those hi the source if you having trouble with picking the right outfit and coming up with new ideas or if you just want to explore and try something new then check out stitch fix it’s such a cool

initiative right it’s an easy way triangle pieces style by professional without ever having to leave your house you know the website is listed in the description right below and of course don’t forget to follow me on instagram at Alex pasta and subscribe to become part of the and

they which keeps growing every single day thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you get to peace [Music]