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kill everyone on Daniel welcome back to another video and today I’m gonna show you guys how I take my photos for Instagram okay guys so today is a lot more of a chilled-out video almost going on the edge of our vlog what I want to do guys is bring you along kind of show you how I go about getting my photos the camera settings little things like that and kind of just again giving you a bit more of an insight to what it’s actually like for me to get photos and how I create my content on Instagram so guys I’m gonna be in the first location about half an hour so I’ve got the jacket on because it is so damn cold outside and if you guys want to know this a sauce with jacket with the padding on the inside is from a sauce and we’re gonna go meet my friend get to it and let’s see what the day’s got in store for us [Music] [Music] what’s up guys okay so we’ve kind of just made it to our location now pretty much the way we go about it is we’re like yeah this is roughly the area we want to do and then we kind of just walk around and see what we can get so at the moment this is what happened they’ll be shooting in so I’ve got the yellow finishing mustard then objectin on top and then I’ve got the Nike finally Zoom flies on foot so we’re gonna get set up get the camera set up I’ll go through the camera settings for you we’re gonna shoot Jimmy first with his outfit and get into it also guys this is Jimmy who I’m shooting with so he’s one of the guys who helps me out a lot with like you know we just take photos and stuff together so we get each other content so if any of you guys are like struggling to get people to take like photos and stuff for you team up with someone else who’s kind of like nice content stuff as well definitely help you out and yeah and just grow better like that so we’re gonna start to get set up now [Music] so guys pretty much all I’m doing now as I’m shooting in manual so I’m getting squeezed the sirens I’m giving all the settings set up with the lighting so what we’re shooting in guys we’ve got the iOS set at 500 shutter speed set at 160 and then aperture at 2.

5 just for the lights and everything right here that is what we’re doing so obviously that’s so unique into wherever you’re shooting what are the lights on if you guys thought how to shoot manual your lifesaver is checking your camera onto a V now what a V does here guys so when you switch it over you get to choose your aperture so that’s the depth of field so if you want to very blurry backgrounds Chuck your aperture down like I said already on 2.

5 so you get that kind of like blue background the lower you go the bigger depth of field and if you want to see a really nice crisp background you Chuck that aperture by the way guys I am no camera expert when you know that anything like that everything we’re doing we’ve learned on YouTube and things like that so yeah no camera experts right here but this is what we do this is what I do for my photos so yeah if you check up on AV mode it’ll suss you out all you can do is control the aperture and the camera will like automatically set up your shutter speed and iOS but yeah so we’re all set up [Music] afternoon I do have permission to would you just take photos okay thank you for telling us well God’s sake just how long it was only going to be like 10 minutes or so fine thank you so much thank you so quick one guys the other thing that’s going to happen when you go out and take photos around the Lord at the time is you’re gonna have you know some of the coolest areas are kind of restricted areas or you know just private property and things like that but when someone does come off to you be nice you know don’t try to argue it just be nice be polite they’re just you know looking out for whatever their job is and then much the times that you see they might let you stay around as well so manners go a long way [Music] so guys pretty much what we’ve done now is again we’ve been into one area as you see we took a lot of photos guys and that’s the one thing I kind of want you guys to know is that even with my photos and stuff like we take a lot of photos sometimes like 100 or even more sometimes and you guys only see about maybe three members like max three so it’s about that whole highlight reel like we still look for the best photo out of porn and that’s why I want you guys to keep in mind as well we’re taking your photos and also when you’re looking at other Instagram pages is that there’s a lot more that goes into it and then you know so these are just already our rule photos then we’re still gonna put editing and everything once though but that’s a whole nother video but now we’re gonna go to our next location and just show you guys so location number two almost kind of the same this is where you guys saw this photo right here that was taken in the sports where we love this was so much but it’s best when it is either like that early morning or late evening when you get that really nice lighting but we’re gonna make it work right now so it’s getting so photos [Music] so with that spot right there guys this is already what we have right in that bit there and then you’ll see it all edited up as you guys see those with the photos here and then edit it up boom next stunts like I said a lot of the Edit changes up the mood and the feel of the photos but at the same time just making sure your settings kind of what you want for the vibe you’re going to obviously both of us go for a little bit more of a Budhia feel so we come to areas that are darker our settings go a little bit darker things like that as well so if you were going for bright vibrant colors I would change it with nothing we’d be in different locations as well so that’s that bit done on to the next bit is full of trial and error we’ve literally just seen this bike here literally just seen that bike now we’re moving it against this black wall and we’re gonna see how it looks it’s all like I say guys it’s all trial and error let’s give it a go and you’ll never what you could get yeah let’s try it [Music] what we were just talking about then as well is that sometimes guys you’re just again it’s cold today it’s really cold then you kind of start to get over the mood a little bit and pretty much what we were saying is that sometimes if you give it an hour or you look back at your photos in a day you start to like them again so just keep that in mind as well when you are shooting because trust me the amount of photos that we see of ourselves and we’re like this is shit and then you look at them two days later and we’re like okay it’s not as bad as we thought so keep that in mind guys and just like that guys we are onto a car the location already coming in on this black wall again it’s just trial and error so we’re gonna shoot here get the last bit of photos and then I will catch you guys at home to sum all of this up [Music] and just like that guys those are our last photos done so go back to my place look at them and I’ll show you and I like quite a bit and sum it all up so yeah also guys don’t forget I’ll link to Jimmy in the description box as well and the description box as well check out his stuff his bows and stuff as well shredded dude puts me to shame today too much meatballs oh yeah let’s go back to mine alright guys so we are back it was damn cold outside huh sorry that was our photos today I hope that shows you guys a little bit more of an insight to kind of what it’s like to take the photos and how to adjust the whole thing of it that kind of took us all up about two hours so when you guys see that one photo online at least for me you know that’s one we’re from like a to one to two hour kind of like shoot them and that includes you know walking around two locations things like they’re playing with settings but that is also capturing content for two people myself and Jimmy now just actually to go back to the camera that I was using I know I went through the settings however they can’t at the camera that I use is the Canon 60d and I use it with a 50 millimeter lens this is a very very basic camera and the lens 50 mils are kind of good for those portrait photos if I was going to follow more like landscape photos it’s not the lens I would use you guys are looking at getting kind of your first camera what I recommend is white second hand I’ve said I’ve said this before in videos I got the second hand for about 330 pounds I thing was and that was also with the 50 millimeter lens and it’s absolutely great does especially just Instagram it does it perfect all up guys today he was interesting so the weather was absolutely kind of just like crap it was just this overcast there was obviously if you guys seen on my page why suit for but is a bit more shadows you know going through the shades a bit more of that contrast and so today it just wasn’t having it and that’s just part of it guys you know you can’t control the weather so it’s really good to have up your sleeve a few locations that almost ant weather dependent and as you saw we went underground and those photos turns out crates all up I think I’ve probably got about you know two or three photos I can use today so that’s pretty perfect I’ll spread them out and yeah that’s about it so I hope that showed you guys a little bit more like I said of what it’s like coming along and just kind of like showing you the whole process a bit like I said at the start I’m no professional I’m nothing like that that’s just what I do and I just try to learn each day try to learn things each time I go and shoot sometimes when I set my camera manually you know I get backed up on Lightroom and I realize like I just had them on the complete room hung setting so all you do is guys you just learn and try get better each time so guys I’ve shown you how I take my photos I’ve shown you kind of like the locations of camera settings the next step that we got to look into is how I edit went into the ground photos and I know that’s one that a lot of you guys have been asking for so that is coming soon other than that guys thank you so much for watching today’s video if you did like it make sure you give it a nice big thumbs up and if you guys are new the far now make sure you do click that subscribe button down below also come chill out with me on the daily guys and you can do this by following my instagram which is at on being your simmons hope you enjoyed bit more if it’s kind of like chilled out vlog today if you’d like to see more of these let me know in the comment section below other than that keep dressing well and I’ll see you fellas next time [Music].