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friends coming back to the topic tomorrow bootstrap for love [Music] [Music] [Music] what would start under the Qunari were court order were over here in Australia first-inning amber code panduranga are the capital pulled up sale at the copper chin observe the copper push-ups finally when the body weight

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the edema activator in layer a shock of given off push-ups a block on an owner 200 push-ups nomicon oh no you shouldn’t I every 200 push-ups or analogy banana first is at 30 seconds at 30 are the couple hundred twenty twenty one hundred push-ups close for native are

the couple of five minutes listed one full muscle solution for another copper o 25% banana are this is it 25 Makai forgotten pardon incident upon DiMaggio the copper over the polymer resin arrested upon marbling 25:23 burning and the two hundred push-ups are close forever so we like a

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one not forty minutes learning on the clothes for now no first when the uppercut selena 150 reps ning at the pond uh no 50 pull-ups followed by fifty chin-ups and finally two hundred push-ups finally two hundred bodyweight squat either one the one are 40 minutes landing upon on

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