Custom $10,000 Shoes For James Charles!! ???????? ft. James Charles (Giveaway)

oh my god Zack these are so cool oh my god you’re literally insane this is like definitely the cool thing that’s ever happened to the other crater on YouTube hi sisters today we’re customizing a ton of Balenciaga products for James Charles like a brick shoe they’re literally bricks

three socks oh my goodness this is so scary flip-flops a backpack a handbag fanny pack watch this and wallets no I dropped coming up to over $10,000 and at the end of the video we’ll be customizing iPhone 11 stick away to you guys we’re gonna start out with

our brick shoes oh my goodness these shoes are $995 they’re literally bricks the Shelf have a question which one weighs more a pound of bricks or a pound of Balenciaga I don’t need a thing no it’s obviously this one we’re gonna do something nice and colorful let’s get

started or so over here we have a rainbow dragon the mesh part was actually kind of hard to get the paint on but I don’t think it turned out that bad speaking of fire we have a rainbow fire over here I think it looks nice and colorful these

will go right here nice we’re doing these shoes I’m gonna attempt to put my boys scrunchie on to here but the thing is this is some weird fabric and I’m not sure how well it’s gonna take paint so what we’re gonna attempt to do is put some white

paint on it first and then use markers over it hopefully they turn out okay he seems optimistic yep dip dip dip dip oh my goodness this is so scary I think we’re just gonna do three or four layers on this and hopefully the markers go on nicely all

right so finally after six layers this is dry I hope and then I think we can use markers on this now cross your fingers sisters please work well it looks so nice success all right let’s keep going [Music] now we got the scrunchie Balenciaga do you like that

Michelle it’s so cute there are little scrunchies mean yeah also my phone got cracked earlier I dropped it again I have a broken phone now so let me show you how a customizable NC ah gosh it’s really easy first step you need your Balenciaga shoe got it right

there now we just need a layer of white paint on it there it is very easy you can do this at home I said I think I’m gonna get my friend to help customize one of the shoes he’s right there he’s just chillin on his iPad yo leo

Kash whoa all right customize that one please first I just finished these these are the donut drifts I think these are nice and simple you’ll probably really like these let’s put them to the side over here so right now we have a total of three issues done keep

doing more it’s ridic girl I need to know but if Mia I hit low got a thousand eyes for you when you move and the basket no survive that Yuliya but see if Dex likes your shoe looks back to the chameleon you want to go off and they

go on the shoe he doesn’t want to go on the shoe when Dex ooh he’s trying to decide to be like sure sure because it’s okay so far he says it needs some work there you go Dex okay right now I’m gonna move on to one of the

bags all right well this bag is all done we got a spaceship we have this purple streak we got another streak over here got Turkey bun-bun hiding out in the corner and we finished it off to the classic signature games Charles give us a good reaction with it

all right we’re gonna put this in the corner with the other shoes and we’re gonna start the next ones right so now we have a handbag and we have a fanny pack I think I’m gonna have these match the backpack over there so it’s like a common space

theme you should look pretty cool back what are you doing I’m blow-drying it so it dries faster time to varnish so we’re trying to varnish it but the paint’s kind of dragging a little bit so we’re just going as carefully as possible and hopefully you don’t drag it

too much more oh no do you guys see that all right now this bag is all done we’re gonna put it next to the backpack those look pretty nice together Yoli out you working on okay you know it’s going to be a surprise I hope you like it

oh so cute all right guys watch this that we got this signature over there space design to match the other bags and place it right then three matching all right so we have most of it packed up over here these are giant giant bags and let’s go meet

him hi guys we’ve been driving for a few hours now we’re on the freeway heading over to James Charles’s place and then I just remembered we still have some small items left to customize because they’re in this box I guess we’re gonna attempt to record this I’m not

sure how it’s gonna go but I just do it [Music] luckily we’re in some traffic right now so I think it might be a little more steady no I dropped it smeared over there onto my way I think I’m done with the wallets we’re gonna zip it up

for him there’s a little space themed to match the rest of the bags alright so we’re here let’s go meet James travel you push the button oh my dad’s we’re gonna start with the shoes first of all why me and the first thing to the eyes when the

oxygen subscribe your channel for a hot minute now yummy I was like oh my god starts with this pair you can open this up and take a look oh my god these are so sad are you literally kidding me oh my god these are so cute [Music] another

one this one I actually had this is like the creases a barrel a this is the pasta ever oh these are so we have one more pair of shoes for you until we move on to the bags okay there’s a slightly different style is the triple okay oh

my gosh oh my god these are so beautiful we’re just glad you like them wow you’re ready to move on the two bags I guess so the dog took my swag oh my god this is so cool oh are you kidding me if this is like a signature

that isn’t beautiful I needs a new wallet – wow I love that ooh and then that’s gonna match wear this – oh wow this is so cool oh my god I love this just so they’re both gonna match oh that’s dedication to sell real I have so much

respect because we have another one oh yes these are oh yeah oh oh that’s with this bad shape – Michelle picked this one out that’s a real line just like walking around town like at the mall with yeah we have one more for you oh hey dot oh

boy are you kidding me this is these are just pretty casual slides you’re just like trying out you’re literally insane like that was the coolest thing that’s ever happened to you the other pager on you soon I love your videos because they’re so positive obviously I’m loved art

and stuff that’s just really cool to see like there’s not many people that would go out of the way and spend days of their life like designing sepra we’re gonna customize these to give away this is so fun beautiful talk where we gotta actually sand it down for

the next step you just put tape on all the edges we’ve taped up our phones so now we’re gonna spray the front right so now the paint’s dry let’s get started so we’re giving away these two iPhones you got to subscribe to both of us and follow both

of us on Instagram and these could be yours good luck you guys okay this more often that’s kind of fun I wanna win this yeah so make sure you enter [Music]