Customizing 10 Sneakers and Giving Them Away to Random People ???????? (Giveaway) ft. ZHC

so in today’s video I bought 10 pairs of sneakers to customize that is a lot of sneakers so I invited two of my friends to help me customize them after we’re done customizing em we are gonna surprise random people on the street with them and hopefully make their

day a little bit better [Music] hey rose oh yeah I’m finna pop yeah baby hit the spot like summer and some dippin dots jackpot sound coming at you through a different slide you can try your luck but end up missing from a liver shot oh yeah oh baby

it’s my season straight up the water I’m so well on my t-shirt girl in my day everytime suspicion hit us Kabaddi signals red Xs you got amnesia this is taking way too long we really need someone else to help us with these sneakers this guy named Louie Oh

Mahalo to some pretty cool customs I’m ticked off you can pick one of these to customize all right you can customize the Sula [Music] what’s this for welcome to the ultimate custom props competition we both have 30 minutes to customize these crooks are beautiful judges will decide the

winner [Music] and the winner will get $1,000 so let’s go time is running already [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] meanwhile oh yeah dripping onto the carpet that was a prank gone wrong goodness how am I gonna fix this part [Music] [Music] four minutes left can’t afford off whites no

problem we got you both whites turn you off why long White’s turn you on oh yeah we are all done we have two minutes left so we’re just gonna wait for two minutes now okay two minutes has passed now it’s time for the judges to judge these custom

Crocs Michelle Michael Marc tell by the name it’s made in Italy Svensson more like you suck okay this is the foot glove it’s a glove for your foot and that smells like a winner to me Michele oh she’s right there so who’s the winner of turkeys money what

is this supposed to say this is messy [Music] so after this really comes challenge I decided to start customizing the off-white pair of sneakers which was the most exclusive one I bought and I’m [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] actually not giving them to her because these custom seekers

are for you guys all you have to do to win them is subscribe to me and the boys and follow us on Instagram and if you want to be a good boy but also follow me and take that please please for unbe gun but now let’s finish these

other sneakers and surprise some random people within our channel Chapman Bob [Music] [Music] I prayed in my truthful somebody’s playing your Batman fatties don’t know I got you 17 shots no 38 okay I got the duck in my cell 50 shots no 30 years she’s fine walk past

our prayers rewind see – whoa I got this sword Remy boil it so after days and days of customizing it is finally time to make some people happy and Surprise them with these fire custom speakers at the end of the video I’ll explain the giveaway in detail but

now let’s go give away the rest of the sneakers I’m thinking of a number from 1 through 10 if you guess it correctly you get this custom pair of shoes by the way you have so this next one I’m gonna give away to my brother he’s a huge

sneaker head and basically supplies me with all of these exclusive sneakers for free so I customized his favorite pair of sneakers for him and put a surprise $3,000 in the shoe let’s see how he reacts [Music] give me a couple more pairs of custom sneakers it was time

to surprise my mom she has asked me to make her custom three to four months now and I finally got the time and opportunity to make her custom pair she doesn’t have crazy reactions so I’m interested to see how she [Music] oh okay oh geez you want to

do a little dance at them on definitely [Music] promoter of Instagram dancer insanity support this man Oh guys so if you’re still watching you probably want to enter in the giveaway all you have to do is subscribe to these YouTube channels and follow me and the boys on

Instagram this week I will post about the giveaway on my Instagram so keep an eye out for them thanks for watching and [Music]