Date Night Outfit Ideas | Men’s Fashion Inspiration

what’s up guys my name is Marcel from one dapper Street welcome to today’s video tomorrow is a big day for those of you that are in a relationship we’re starting to see someone it’s Valentine’s Day and I thought I’d hook you up with a few last-minute outfit ideas

piecing together outfits with pieces that you hopefully already have in your closet all for the looks that I’ve got for you today are kind of walking the line between elegant dressed up and a bit more casual why because especially if you don’t know someone that well yet you

don’t really know how much you need to dress up whether you invited them or they invited you you might not know where you’re going exactly you’ve never been to that restaurant so how do we dress up enough that it works for every setting but how do we not

look to dress up that if the other person is not that dressed up it kind of is awkward that’s the question we’re hoping to answer with the four outfits let’s start with look number one we’re starting this look off with a pair of raw denim jeans from Club

Monaco I think they are the ultimate choice between elegant and casual they’re jeans but they’re dressed up especially if you pair them with a nice tailored denim shirt like this one from mango that I’m wearing underneath this camel overcoat now a camel overcoat is very classy but you

guys know if you watch this channel that you can wear overcoats much more casualties this is not something that’s too in-your-face same with the denim shirt please don’t wear your Western denim shirt that’s a little bit too much of a look we do want to keep it a

little bit more classy so try and keep it very minimal and nice and tailored and then overall what’s important is that this look also works indoors as well as at nighttime so we have a few darker colors with the jeans the shirt is a bit brighter that’s absolutely

fine if you take the jacket off it still looks nice and dressed up that’s exactly what we want lastly we need to talk about the shoes a nice pair of dress boots it’s a great choice especially since it still might be a little bit colder wherever you are

right now and obviously before we move on to the next looks these four looks work for any dinner occasion where you’re not entirely sure what your dress code is so outside of Valentine’s Day whether or not you’ve got someone that you’re gonna spend it with I hope you

find someone for inspiration in these four looks of course regardless of the occasion you want to stick true to your style and your personality so if you are a little bit more of a bad boy a little bit more rugged this all-black look might work for you and

here’s why it works for Valentine’s Day as well up top I’m wearing a suit jacket but you will notice no no tie just as long sleeve Lac t-shirt which makes it a lot more casual but you’re still wearing a suit jacket so that is the dress-up part trying

to create that balance on the lower half and wearing a pair of black jeans that are rolled up twice to meet my job for boots buckle boots to create an all-black look for one all black works for any nighttime thing – you don’t have to worry about mixing

or matching any colors so you keep it really nice and simple and hopefully you have a few black pieces in your closet but stylistically it also works because it is dressed up you see the Blazer the Blazer itself elevates the entire look even though the rest if I

took this blazer off and threw a leather jacket on would work just as well last little note if you want to add some accessories some rings that are true to your identity add a black strap watch or it’s silver watch to kind of give the outfit a little

bit of a pop that’s absolutely up to you but I think this second outfit works really well not only for Valentine’s Day dates but for any night out whether you’re going to a bar to your club to a dinner you’ll be appropriately dressed you don’t want to wear

suit because you’re afraid that you might look like a bank oh you just came from work or you’ll be too overdressed if that sounds anything like you then look number three might be the solution for that problem I completely understand if you want to wear a suit because

the suit is nice and it feels respectful of the other person’s time on Valentine’s Day but a suit can be a little bit too stiff so a few things you want to look out for number one the color I would stay away from your black suit anything that’s

kind of boring because it can in that case come up a little bit too formal something like this Navy suit would be an excellent option because it’s a little bit more playful and you can just make it a little bit more casual more easily by for example wearing

a white t-shirt underneath and I’m pairing that with a pair of clean white sneakers on your feet white sneakers used to kind of be a no-no for any nighttime event it would be like a daytime thing but I feel like that’s changed a lot just make sure that

you don’t have anybody step or any shoes which happens to me like all the time I don’t know if I just walk underneath other people’s feet but just make sure that you keep your sneakers clean throughout the night and then you can even push your sleeves up a

little bit like I did with the black look that we just looked at and also if it’s just a little bit too cold you can of course pop on a coat in this case I’m wearing a navy trench coat for overall nice Navy outfit with some white accents

and as well as the t-shirt I think it’s nice and classy I think that’s something that I could wear on a daytime thing anywhere people would be like oh he’s wearing a suit but he’s wearing about the t-shirt and sneakers so it’s fine so I think that’s a

safe way of rocking a suit on a Valentine’s Day cake last but not least we’ve got outfit number four and while all other three were fairly conservative and fairly simple I want to point out that you don’t have to not have fun just because you’re drying to dress

save a pair of purple chinos like the ones I’m wearing right here from Dockers are an excellent way to have a little bit more fun with the outfit without the risk of blowing the entire look as long as you tone it down in other ways and I think

the purple is actually a really nice color choice even for Valentine’s Day it’s and a reddish hue Rhett the color of love that type of thing I don’t know I like this up top I’m wearing a white Uniqlo oxford shirt and on top of that a raw denim

jacket from Uniqlo as well we kind of are taking the first outfit and inverting it a little bit so instead of having the raw denim jeans we now have the raw denim jacket which i think is very classy thing like I pointed out with the jeans and then

an Oxford is similarly kind of dressed up but it also is a little bit more casual especially if you leave it untucked like I’m doing right here on my feet I’ve got a pair of skater shoes from my brand on khari floors that are combining Navy and white

so picking up the color scheme of the shirt and the denim jacket and overall I think this is a really nice look I don’t know you guys tell me if you agree I think this is definitely a bit more on the casual side but it looks nice and

proper it looks put together and that’s really what we want and it also is a little bit more playful which if that is your personality I cannot overemphasize that you got a dress true to who you are so this is more you than I’m hoping that outfit number

four is the winner for you that’s already it I hope you guys liked this video if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up I hope you guys are having an awesome Valentine’s Day tomorrow whether you spent it with someone you love someone you hopefully will

love in the future or by yourself with friends don’t beat yourself up it’s just another day in the here but I hope you enjoyed this video thank you guys so so much for watching I’ll see you very soon with the next one until then as always stay dapper

I guess