H&M Spring Try-On HAUL | Men’s Fashion 2020 | Parker York Smith

hey everybody Park New York Smith here welcome back to my channel so I recently grabbed ten new pieces from H&M I was on their new arrivals section and I really appreciated that they had a lot of just reliable classics right now they weren’t going super edgy super trendy

with it it was just stuff that can be worn all year round and styled in a ton of different ways so we’re gonna walk through each of these pieces and I want to talk to you a little bit about how you can be styling yourselves in them let’s

go up first we have this burgundy polo shirt it’s kind of a stretch fit cotton material very very comfortable feeling I got a size medium I’m six-three like 180 185 pounds so I’m gonna throw it on oh it feels really nice on guys I think the fit is

really really good it’s slim but not like skin tight a lot of times with H&M they’re sizing can be very very small but for me like I said 6-3 180 or so a medium fits really nicely we all need and love polo shirts they can be worn on

their own just like this they can be worn under other things they can be worn with suits you can dress them way up or way down so it’s just a nice alternative to a t-shirt when you want to be a little bit more dressy up next is a

really cool piece of kind of hybrid outerwear shirting it is this black sort of button-down shirt but it’s all snap buttons which I thought was really cool because it kind of gives it a little bit more of a jacket vibe so layered over the polo I think it

works really nicely I love black during the winter and honestly all year long black works well but especially during the winter and early spring I think it’s a darker really fun color to wear these chest pockets are really cool it almost has the feeling of like a western

style denim jacket or something but again it’s gonna be a stretchy sort of cotton blend fabric moving on up next we have this orange and navy blue buffalo plaid sure it’s a flannel material super warm and cozy during the wintertime to be worn as a layering piece like

I love to wear a flannel with an outfit just like I have on just a simple clean white t-shirt with some dark jeans and you can wear this as almost like a piece of outerwear especially once it starts to get a little bit warmer size-wise on this one

I got a large again because I was gonna probably be layering it over things buffalo style with these big squares like this is always going to be super classic and stylish it’s fun to have it in other colors aside from just the classic black and red earth tones

like this are some of my favorite because they’re just always stylish guys they you can’t go wrong the navy blue of the shirt matches wonderfully with a dark pair of jeans like I have on and if you button it all the way to the top I think that

adds a lot of extra style personally but it’s not necessarily for everyone and that’s okay up next I’ve got a few different pieces of outerwear first up is just this classic sort of mid wash denim jacket I’m a big fan of wearing denim on denim if that’s a

little bit too advanced for you or just not really your style that’s completely fine if you do want to start sort of dipping your toe into wearing denim on denim something like this where you have darker jeans on then the color of your jacket works really well so

as you can see I layered it over the flannel shirt but you could very easily wear it just over the white t-shirt can wear it in all kinds of different ways most of the time with a jacket like this I’m always going to size down because I do

want it to be a little bit slimmer but I like this one so this is a medium but I like this because it’s sort of a mix between a super classic slim fitting denim jacket and sort of the trendy oversized that we’ve had for the last year or

so the seam of the shoulder lands right at the edge of my shoulder which is a perfect indicator that it fits the way that it should our next piece of outerwear is going to work perfectly with this shirt this kind of burnt orange nylon bomber jacket the reason

I’m keeping this shirt on is to show you that you can pick up these pieces from H&M and style them in eight of different ways with all kinds of different outfits and work them together with each other to create different vibes depending on what kind of outfits or

what kind of occasions you’re getting dressed for in the same way is the denim jacket I sized down with this so this is a medium and it fits really nicely it’s a little bit snug we’ve got the chest zipper pocket which I’ll use sometimes maybe these pockets are

cool because they actually have a hidden button closure so you can keep them closed if you want I typically would keep it open and then on the inside it also has a breast pocket which is where I love to keep my phone and things and lastly in terms

of the outerwear pieces we have just this classic sort of almost lavender colored hoodie size-wise I got a large on this one just because I don’t love when a hoodie is like extremely tight to my body it’s not comfortable for me but again this is a very versatile

unique piece that is very stylish because you can wear it underneath things you can wear it on its own for a casual outfit but one of the biggest indicators of a great hoodie for me is the size of the hood and this one is big which I love

it’s super annoying when I hood is like really really flimsy and just kind of like hangs on your shoulder I like a hoodie when it’s off to really stack nicely like that and then when it’s on to be nice and big a hood is supposed to be functional

it’s supposed to cover your head keep you warm and this definitely does that so those were all the shirts and tops that I have up next I have some pants to show you guys up first we’ve got these elastic waistband drawstring dress pants they’re a gray color there

is a crease down the middle and a little bit of a cuff right around the ankle which i think is a really cool detail a pant like this is always really fun because you can wear them in a casual way with just a t-shirt and a denim jacket

or you can wear them a little bit more dressy but because of the fact that they are elastic waistband like that it’s always going to be a little bit more casual than a traditional pair of trousers would be I got a size medium I’m typically a 32 that’s

what I buy at least in sizes on my waist and they fit really nicely I don’t really need to tie them but you absolutely can if you don’t want the strings hanging down lengthwise they’re a tiny bit cropped on me but not so much so that it’s annoying

it’s enough that it will land right around the top of a shoe and still feel extremely stylish the next pants we have are these black sweatpants they’re a little bit different because as you can see they have this stitching down the front of the thigh on both sides

classic drawstring waistband but they’re nice they have a back pocket I got a large in these they are a tiny bit big but when I tighten the waistband they fit completely fine what I did with these it was cuff the bottom a couple times with sweatpants that don’t

have an ankle cuff feel free to crop them a little bit because it’s gonna make them way more comfortable these are perfect for like a travel pant or any time you want to be very casual but also still feel a little bit more refined than a sloppy pair

of sweats will the last pair of pants are part of the new hmm conscious collection it’s these grey very slim fit very comfortable sweats they’ve got this extra little stretchy material here right in the crotch area which is very comfortable and on the back you can see it

says this garment is made from recycled polyester and cotton so they’re doing a really awesome job at H&M of making sure to reuse fabrics and materials so that they can be more sustainable it’s really really nice there’s a little detail on the back there it says conscious I

love a sweat like this for working out in or if you want to you know wear it with a denim jacket or this bomber jacket or any of these other things that I’ve shown you it can work really well to be a little bit more elevated than a

gym outfit but not quite as casual as jeans or something like that it’s just nice to give yourself all these options and the final piece I want to show you guys today is just this very nice simple gray it is like a sweat pant material it’s a workout

hat but you could wear it anytime honestly adjustable in the back but it’s just something that I liked because I always wear a hat when I work out because my hair is always flopping all over the place if I don’t but anybody who’s a hat guy who likes

something plain like this highly recommend this because it’s very comfortable and there you have it guys 10 super useable super versatile pieces from the current H&M selection there will be links down in the description to all this stuff so you can shop it for yourself if you have

any specific questions about sizing or styling or whatever send me a DM on Instagram go follow me there if you liked today’s video hit that thumbs up subscribe if you are not already tell a friend about the channel and I’ll see you next time bye