How to Dress Stylish for Muscular Guys | Men’s Fashion Tips | ft. Nathan McCallum

what’s going on guys my name is Marcel Florence welcome to my youtube channel 1 tapestry and welcome Nathan what’s going on gasp one of my best friends from Down Under and he’s here to talk to up meet us you guys just to everyone to everybody involved about fashion

for athletic guys I want to let you take the floor introduce yourselves really quick for those of you that don’t know him Nathan Callum I also on YouTube you can check me out somewhere in the link down below I started in fashion transferred towards fitness and along the

way had to learn how to adapt my style for a bigger more athletic build so that’s we’re gonna talk about today how I’ve gone on that journey and what I keep in mind while shopping now and I’m gonna jump right in with the first most basic but still

very big question what is something you look out for when you’re in store shopping items should not by statement pieces so I’m never looking for an entire outfit I find my core basics and then go from there so basic well fitting clothes is essential and then I find

like a statement piece from there that I want to add in but it is all about fit and what’s gonna flatter you in the right ways without for me personally without showing off that bigger bill I like to hide it a little bit it’s a nice surprise when

you take it off so when you say you have your basics first let’s talk about basics where do you find yourself shop a lot and and how did you find those stores what was the like trial process have you tried some trends online that are catering to to

more athletic guys or are tended mixed up I don’t have one Brenda shopper Uniqlo is a big one for me to combine like basic tees they’re like amazing they fit really well things yeah I turned to go for things that aren’t quite as tight as maybe I were

looking I was a bit smaller I tend to wear things a little bit more oversized now and but it really does depend on the season the weather I dress for weather appropriate so for me it goes about comfort over everything else I need movement and comfort so it

depends on when Nathan says when he was smaller like he wasn’t a bit smaller Nathan legit was like me when I was 17 18 like a skinny boy yeah and then you just put on that side so you’ve really gone through that entire process yeah having to adjust

adjust along the way exactly and learn things that turns out I didn’t look good in after all so I had to work my way around that my style had to evolve with it which i think is a really nice big note evolving your style naturally based on both

sides but also aesthetic cool so speaking of statement pieces you brought in a few pieces today that you’re gonna point a few things out there yeah so how about we start with what you got on on trend animal print fall winter 2019 men’s fashion trends so I’m always

been a big fan of animal print work this on training now the thread beforehand but for me it’s actually about the feet of the show I love the print but I would like to go with like a more of a slouchy fit when I’m going in Shirdi take

you like button up shouting I’m going back home in a throw which is coming into summer we’re just ending somewhere here so it’s kind of appropriate for me it’s about sleeves they’re a little bit bigger they sit tight on my arms shoulders is something I try to sit

over I find if you get the seams to tie up your shoulders look too bold with you were going to try to show off so that sliding down a little bit right I got bad advices again true for for a guy of any size that’s what you want

to look for when you go shopping like you got to make sure that the shoulder seam is where your shoulder ends if it comes in tight it’s gonna look a little bit off with your big mouth hunter right and then I like loose flowing clothes I like us

American moving no I like to move like this so yeah for me it’s something that’s a lightweight material is nice and flowy but I can kind of fit around and move comfortably if it’s too structured too fitted we’re having back muscles in the chest I find the buttons

don’t sit the same way they sure they kind of pop open a little bit so I need fits a bit bigger on top this is from wearing what size I’m wearing all things and this is a large right now got it okay yeah next up next step so

I you know me personally I’m a big fan of heavy metal I love my vintage tees and I found that that somewhere my style has tended to go towards vintage clothing because a lot of it either bigger oversized fit right it’s been worn and washed so I shot

thrift stores or define like invented pieces the band tear something I love this one he’s a cut-off but I also find like a lot of normal bad T’s having a bit longer sleeves sits out a little bit more a bit more oversized that’s attacking a lot that’s a

really big thing for a styling point is tapering into the waist a little bit it’s more flattering rather than having everything being real for your boxy have that little tuck in the waist you’ll have a bit more flattering right the point being that your shoulders are pretty wide

so you need the size but not all the garments are tapered like you are exempt literally yeah yes I’d be tailored real well different so that that military tuck not as we often refer to it for the pants but otherwise for the waist and that goes the same

for t-shirts I’ll wear with anything any service calls sometimes the other thing with that is also with pants sometimes I never go to skinny with my denim here I’ve got two options here I’ve got like a skinnier fit ready not really stretch denim then I’m going a little

bit looser up top it’s a bit more flattering it makes me look less like an ice cream cone okay you can look that way when you’re very top-heavy is you know big taper I try and make sure it’s more like an hourglass figure it’s more flattering so fair

enough so where’d you find those stretch skinny jeans I phoned up a few brands the black ones here buy new denim its Australian denim label and you Inc yeah AUW I made made that up well put it on the screen yeah any eww the other Zara Zara actually

does desolate fitting jeans I often wear like a carrot fit or a taper yeah because it fits my quads but then tapers in towards the ankle a little bit more I also am a big fan of raw hams I find them at the end of a cuff off

it has that real kind of cool edgy movement which I really like and I mix up my footwear with it either going for like a boot and then I structure or vans or I’ve got low physiologist all awesome and the raw ham also saves you a couple bucks

instead of running to the tailor time and money because they don’t want to tell you can literally just cut them off yourself except row them in the wash make sure that raw head really like wears it nicely yeah and also I really want to talk about a windbreaker

because with you when you bought it we were stopping in a lake so I want to so for an athletic guy I think activewear can have a bad rap if being distant June close all the way I think of a more of athleisure like a really styled gym

wear and that’s something I think guys could pay attention to a bit more so having those like statement pieces you’ve got your basic like job is you got your fitted tees whatever it is all like a cut off or a tank but I find like a statement piece

like a bomber or a windbreaker can really break it up and you can still keep it looking very cool while still being like an accurate outfit row for me this one here by ACG is amazing I’m sponsored by Jim sharp so I should keep it on that one

all my basics are always that but I like a head like a stylish outerwear thing so that’s one I picked up this trip nice oh yeah athleisure obviously is a big movement in men’s fashion has been since since you can wear sneakers with a suit now absolutely and

it’s not even a movement anymore it’s part of men’s fashion now it’s something it’s literally just a new style that’s just it’s gone yeah yeah yeah lastly let me talk a little bit about your style yeah from an outsider’s view I know that his style might not be

the most mess yes appropriate it’s a bit more unique right which if you love it amazing follow on instagram check out his youtube because that’s a bunch going on there and that’s what I’m alluding to with the last piece but a lot of the pieces of advice that

you’re hearing here today are applying to guys of any size and then can also apply to a more simple outfit like a basic jeans and t-shirts outfit that’s exactly it starting with those basics everything starts in basics to me where anyone can wear I personally like to have

a few statement pieces in there that but you can keep it basic and basic white tee and a good fitting jeans is always give me a good outfit right easy oh great so then good fitting jeans to the white legged pants yeah so something I found a few

seasons ago was that as I said I talked my t-shirt in but wearing a more of a pleated pants a little bit wider leg I actually found really flattering every time I wore them I got a lot of compliments and people because it need the bulk of my

legs but still kept that nice taper through the waist it was a flattering look and that’s become like a staple in my wardrobe you don’t have to have like as wide as I do or pleading but I think that a slightly more relaxed fit is very on-trend a

bit more edgy than some people be used to committee personally I love it I wear that from anything from like a pair of bands to loafers to dress it up to dress it down and I can wear a dress shirt with it and still make it look like

a really nice outfit so cool so we bring it a little bit full circle now if you’re training you keep growing how do you manage that as a last note before you wrap up do you think about okay I don’t want to buy something too expensive because I

know the next three months I’ll be bulking and then like or is that something that plays into it or you just kind of play by ear I I’m never gonna be much bigger than I am okay I’ve got to a point now where if I’d get any bigger

than I am I look like a bodybuilder I like to still be like a functional human so but I have had to adapt as I’ve gone because as you said I’ve put on 30-something pounds in the last couple years on muscle so my style has changed a little

bit but I still have the big thing for me as jeans jeans my style I don’t get any my old denim but all I want tops because they are a little bit bigger and a bit more worn in I can still get away with them I guess I

don’t spend on like high-end as much that maybe would have before I go for more practical I said your clothes are killer it’s not too expensive if I can still wear it and then you I press easy if I grown out of it it’s not a huge problem

right at the same time also a lot of the designer pieces and really high-end are also tailored and fit for a very slender runway type of aesthetics yeah and that’s also something hasn’t my stylist stepped away from that little bit I still like my designer shoes because they’re

a statement and that’s like trying to consistent in my size my feeling get any bigger but I also don’t look at the wrong way in the same way because it’s just it doesn’t flatter me the same way I get my dress for my build marry anybody and everybody

should do a dress know yourself lower your style is what you’re comfortable with what you want to express and before we wrap up Nathan and I you may know this did a thrift challenge on my channel not too long ago we did there’s a part two of that

on his channel now so you guys check that out the link is down below last time I’m pretty sure you want I’m comfortably I’d say I don’t wanna I don’t throw in your face it’s pretty rude okay brother thank you so much for it pop a little bye

you guys please let any additional questions down below like I said follow mom Instagram in YouTube because if you’re that type of build that’s where you gonna go inspiration and that about wraps up today’s video thank you so much for watching I’ll see you soon with the next

video until then stay doctor I guess