How to Look Good in The Winter | Men’s Fashion 2019 | Alex Costa

what’s up everyone my name is Alex Kosta and winter is here and it’s time to make a tough choice because sometimes during the winter months you have to pick do you protect yourself from the cold or do you focus on style and make sure that you look good

and the answer is you find the right balance right you find the stylish pieces that are gonna keep you warm and looking good at the same time and here is how you do it number one layering so first off what exactly does layer you even mean I know

that some of you may not know but layering is actually quite simple it just means that you’re weighing one item on top of another kind of like wearing a shirt over a tee then a sweater over the shirt and a jacket over that sweatshirt so now you have

a lot more outfit choices that shirt that you wore in the summertime can now be brought back and worn a bunch of times in different ways in the winter months and you should go from thin layers on the inside to thicker layers on the outside basically that means

that you want the lightest fabrics to be touching your body the closest to your body and then the heavier fabrics would be the outside layer a thermo t-shirt for example is a really good option for staying warm because you can add a bunch of layers on top of

that to trap the body heat right in there then you can add a stylish sweater over that tee and a stylish coat over the sweater and that means that you don’t have to sacrifice warmth for style or style for warm protip here don’t wear the thermal tee and

then like a jacket over it and that’s it because sometimes you walk into a place and they have the heater on it’s a little bit too high or you go into an uber and the driver is like blast in the heat and you’re gonna have to take that

jacket off and you don’t want to be no sitting there wearing just a thermo tee doesn’t look good tip number two choosing the right stylish coat choosing the perfect winter coat is extremely important for many reasons number one it is the first thing that people will notice so

you want to make the right impression number two they can get expensive you’re probably not gonna buy a bunch of them in different colors so you need to pick one that matches most of your other clothes and number three they need to be both stylish and practical and

I’m super excited because for this video I pardoned up with backcountry which is an online retailer that sells outdoor gear and apparel for activities like biking skiing climbing yoga basically anything that helps you stay active and go outside and they wanted me to help inspire you guys to

get out there even in the winter months so I thought what is more motivating then looking good and feeling good think about it when you look amazing you want to go up you’re not gonna put on an amazing outfit and then stay inside I know a lot of

guys just sort of the closest store and pick the first coat they see that fits them don’t be that guy all right do a little bit of research before you spend your money what I recommend is a neutral color black gray maybe Brown Navy basically you want this

code to be easily layered with the outfits that you wore during the fall let me show you some of the items that I saw in the backcountry website that I loved that would definitely make you look amazing the season this North Face jacket right here I got the

black one because like I said it’s easy to style with anything plus of course it keeps me really warm I’ve talked about trucker boots so much on this channel I thought it was time to show you some really nice ones from Clark’s I love the color and the

style these will also match hundreds of different outfits and of course this awesome bag from Patagonia one of the best brands out there for this type of gear this is perfect for your winter adventures I went to Big Bear to celebrate the new year where it’s super cold

and this was amazing to bring all of my things during a hike that we did I also got my eyes on this Canada Goose jacket right here man I’m gonna have to pull the trigger on this for sure you know these boots here too are so sick and

that’s the good thing about backcountry you know they have so many different brands at different price points everything you’re gonna fit your budget plus since you’re part of the YouTube family they offered us a 15% discount using this code right here which means you can get really nice

gear for even less I’ll list their website in description below so you can go check them out and look good this winter jumping in to tip number three appropriate winter Footwear can’t miss it right the main goal of this is to keep your toes nice and warm and

something that’s also stylish you go to the gym for example in a snowy day which you should be alright no days off and make sure to look for sneakers that are a little bit more rugged I own and personally recommend the adidas ultra boost all-terrain but there are

tons of sneakers out there that will give you that winter protection and comfort for the gym these shoes usually have like soles it’s more traction for it for safety reasons right you don’t want to be slipping on ice so pick something that has a really good grip and

of course sneakers aren’t gonna cut it all the time right if you’re going out at night and you want to look good or if you’re going hiking in super cold temperatures whether it’s dirt or snow look into some heavy duty to make sure that you looking stylish but

also keeping your feet warm and the check of boots are great for going out at night they’re very stylish but they’re gonna keep your feet warm the next step is of course to find the right and winter accessory covering and protecting your head from the cold is a

must so invest in a nice winter hat that is stylish and looks good on and to be honest this is one of those things it’s pretty affordable usually these winter hats so you can have a few you can have plain hats if you want that’s fine but if

you want to have some fun and you have the budget didn’t go a lot also scarves are really trendy right now and of course they’re functional because they keep my neck warm and add a little touch to your outfit it makes it look nice add some layering to

your outfit as for gloves personally I usually go for leather gloves not gonna lie I really like how this looks I also have these black suede gloves which look great and fit me really well just make sure they have soft lining on the inside that keeps your hands

nice and warm as well as comfortable and how about winter grooming well during the winter months most guys like to have a longer beard even long your hair to keep warm I usually like the longer hair for the wintertime just because you usually have beanies on or hats

you know if you have longer hair and you take the beating out it’s usually okay now with my hairstyle if I put a beanie on this volume is done man it’s it’s over when I take it off you know I actually did the opposite this year for whatever

reason I had like a longer beard during the summer time and then now I have like a shorter stubble that was kind of stupid don’t do that guys make sure to check out back country’s website in the description below to get your 15% off your order and also

don’t forget to subscribe to become part of the YouTube family and keep growing every day and thank you guys so much for watching I’ll see you again soon peace