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hey guys it’s Brenda creative happily dressed a fashion blog dedicated to self-acceptance self-confidence and self sufficiency and welcome back to my channel so this week I decided to challenge myself to something that I haven’t done before because pants are my little one-trick pony thing that I like to

do but I found this fabric at Goodwill it’s like an upholstery fabric and I thought it’d be so cool we make a jacket out of it and I almost didn’t buy it because I was like you’re not gonna make a jacket you haven’t made a jacket yet so

I decided to challenge myself and make a cropped jacket and it’s lined which is like something that I haven’t even learned or seen or basically it’s lined which is something that I’ve also not done before when it comes to like a jacket I’ve lined a bag and stuff

like that but never lined a cool piece of clothing so yeah I made this jacket super excited I drafted the pattern from a crop jacket that I already had and used those pieces not necessarily step by step and like exact details but just what I was thinking when

I was doing it for the first time and hopefully it’ll give you some insight on how you can make your own crop jacket so here I’m cutting out all my pieces oh my god I sound like I just woke up and that’s because I had that I’m cutting

out my sleeves my collar and some other pieces is also during this clip that I realized that for the front I’d have to pattern match and I wasn’t too happy about that because I was like I want to cut this out real quick and I’ll be fast and

easy but we have to pattern match it is not fast and easy but here is me pattern matching but honestly I’m glad I did because it only elevated the look of the jacket I also cut out the lining around the same time and with the lining I just

made it half an inch shorter than the regular pieces so that way when I fold the him I was able to just catch the lining in it without it being so chunky now I was on to the very boring part of surging Paul pieces including the regular fabric

and the lining cool that literally took like an hour of my time basically everything is searched now we have all pieces and lining so we have to collar pieces a back piece plus the lining two fronts plus two linings and then also two facings for the buttons and

buttonholes then we have two sleeves and then two sleeve linings so that is everything that we have right now and it’s about time that I start putting this stuff together starting on the lining I connected the two fronts and the backs together wrong sides facing up so that

when I sewed them they would face the right way when I inversed it and put it into the jacket but I also pressed out all the seams just to make it a better finish added the sleeves also wrong sides facing I believe I’m so that way everything would

be on the right side and that was the lining all done I basically did the same thing to the front of the regular fabric without having to do the wrong sides facing it was all right sides facing now just because this was the outer edge of the jacket

so I could sew it like normal I also pressed out the sleeves like I did the lining just for a better finish and then connected to sleeve right here I’m connected it the wrong way but I connected it right sides facing and sewed it down as you can

see I was running my mouth so I was not paying close attention and I ended up redoing it at this point I was just getting a feel for the length and like how the sleeve was gonna lay down I was actually very satisfied with what I accomplished because

the print was starting to look really cool as well but basically what I did now was even out the top and the back or the front and the back just because my pattern I really didn’t do that don’t know why but then I sew down the sleeve seam

and the side seams alright guys I actually have it all sewn together my friends came over so it’s a lot later cuz they distracted me but I was working on this steadily just not as fast as I normally go but I have it all constructed now and I

actually did the lining first so the linings been done – I actually took the most time to do besides surging I know I got a lot of prints going on here but very exciting I think now though that everything’s together I’m gonna do the first half of the

collar then the facings and then close it all up with the lining when I close the end of the collar I think that’s gonna work I kind of got confused on this part when I was making the very first jacket so the collar doesn’t look that nice but

I’m a smart man so hopefully I figured out I want to the scariest part for me I am attaching right sides facing the back of the collar to the outside of the jacket so this would be the last thing I do before I go but I’ve gone ahead

and sewed on the back of the collar and I plan to stitch in the ditch to secure down the front of the collar but first the lining has to go in so that way when I fold this down it’ll fold over the lining and when I stitch in

the ditch it will secure the lining here but also before that and if you go ahead and put the facing on so with the last jacket I did the facing first in the collar but then I got a weird split right here basically now that put the collar

on first I know where to take my facing so like it starts the College starts here so I’m gonna facing I’m gonna start there and sew down and then down here and that way this will flip over and go ahead and meet exactly where the collar will be

actually finish the lapel part I’ve upheld the facing which is on there now I did realize that I iron the collar the wrong way you’re supposed to like iron the collar to where the seam moves to the back of the collar so no will see it but I

sewed it with the back facing up and I’m not taking it off so I might have to try to rely on it so I can position it differently but it might mess with the under stitching that I want to do I think it’s definitely worth a try hi

guys it’s the next day and I’m back now I miss the gym this morning believe it or not I have some other things to do so this is how we left it yesterday we attached the collar and the facing on the inside which I’m excited about and I

think now it’s time to try and put in the lining as well so for the lining piece I only cut out a back two fronts and some sleeves so it’s going to connect up here when I close the collar the linings gonna fit right in there nicely and

as well when I top stitch here it’ll get caught and then also on the sleeve when I him it it’ll get caught so basically doing what I said I am just shoving the lining in the jacket and positioning it positioning it right so that way I can so

down everything I need to I started with top stitching the facings and securing the lining that way and I also did the sleeve next I went ahead and secured the lining within the collar band by pinning it down um so that way I can stitch in the ditch

on the other side I don’t have to remove my pins as I go which was a nuisance but it is okay and in this clip you can be able to see what I’m doing because of my bad filming skills now we’re basically almost finished now I am attaching

the button and then hemming the garment and then basically I’m done after this I was just ready to get it over by this point just because it had taken me four days to get done so I’m just hitting everything and wanted it to look all professional and nice

and people we are all done this is a jacket in its finished State and I am very proud with the way it turned out die buttonhole was fresh that’s why I struggle so much getting it out it took me about four days to finish this jacket and that’s

only because the first day I was kind of getting over it the lining took me the longest to do and only because it’s tricky with the lining because you want to have sometimes your wrong sides facing each other when you sew down other times your right sides facing

so that way when you flip the lining inside out into the jacket all right sides are facing the outside of the jacket so that took me a while to sew and then I found just over it by that point and then the second day my friends came over

so I got distracted the third day there was no power here I was liking it so anyway there’s a stranger looking at me and then finally on the fourth day I just came in got it done so my little one button shoutout to anyone who follows me from

reddit on here because you guys gave me the idea to do one button because I post it like a progress photo and read it they’re like oh I love Mike that was one button and I didn’t intend it to be one button but it actually was cool to

just leave it at one button but a few things that I would change for the next time is adding a yoke to the back so that way you lay down a little bit flatter then also I increased the length which is I have to weigh like high-waisted for

real pants and I haven’t worn those in a while to wear this jacket and that looks crazy but I’m still very proud of the work I put in over these last four days anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s video there is another one coming very soon

about a little spring drifting trip that I went on that was really fun but I’m actually will probably come out a little bit after this one just because it happened before this happened I just haven’t edited it yet but that is another video to be looking out for

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I’ll see all 5,000 of you next week see you guys later