How to Style Boots This Fall | Men’s Chelsea, Combat and Dress Boot Inspiration

what’s going on guys my name is Marcel Flores welcome back to my youtube channel one dapper street and today we’re going to be looking at boots and bottoms not gonna change out this beautiful cashmere sweater which is from the H&M house if you haven’t seen that yet go

check that out right here but we’re gonna talk about what kind of bottoms work with what kind of boots what color bottoms work with what color boots how many times you should cuff how long they should be to begin with socks everything boots and bottoms related so let’s

jump right in and the first combination I’m wearing right now it’s a relaxed fitting skinny fit so it’s skinny but it’s more relaxed Jean from H&M washed out color combined with my Ankara Flores hiking boots and dark navy now that all the boots that you’re gonna see today

are from my own collection it’s three different silhouettes and a bunch of different fabrications and colors so if you want to check out the dapper boot collection that we launched recently link is down below I’m Carrie Florence calm in this case I really like to play on colors

light blue and navy as you can see I cuffed them once and this is we’re gonna dive in a little bit deeper into the cuffing these jeans are fairly long so if I don’t cuff them and I let them rest on the back tab there’s a lot of

excess fabric it bunches up too much and I personally don’t like that look that’s because the boot itself is pretty high but also because the jeans are pretty long if I choose to move it over the back top and even over the knot of the laces then it

works it’s still a little bit long and it still can look really good if you just cuff it up at that point I wanted to mention that but I personally love showing off boots I love showing off as much of them as I can so I eat arrest

them with one cuff right on the back tap or you can even cuff them twice and then rest them just on the top of the boot so you really show all of the boot some guys out there actually and myself included every now and then roll them up

once more so there’s a little bit of a gap between the boot and the jeans that works well if your boot is very slim throughout the top and then you can even show off some socks and have a little fun with that which I don’t do a lot

I think I’m gonna try and play around with a little bit more this fall winter season but I just wanted to mention it as another option not one of my absolute favorites but deserve to be mentioned combination number two green corduroy pants together with the same hiking boot

this time in a dark brown version corduroy is a wonderful fall fabric and I think they intrinsically kind of like work together with boots because boots are small and corduroys fall so they go well together in terms of color I stuck with earth tones so we got a

forest green and the dark brown another one of my favorite combinations just sticking to the earth tone color palette different with these corduroy switch art foam Club Monaco is that they’re a little bit shorter and they’re a bit slimmer throughout the length then the jeans are that I

was just wearing so these I can actually rest them on the back tab without the fabric bunching up too much and like it being in excess I still think it looks really good if you cuff them up once or even twice and the same thing applies as before

I think with these it looks really good if you go over the back top and over the laces but I told you I love boots I love shoes in general and I like showing them off so I will always opt for showing more of the boot if I

can because at the end they’re like why am I wearing boots if I’m not going to show them off all the way anyway moving on to the next silver and that is chelsea boots right now wearing our black leather chelsea which we’ve had since day one but we

brought back out also new fabrics which we’re gonna jump to in just a second when it comes to Chelsea’s I like wearing them with chinos that’s why I’m wearing a light grey pair from H&M right now these really need to see a tailor but I wanted to include

them in the video to show you guys what you can do with them right now wearing them twice cuffs and as you can see I’m cuffing them a lot smaller than I did with the first couple of pants that’s because I think it looks a little bit more

elegant sometimes and also for another reason right here I like the length of the pants after having cuffed them twice if I cuff them once more it would be too high whenever I’d move around say I’d sit down I’d walk on steps it actually would slip up above

the top of the shoe and get caught up there and like show I don’t know it’s not a look I like with chelsea boots I want the pants to always cover at the top because I don’t like the gap that it creates when you show it and if

Chelsea boots not perfectly hugging the ankle another option is of course to not cuffed them at all in this case I don’t love that look because they’re a little bit too wide the chinos need to be nice and slim to do that so the length of the Chino

itself it’s really important as well as the fit so you have a nice no break look that rests nicely on top of the Chelsea onto the second pair of Chelsea’s in dark gray suede something that we added for the dapper Boots collection I absolutely love these they’re very

very versatile because gray is it works with black brown Navy like I’m wearing right now I really really love these jeans they’re also from H&M also in the hall recently once again check it out I really I really love that halts it surprisingly with these jeans they’re significantly

slimmer than the first ones that we looked at as well so they fit and slim and especially much slimmer than the chinos that we just looked at so a couple of things I want to point out here is that if you wear them completely on cuffs even though

it bunches a little bit I think the look is really nice I chose to wear them just with one cuff because they’re nice the seam on the inside that’s not a thing that you should consider when you cuff your pants is what do they look like on the

inside are they unfinished or are they nice and nice and neat like these ones are right here so I chose to just flip them up once and that created a really nice silhouette in my opinion for this look and the last pair of Chelsea’s before we move on

to yet another silhouette dark brown leather and with this I primarily want to address color because I’m wearing black with brown right now and I know it’s a big topic within menswear can you wear black and brown is so how look at the shoe that I’m the designer

in this case I thought about that from the beginning and to me black and brown has never been a taboo if you know how to do it well so in this case we have a black wood sole that is the base for the brown leather shoe when you

wear black jeans you really just pick it up to what the designer gave you and that’s completely fine I think what I would do with this is maybe pick the brown back up with a watch or something but I have absolutely no issue with combining black and brown

especially in the fall winter season and with dark Browns like the ones that are wearing right now just quick note about the fit of the pants these are from mango man which i think is a massively underrated retailer and in America they’re even shorter than the ones that

was just wearing also a bit more snug which I personally like but if you don’t you can size up a little bit they work really well completely uncuffed because they’re also a bit shorter they’re just punching a tiny bit but I personally really like the way they look

in this case last but not least we got a dress boot in our collection and it’s a little bit more difficult to pull off because it’s a little bit more of a unique look but I really really like this boot it’s a shiny cap toe lace-up that hits

just about half an inch above the ankle nice and slow I’m wearing them with suit pants I’m not saying that none of the other boots you can also wear with suit pants but I think these are almost kind of asking for it and I like the combination with

the salt-and-pepper pants that I’m wearing from H&M right now they have a really nice length for the shoe I think these boots would have gone really well with the skinny black jeans that I was just wearing as well this makes for a really nice and dressed up look

and it’s a great way to elevate any suit because it’s the proper dress shoe but it’s got you ready for the fall winter weather it doesn’t have you making compromises between oh I’m on a dress for the weather I’m actually gonna look good in my suit and finish

it off with proper footwear and that’s already it for the video I hope you guys learned a little something just by me walking you through these different combinations if you have any more questions leave them down below there’s gonna be a lot more boots and looks and boot

inspiration on this channel as we move through fall and winter so if you’re not subscribed to this channel yet make sure to change that turn on the post notifications so you don’t miss out on any of the videos coming up and I will see you guys very soon

with the next one until then stay dapper I guess and that silhouette is [Laughter]