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hey guys today we’re talking all about the Chelsea boot hey guys welcome back to jets lounge I’m George if you guys have not hit that subscribe button yet hit that right now today we are talking all about Chelsea boots so I pulled all of my chelsea boots out of my closet and as you can see some have been worn a little bit longer than others so today we’re going to talk about the different types of chelsea boots the different styles there are and the right Chelsea boot to fit your personal style so let’s go up first I have these guys from taps these are one of my favorite pairs of Chelsea boots they fit great they have a nice low profile and you know kind of uh not quite a pointy pointy toe but add more dress you vibe to the toe so I like to do these with you know denim and a blazer still kind of casual but dress up casual and that’s kind of the beautiful thing about chelsea boots is they can dress down a dressy outfit and they can dress up a casual outfit so it kind of like does the opposite to whichever your upper half is doing these guys right here from Thursday boots are a little more on the casual side they have a thicker rubber sole so they’re gonna be good for the elements fully leather upper more rounded toe so it’s kind of a more casual vibe I don’t know if you are skin tight denim I don’t know if this is the right boot for you because it’s kind of has a little bit of weight to it a little heftier so you know if you like a more straight cut looser fit this might be the Chelsea boot for you one thing to think about when you guys are trying Chelsea boots on is make sure they are snug around your ankle if you have a little bit of movement or looseness up around the ankle it’s gonna be hard for it to stay on because there are no laces the only thing holding you in is this elastic so you need to get something that’s kind of really gonna suck your ankle in and something that I guess has some good elastic to it so when you’re trying those on pay attention to that up next have these guys from Ted Baker I just love the darker tan color these this is my first pair of dark tan and I’ve been wearing these a lot recently so these guys also have a rubber sole I did get these because they look a lot like the st.

Laurent that are like $1, 000 and I really wanted to pair those but these were about probably 1/4 of the cost so what with these guys and you know they’ve been doing the job I get tons of compliments on them these are definitely a more dressed up boot I’ve worn these with suits I’ve worn these you know with denim but these can definitely go the full dress ear out of the chelsea boots so up next these guys I think are under $100 they might be like $99 they’re from New Republic these guys are honestly great casual Chelsea boots they got the crepe sole on the bottom you feel these on with a nice pair of denim and they are gonna look like a million bucks I mean honestly I think these are 250 these are about 400 and I put these up against any of these in comfort and style they are a more casual boot I wouldn’t wear these necessarily with suits or something classier because of the thick crepe sole but as a casual boot these guys are amazing and still in the crepe sole but a dressy crepe so we have to boot New York’s Chelsea boot so this is a full leather yeah so if you wanted to address the version of the Thursday boot this would be your way to go with to boot New York they also have the point to your toe the more dressy vibe but they do have a thin crepe sole so these are super comfy super dressy look great with denim look great with a suit I just wore these with some nice trousers and a turtleneck and an over cook the other day don’t ask me why because it was still like 65 degrees here but I really want it to be fall so I’m pushing hard for it but these are amazing as well super comfy and can do the job of casual and classy at the same time so up next on the list I have these from aqua Thalia and these are made in Italy they’re amazing they do have a rubber sole on the bottom this is weatherproof suede so you can really wear these out in the elements in the fall and not be too worried about messing them up I did not treat my Taft suede boots and I should have so they got a little messed up in the elements but these are weatherproof suede and a rubber sole so you’re good for a little bit of rain a little bit of water and they’re super classy I will say that the toe is a little bit rounded for my opinion when I look down at these feel like a more casual boot to me they feel more at home on jeans than they do on a suit but anybody I think that’s looking at them from a side profile isn’t gonna notice other than you so you could still dress these guys up with a suit these are also super comfy they do have really really good elastic in here so your foot really slides in easily but then once it’s in it kind of really locks it in if you want a casual weatherproof option that you can still dress up that would be the way to go so a few tips before I go guys I do think that when you’re styling chelsea boots it really helps to have a slim pair of denim just because if you have a lot of overlap over a already kind of very slim sleek boot the pants are just going to eat up the boot so you know you don’t need to have them tailored perfectly to you know like a no break situation I think they actually look better with a little bit of kind of bunch on the bottom especially the jeans on a suit I do think you should have just a slight break it’s really easy to style up chelsea boots because they look so good on their own but just make sure your denim or your pants are slim and don’t overpower the boot because once it gets lost in there it’s just gonna look like every other boot and kind of you know disappear on your foot which you don’t want it to do so I finished up the video I hope this was helpful I hope you kind of got a taste of the different types of chelsea boots out there comment below which one you think would be right for you you know leather crepe suede crepe suede dressy suede semi-casual you know casual leather let me know in the comments below I’d love to talk about chelsea boots in general and if you have any questions for me leave me a comment down below I’ll be happy to answer it once again thank you guys so much for watching if you have not hit that subscribe button hit that right now and stay tuned for the next one guys June.