[Music] what’s going on guys it’s your boy star by nation welcome back to my channel and to today’s video what I’m gonna be showing you three ways that you can style sandals this summer but before we get started with today’s video guys I just want to ask for

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video go down below and just smash that thumbs up button and obviously hit subscribe if you knew that good that goes without fail alright so onto today’s three different fits guys I’ll try and link all the outfits down below so you can go check them out if you

wish and but regarding the sandals each outfit was styled around this pair of sandals so this pair of sandals come in at a whopping 16 quid absolute bargain and like I said I’ll link everything in the description below and B I picked these up from ASOS and true

to size at a UK 10 so each outfit today is going to be styled around this pair of sandals so without any further waffling let’s check out outfit number one [Music] no they talking about my body feeling things saving our cameras [Music] I can’t believe I’m sayin [Music]

and there we have it that what outfit number one so I’m just gonna kind of break that outfit down a little bit obviously on foot we had the black sandals from ASOS and we had a pair of black just plain black socks and they were very like Primark

socks there’s nothing special about them just a plain black pair of socks and then with the trousers and you guys have seen these before we went with the black and no wide leg trousers these are super super nice you guys know that I absolutely rate these and I

love the fit I love the light weight like flowing us of them and again I picked these up from a sauce quite a while ago now but yeah absolutely love these pair of trials it’s probably my favorite pair of trousers that I own to date so that was

what we went with with the pants and then regarding the t-shirt and I just actually had this plane off white tee from Uniqlo you guys have seen this before I thought that Uniqlo is definitely my go-to for like just basics and yeah we just picked this like off-white

I think it was actually was it my last video or the one before I can’t remember it was the it was the hundred pounds Uniqlo out for challenge anyway I picked this up then and then we layered that with this and like a boxy cropped and it’s like

an oversized but cropped at first denim jacket and this is actually from Menace and I’ve had this for ages now I’ve got a lot of wear out of this I love the fit I loved how cropped it is so yeah we layered this over the top of this

off-white Uniqlo tee and yeah I thought that was a solid solid fit great start with outfit number one let’s check out outfit number two [Music] all right and there we have a guys that was outfit number two so obviously we have the black sandals and then this time

we opted for the beige Uniqlo socks again I picked them up in the previous video the Uniqlo 100 pound challenge I’ll actually leave a link to that in the description below if you haven’t checked that out and but yeah we picked them up in the last video and

then moving on up from there we actually went with these beige thrifted shorts these probably my best find today I think I paid like three pounds for these in a charity shop it’s a facility bargain love the color you guys know that I love like tonal colors and

like earth tones and things like that I also love the fit of these shorts so in my opinion at three pound these were an absolute bargain if you guys are not thrifted if you’re not going into like charity shops and things like that you’re honestly missing out on

some absolute steals and moving on up from there apologies this shirt is actually now a little bit creased but and I put it like in the bottom my bag but moving on up from the shorts we went with this cause sure it’s like a navy blue shirt a

really dark navy blue and honestly the fit of this shirt is in saying like the drop shoulder I love everything about this year and I picked this up recently from cause and causes is beginning to be my favorite shop and at the moment like this I just love

how basically out how minimal it’s got that like Scandinavian vibe to it and literally love everything in there like I could see myself spending a hell of a lot of money in the monster coming cause and because I am completely revamping my winter wardrobe but yet this shirt

was from cause and I think this came in a 55-pound as I said before I’ll link everything in the description below yeah that was outfit number two guys now outfit number three [Music] alright guys and that was outfit number three obviously we have the black sandals from ASOS

and again we went with the beige socks from Uniqlo you can’t go wrong with Uniqlo for socks recommend anybody to go there for the socks they’ve got every single shade and so we went with the beige Uniqlo socks and then the plants we went with the blue denim

jeans which again are from Uniqlo I just realize I’ve pretty much worn my whole 100 pounds Uniqlo outfit in today’s video as well but like in different outfits beyond the pants again I’m not going to talk too much about them I picked them up from Uniqlo I’ve spoke

about them in depth in a previous video so go check out and yeah we have these blue denim jeans from unique loads a heavy Turner I think these are like 34 pound 90 and really like the fit so yeah definitely recommend these but pick them up from Uniqlo

and then moving on up from there this is a new piece that I have recently picked up this week I am in love with this sweater man oh my god the fit of this is insane I gotta be honest I was a little bit hot filming the b-roll

for this video in this because it is so thick and so I’m not gonna be busting this out too much yet in this weather but once winter comes around my god like the fit the color like everything about this quarter zip sweater and it’s in saying I picked

this up from a sauce this is from the a sauce white collection which is like and again I spoke about this in previous videos but it’s kind of like a sauces version of not high-end but the stuff is better quality and it’s quite minimal it’s quite minimal branding

and things like that I’m sure you can see the tag and that’s the a sauce white hug but yeah I got this in a size large I’m six-foot I got this in a size large and the fit perfect nice oversized fit and this was actually picked up in

this sale I can’t remember how much this should have been made got fifty quid and wrap it this up I think there’s like 23 pounds and again I’ll link it in the description below if it hasn’t already sold I’ll be only had a few sizes left we get

a sauce white quarter zip beige and beige sweater unreal unreal unreal quality and that’s one of my favorite pickups today over the past like month or so by far and there we have a guy those were three ways that I personally like to style sandals let me know

in the comment section below which out of the three different fits with your favorite and yeah like I said I’ll try and link as much as I can in the description below if there’s anything that you want to pick out also in the comment section below let me

know what kind of future videos you want to see come see any more hair videos any more trip to the thrift videos anymore how to Styles like a plan on doing quite a lot of these how to style so whatever kind of like item would you like me

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