welcome back to another video so today I have a pretty huge ASOS haul I have some shirts sweatshirts jackets coats pants boots I have quite a few items let me try them all on [Music] now before I get into this I know I haven’t posted in a few

weeks probably almost a month no excuses trust me I get it only thing I can tell you always I got some things I’m working on and with this cold weather that we’ve been having so as a lot of you probably already know I’m in Ohio in our winters

can get really brutal sometimes and this one in particular it’s probably one of the worst that we’ve had in a while I’m talking blizzards below zero temperatures it’s it’s been really bad so that alpha industries coat that just stopped me by in the last couple videos has been

coming in pretty handy and I know you want me to post more but trust me I’m working on it so for starters the first thing we have here is gonna be this kind of pinkish salmon-like color t-shirt from menace now when I saw this the first thing that

jumped out at me of course was the color this soft pink salmon rose color has been trending for quite a while and I love the versatility of a lot of different things you can wear it with whether it’s for black denim whether it’s with you know khaki whatever

the case may be this is something you pull up with quite a few different things it has Menace and script right across the front chest drop shoulders short sleeves a split hem and one of the things I like quite a bit is that it has this back seam

stitch right down the middle this particular shirt is in an oversize fit so I went down a size usually I wear a size large so I went down to a size medium because I knew I didn’t want it you know super baggy in tone to me like I’m

wearing a dress it’s not my style but the way it actually fits on me it’s what I like and how I like I’m shirts like this to fit it still gives you that nice flowy feel breezy without being too you know long or wide it’s this really nice

fit I wasn’t really familiar with too much of the brand Minnis from what I’ve seen they make some decent stuff so I might check them out in the future so next up we have this gray sweatshirt from ASOS all of it’s from ASOS but it’s was this one

is branded by so I got it a size large somewhat true sighs it’s not the really special or spectacular about it there’s almost a light heather gray material and one thing I like about this one is that it’s really nice and lightweight it’s not too heavy so it’s

something that you can layer with without it being too bulky it features our straight hem you know sometimes with these sweatshirts and these crew necks the hem is a little tighter than the rest of it but this one is flowy so you can wear something else under it

like I mentioned and it looked very seamless I think the shoulders also fit very well and probably the biggest thing I love about this which was the thing I was most hesitant about before our body was the neck sometimes in sweatshirts and crew necks the next get it

a little baggy and saggy and loose and that’s just a really bad look well at this one if it’s right up at the neck which of course it’s how you want it to fit all in all this one is a really nice sweatshirt I’m probably going to look

to buy some more colors of these very affordable so if you want some nice affordable sweatshirts make sure you check out ASOS before I go any further I want to make sure I don’t forget to talk about these jeans that I picked up these are the skinny stretch

jeans by new look I’ve talked about these plenty of times these were the jeans I featured in the best affordable denim video I did so if you haven’t seen that go ahead and check that out I find that these are some of the best fitting jeans as I

mentioned before also for an affordable price now I do have these jeans already in black but those had distressed on a knees and then I decided to destroy them some more so these are pretty much the same exact jeans same color same brand the only thing that these

don’t have is the ribs and the reason why I decided to get these is because I kept wanting to wear my jeans with the rib sent him and it’s too cold for that but I love the way they fit I love the way he felt but I just

I can’t word in this time of year so I decided to just get the same exact things without thrips all right moving along so the next thing I have is going to be this burgundy turtleneck now this one is by the brand River Island I picked this one

up in a size large and you’re gonna notice with the rest of these items that burgundy in maroon was and has been a very big staple in my wardrobe this winter so turtlenecks are something I’ve worn when I was little but as I you know growin up through

my teenage years I didn’t really wear them that much and you know as a young adult I still haven’t really worn them but as I get older and I’m dressing more casual I find that they do have a place in my wardrobe so lately I’ve been buying various

colors and brands and styles just to try to incorporate those and have a more grown-up feel and have a more grown-up feel and aesthetic to my look at certain times now what I like about this one is mainly the material is extremely light soft and breathable and not

to mention that it also feels really good on my body not they’re really fancy about it it has a ribbed neck so many nice dish details across the shoulders but as they’re pretty much about it burgundy to her neck from River Island oh and I don’t know if

I said but this one is a size large so next up we have another turtleneck and this one’s going to be in black now this one is by the brand new look so it’s the same brand that I got in my jeans with this point it’s gonna be

much thicker than the last one I showed you and not as stretchy which isn’t a bad thing but I find that this is a little bit harder to layer over because of the thickness but of course when it’s really cold outside and you want to be warm you

want to wear something like this opposed to the last one but if I had to give quality points to either or it would probably be the river island turtleneck over this one not actually a bad thing just it felt better and by the way all the looks that

I’m wearing I’m wearing those same black new look jeans this one was a black turtleneck by new look size large I know I know it’s ugly it looks like somebody’s grandma picnic cloth or something I’m like an old old old ugly plaid chair it’s ugly but that’s the

beauty of it so this blazer is something that you can wear and have it stand out whether it’s gonna be all black with a nice cognac Brown shoe all white whether it’s cream base but like whatever the case may be this is used to break up a rather

boring outfit to give it a bit of pop in contrast so as I mentioned to you when I showed you the river island turtleneck I had been really into the Burgundy’s and when I saw this I was like it’s ugly but I like it so I decided to

just buy it and as you can see the still on it because I wasn’t sure if I was gonna keep it or not but after putting it on and I decided to put it on with that black turtleneck I really like the way it looks so for sizing

wise with this one I got this one and a 40-long and this is a super skinny fit and I like it because it gives you that really tapered waist and kind of flares out again around your hips I think that’s a really nice look when it comes to

Blazers just that super well fitted tailor look is mainly look you really want to go for when you’re you know whether it’s dressing up or even dressing down really as you can see for the plaid hits you have the burgundy of course a light grey stripes dark grey

and a little teeny tiny stripe of orange it stands out in the midst of the rather dark colors not too much to really say about it besides the obvious monstrosity of a situation that this blazer is but it does have a left chest pocket two front pockets single

button back slit vent right down the middle which I haven’t opened up yet because again I want to sure if I was going to keep it but I will keep it that’s this very hideous blazer that I kind of dig now this next one is another jacket and

I’m gonna be honest it’s not really my style I saw it I had it to my safe a letter lists on ASOS and I kept going back and watching and watching and I was like I you know what I just want to I just want to see if

it looks good on me in theory like it wasn’t a bad idea it’s just not really my style this collar stuff is just too much for me I really can’t get jiggy with that and I just thought it was it’d be a nice you know faux leather jacket

to have but I don’t know so I’m I’m probably gonna be no I I’m gonna be returning this as you can see like it doesn’t look bad it fits nice is just not really my style I find that it looks a little bit better zipped up I do

think the fur or whatever it is fuzzy stuff in is in here it’s really soft and feels good it’s just too flamboyant I think this is by the brand new look I picked it up in a size large but it’s just not really my style so the next

item I have and part of wait actually love this thing this one is gonna be a burgundy overcoat and this is by River Island so as I mentioned not too long ago overcoats I’ve been digging a whole lot especially this season and when Jordan brands send me those

Bordeaux fives the burgundy in a maroon like cake just kind of went off in me so did buy any like Birgit name a room that for right but that’s what inspired me to really gravitate more towards this not to say I would just wear them together although I

could but just that overall dark wine color it’s been really attracting me lately it’s not much to really say about this it’s seen a really nice some kind of wall blend um as an outer shell nice may be polyester lining I’m not entirely sure size medium because of

these coach Choi’s really want to size down but yeah it’s just a really nice burgundy overcoat and following the overcoat trend this last coat is going to be another overcoat and light gray by the same exact brand as the last one River Island now this one is is

messy the wool is so just like I don’t know icky if it was reversed I who wouldn’t be able to wear this but of course it’s on the outside so it’s not bad the only thing is if it if you have something that just easily shed on it

would probably do that but other than that it’s extremely premium quality I don’t know if it’s 100% wool it kind of feels like it is but the inner mix of the light and dark Gray’s within it to me is this extremely dope it looks good it fits good

one of the things I thought was interesting is that most coats have you know buttons on the sleeves this one doesn’t which I thought was kind of cool size medium definitely a very dope overcoat and lastly I have a pair of chelsea boots and either buy the brand

walk London on ASOS now I’ve never heard of the brand walk London and the only reason why I decided to buy these is because of the color I didn’t have a pair of boots in this somewhat news in color now the boots and I really want plan to

get or the common projects in this color I didn’t really want to spend that kind of money right now so I decided to just go with these and just just take a chance now a still has pre returned so if I wasn’t gonna like them I just wanted

to send them back and get my money back but the thing that surprised me most about these was the quality because I was really intending on getting these and then probably sending them back because the pictures really didn’t do them justice these things actually fit great for it

I think I paint what 70 bucks for these I mean first of all the box the box just the bots that maze me because the boxes that look like wrapping paper that’s how kind of dope and cool that the box is the overall quality for boots that are

70 bucks not by any means you know a boo that’s a couple hundred bucks versus seventy bucks you can tell the difference in quality however my black a sells boots which I paid like 60 bucks 60 something and these paint 70 it’s not that big of a price

difference this quality is better than my ASOS Chelsey’s whoever the brand walk London is I think they’d exclusively sell on ASOS I’m not entirely sure I just couldn’t find nowhere else to buy them for the price point the quality is better than what you expect what you’re spending

and that to me is a win a couple of things about these boots they have a CREP sole which I do like I didn’t have any boots like that they’re extremely soft to walk on which equals comfort elastic side pilling which you expect from all Chelsea’s back Paul

tap and a really nice round toe I think boots like this once you wear them they automatically give you a very nice silhouette or a foot that’s what I like about these which is the reason why I decided to keep them for what you’re spending you really can’t

go wrong I don’t know if these are still available of course all links for everything that I shown are gonna be down below in the description if something isn’t available I’m gonna put something that’s very similar and if you’re looking for Chelsea bows that are affordable let’s check

out walk London you might be surprised too alright guys that does it for my ASOS haul Tryon video again links to all items are gonna be down below let me know what you think about these items down below in the comments if you thought they were dope not

dope whatever the case may be also let me know what you guys are doing wearing this what kind of things you’ve been buying if you’re not subscribed make sure you do so even though I’ve been posted lately lots of videos on the way and make sure you hit

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