I don’t know where to start reselling sneakers

every sneaker reseller including I have faced this problem where there’s so many sneakers releasing within the 924 hours with the next couple days within the next week the next month and you start to become overwhelmed because you don’t know what sneaker you want to put your time into

and then it leaves you up to this question which sneaker should I start off reselling this month next week well here’s the answer it’s not about which sneaker you can start selling it’s what things you must have in order to start reselling because in reality you can start

recently anytime any day whether its buying that shoe that’s 50% off at when the Nike factory stores and reselling out of stock eggs for $40 more that’s litter that’s reselling it doesn’t have to mean buying the off-white Kanye was zebra dunks and trying to someone stock eggs you

can’t just be going for the high prices slow and steady wins the race and for this video I broke her down to three things and what you need when it comes to saying to yourself well what sneaker should I start off with this is what I got for

you first thing first it’s faint updated now if you haven’t heard about this cord we said a million times and I’m gonna say it today get a million and one of wait million in once a million in one hour discord if you have heard about the community it’s

a group it’s a family where we all talk about sneakers and those channels are to provide you the three w’s it’s which which and when I think I got that right not the who what when where why I know you were to the edge of my 3w in

our days court we answer your questions when it comes to sneakers like which sneakers are the best to go for it what sizes are the best to go for as well and what to do when it comes to getting the sneaker of 10 even your hands is it

up more profitable for you to hold it or sell it we answer all those every single week when it comes to new and hype releases and that’s one of the best things of our disk or group it just helps you save a bunch of time because time equals

money as well there’s other alternative websites like sneaker sis which is a sponsor of this video that updates their website hourly for sneakers are released throughout the week so literally there’s not a sneaker you will miss on that website and on top of that stalk X also provides

a release calendar where you can see what sneakers are gonna be releasing from you know the beginning of this day to the end of the month but just saying you’ll find more value nor discourage it because you know we provide the 3 WS you know I mean the

secondly I’m gonna say I know it may sound like common sense but for some people it’s not common sense even though I don’t think common sense it’s having capital to look now you know that sneakers are releasing every week or every day or every month now the most

important thing is having capital now I’m gonna bring this up no easy boost cost two hundred and twenty dollars one said I get let me grab something almost say it again for the ladies in the back no easy boost cost two hundred and twenty dollars remember there is

sales tax depending where you’re getting from of it since or Orbitz online shipping and sales tax depend on where you live you’re literally paying close to two hundred and fifty dollars keep that in mind and just saving up two hundred twenty dollars will not work out for you

because keep in mind if you have to pay for shipping if you’re selling outside of stock extra go just know that’s another twenty two maybe in fifteen dollars and if you don’t have that money then you can’t make this sell so having capital is one thing I stress

out I mean there’s even people in our live streams with like bro I don’t have any money but I try to go ahead and cop this shoe what I don’t know how to make sense place happen I’d say having even fifty two dollars over the retail that sneaker

just ready for you to use is better than being sorry it’s more safe than sorry to have more money so now you knowing what sneakers are releasing knowing that you have to be more than ready over-prepared above and beyond spectacular greatness coronavirus months lasting is staying consistent now

coming from someone who has been reselling with Jose since the eighth grade I have not hit every single pair of wanted yes I hate grills I hate hey you know cool sneakers drop these last couple of years but I have not been able to you know do www

specially with the girls LLL half a W lol and when I say staying consistent that means joining every instil raffle whether it’s through the foot apps you know Foot Locker chance for eights Bay or other retailers so just shoe palace and whatever that’s around your block corner Street

Avenue even join every online raffle that you can and one of the cool things like I said about this cord we also have a online raffle channel where it literally spits out raffles and I’ll show you here you know some of the past where Apple has happened throughout

this month and it literally just spits out Ling you know it’s worldwide shipping living ov is just an in-store Instagram only and that’s one of the things I really emphasize that our discord saves you time so let me know if this little quick tip video helped you out

because I’ve been blue I’ve been getting this same message every single time as a livestream Instagram social media of my personal Instagram social media my email I mean I don’t even know how you guys find me through my email but yes I’m getting questions through there too so

that’s the most easiest way I can explain it from a reseller to another potential reseller so if you guys have any other questions that pertains to sneaker reselling or anything that involves secret not my personal life I have $2 comment down below and I’ll be reading every single

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