Lawrence Taylor Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

[Music] hey was on e cameras coming from [Music] what’s up re-body it’s Joe from complex we’re in Miami a kit with NFL Hall of Famer the legend Lawrence Taylor hey me I can wear flip-flops they can play okay gonna do some sneaker shopping tonight gonna see what he’s

feeling what he’s not and then hopefully he’s gonna buy this unbelievable this must be Hugh world my god tamati no call him stinky feets up there [Music] LT I want to talk about 1991 Super Bowl Garry reasons number 55 next to your locker number 56 okay you’re headed

to the Pro Bowl he takes your cleats they were Nike and you go I don’t need these the PO Bowl is on turf Garry reasons auctioned off those for 11 grand Gary’s he’s a decent character okay he’s the funny guy I’m not really into all that type of

stuff all I want to do is get the job done that’s all I want to do and they listen but if the head Chuck tails Chuck Taylor cleats we work least on out okay I would have been there another thing that you were doing you were taping the

Nike logo because you didn’t have a Footwear deal yes was it because of that you know I had a deal earlier and then the deal was off and so I taped up everything the locusts hey you know a great logo a great shoe company but listen hey at

the end of Dave ain’t painful you ain’t working but I’ve always been a converse type of person until like no till I got older I became a calm first type of person but Chuck Taylors Chuck come on man God whoa thank you what do I have to say

Chuck Taylor [Music] LT you play hundreds of rounds of golf out guys some pretty famous foursomes who have you played with recently that you could tell us like Michael Jordan we play a lot yes we pay Oh a lot of golf this time she beat me wait I

read the waivers all this time I beat him yeah but I heard that you used to beat him all the time there’s no such thing it’s all the time okay maybe more than one way another way okay but it got to a point man I don’t want money

okay I want his shoes his shoes so wait you again you were playing we’re playing please shoot and that’s it and he will show send me boxes and boxes and boxes of shoes the other thing Jordan is doing now is golf spikes have you seen the Jordan one

golf spikes would you ever wear him Jordan has the golf course he just opened up in Palm Beach okay all right and he has those shoes and his palm beach club and I tell you what my friend of Mines riding me he bought a pair of those and

I’m tell you what he has not complained would you wear them I know that you are subtle like now I don’t know those are those is not that my type hey I want something that’s listen when I go in the water you know I want no problems okay

no but those not my type but a is he competitive are you guys still you guys are both super competitive very competitive he’s the producer of a great product yes and I think that product does help you when you’re playing golf it doesn’t know okay but it isn’t

me I can wear flip-flops they can play okay okay right years what so you do he does hook you up though he sends you boxes of stuff yeah he’s amazing guy we went to school together well hey all I have to do is ask and two days later

there’s a box and even when in the height of your career were you ever like you were a stylish guy you were wearing leather jackets and and then reality hit I like my shoes to be that’s it honey okay clean okay clean got it nowadays when you watching

these shows and stuff these sports shows guys got a suit on with the deck on pair of tennis shoes do you like that love bit it’s three right man let me tell you something I got married in a tuxedo of Alicia’s all the time woof it was really

really cute okay hey that’s it and a pair of fours one really that’s what I do and now it’s acceptable Hey look sharp LT we’re kind of in your section you know you said the Chuck Taylors hey man whoa wait wait you recognize where you get these Carolinas

look at bringing you back knowledge this is a matter what I’m moving the basketball team wearing these bad boys yeah I mean so many great players came to universe not Carolina where Andy’s pro level yeah Wow it brings me back but this is that’s a small foot don’t

you know I don’t know who’s playing hood that small yeah maybe a point guard a giant that just retired he had a seven handicap Eli Manning do you think in retirement maybe you guys play ball it Eli man had a seven handed bat that’s bullshit okay I’m sorry

have you ever played with him I have never played with them Melissa hey I find it hard to believe seven handicap had that if I find that hard okay that Gumby don’t get me wrong here will be at some point in the Hall of Fame but great career

but maybe he comes to South Florida would you ever play around with it absolutely I’m a giant fan I’m a X player and all that stuff the other thing that I love LT had the dangling earring you know say Kwan I know del wear them now I you

started it stopped wearing the earring why when I gave up drugs okay was it like a significant thing you’re leaving that behind I left it all behind but super bowl this Sunday I’m bringing back out the array the downlevel bring me a bag of and angle a and

angle of is it but you know sake wanna know don’t they wear the cross but it’s like the dangling it was a sin that earring Greg great players us number twos number two that’s what we do love it okay you’re doing the charity for life the golf charity

what’s it like to be involved with those kids we have golf tournaments we with throw events we do a lot of different things and I am so pleased to be involved yeah with them simply because not my life has not been a real it’s been okay they’re free

that’s awesome you know you talk about the Super Bowl yes you can talk about the playoff games you can talk about the Hall of Fame you talk about why different things the most enjoyable thing I have did is with 4life love that now is the shopping part you

brought some kids from for life to share with you I tell them that Terry down let’s do it I wishes them didn’t for today many CDG sure that they kept it try get the sixes six is I gotta say someone else with a man what before which think

about today but all right Electra threes I am raised and the forces analyst I for sure they do that hey darlin what’s this listen tell me 1075 dollars and 35 cents got kidding me okay and you know what it’s all about the kids Oh chips okay here we

go got it it’s a whole lot of boxes enjoy Santa then came again [Music] so LT came through told some great stories thanks so much it’s been an honor it’s all about the kids hopefully you guys will enjoy the shoes and the history of the shoe yes the

way I have all my life make sure you check out the Lawrence Taylor Family Foundation and for life thanks again guys [Music]