MARKO Goes Shopping For Sneakers With CoolKicks

we’re back here another episode of a good friend of mine Marco in the building what’s your favorite pair of shoes awareness we have nearly every shoe in here what’s look what’s the one of your favorite sneakers yeah get the woman’s and shoes and I saw the woman’s out

there be grateful all these three so make the shot for my dad let you have these trousers giving away these we teamed Oh Marco all you got to do is subscribe to cool face probably his channel and comment your size so you can customize it and we’ll shit

out we’re back here another episode of a good friend of mine Marco in the building today we’re gonna go shopping for sneakers a cool kicks let’s go browse around let’s go so Marco how long have you been doing YouTube for I’ve been doing YouTube like a leap one

year and then I’ve seen a lot of videos that you’ve been customizing stuff for youtubers how long have you been customizing sneakers for like two years two years yeah start in high school okay you’re 1870 you know Sam is starting at 15 yeah is there any board’s advice

for everyone the outfit is trying to get active on social media and YouTube I know you’ve gained tons of popularity formula and subscribers in a year is there any words of advice you would have for anyone out there my advice to do what you like not what you

don’t like there you go analyze that but um so Marco what’s your favorite pair of shoes awareness we have nearly every show near what’s look with someone of your favorite sneakers yeah he’s like me I don’t wear speakers ever I’m honestly always wearing slippers it’s not Air Force

One Air Force one it’s the simple all white one is all I don’t know all white one so you know me how do you feel about these I like this yeah goes yeah and if I were to ask you how many prayers sneakers do you have a new

collection how many would you say maybe like 50 oh really yeah are they typically all custom already out or like it’s just all different colors Air Force One oh really yeah we might have to get a cool case collab with him yeah no custom collab all right let’s

go browse for 60 cos what size shoe do you wear well twelve do you like Nikes adidas Jordans off white Nikes yeah any particular one Jordan once you said you wear what ten and a half oh whoa roley’s this is yeah yeah that’s Barbara Graham boom but to

my eyes for five years yeah that’s good so size twelve jour diseases just came out I like these because they made him a woman sizing yeah why do you what do you think about the color skin I like these ones better look these ones the other pounds leather

is amazing yeah he’s a size twelve this is a shiny this is a size 12 you like these I did gonna go with these two yes yeah what do you feel how do you feel about these these are kind of growing on me now looks like trash bags

so I was thinking what I’m going to speaking the traffic let me show you another trash bag like a shoe do you know what these are okay do you know if these are no easy easy okay what do you feel would be would you cop would you wear

these it’s like but this is what it looks like a trash bag like I don’t know what this is I don’t know what he was thinking I don’t get it and it’s still selling behind 100 for one in himself these aren’t free I wish I just should be

free I don’t like them these are the other new Yeezy these just came out to the ezpz look dope I like this these have been something crazy these are what 350 year yeah that’s well see hey Robbie we got a size probably easy earth alright so we looked

at some of the Jordan ones and we have tons of a variety right here like these just came out to Jordan smile off boy oh I love the do you have any pair of Jordan fives no no pair of Jordans fudge I mean Jordan you don’t know oh

you try to buy your first pair of drawers today then and these are pretty popular I know you said airforces these are the collab with plot I like these and then these are the collab with a Chinatown market I like those there’s a custom one yes very much

reinforces the up temples yeah there’s the female voices put some free forces then they have there’s a most Supreme Court do we have a the Supreme forces and we have the eyes yeah these are that I don’t have you seen these forces these are the forces from the

New York collab but what the New York’s and the other what the LA so they call other repair are the left pairs like different colors so on up you like those or not yeah give it 12 and 12 the every PI over 12 just put a beautiful how

do you like what you feel mother Travis Scott collab right now like once you see now you see couple with you collabs yeah yeah he’s killing it right now literally oh yeah you know what’s making a comeback I don’t know if you own any pair of sb dunks

you don’t want anything like you done you don’t like those ones yeah these yeah Virgil off white it’s the all fight clubs they made these they made the green ones they made the right ones I love these come out with 12 in these are know if you like

any of these colors oh yeah these ones these are the supreme um for some a wife and a half yeah yeah what about full pods I’m 100% sure you all know where I’m from on the East Coast this is a very popular I don’t think I’ve ever get

to add that to my collection never look I wants to go for 800 just cuz these are limited BIGBANG’s I go for laughs these are pretty popular to the skeleton forces yeah let’s do like a little Halloween themed horse does not feel like I’m making their comeback yeah

yeah I do what has horses let me show you our SP well we have tons of tons of s B’s and have to act show you our stock rooms of all the crazy stuff nearly these have enough room over the the top of their visit classics all these

literally we have like the most variety of as deep dump enough services Carly wore it Travis me to here yeah as the value of s baton to the resellers gone crazy that’s how the users yeah both new and used uh people tend to actually like use because they

like a beat up as a skater shoot so people like those more Jordan border ones over here this is our pre old wall that size majority new this is for all the females out there this is a small base side of second emotions now we’ve got a couple

blends out there yeah that colorway this one off these three one to another red one yeah yeah sure do a twirl nice feel like these you know you ready any partners yeah sure I like I like those they look like bands but like their coffee at home yeah

let’s go clear sighs it’s nice eyes form a toaster then for this glass case right here there’s do a trivial foot how much do you think this is this one glass case worth if you were to give a rub as today this whole glass gives all these shoes

in this last case a bra festive huh calculating his numbers as we speak 24,000 not even close okay well put it closer those six figures [Music] oh these right here roughly 2,000 each right okay this is these right here over four five thousand each oh there’s not hair

that’s all right those are all right shoes oh yeah is right shoot worth a shoe itself right here these all were like a couple hundred made there there are basal those are close seven eight thousand there were only two three hundred pairs in America so there’s some exclusive

super super exclusive repairs in there there’s a water rinse oh you never see this before so there’s no there’s a jeweler that called named melodious Bonnie she does it a collab with Jordan there’s never be late this was her Club Wow no break yeah how do you spend

time kind of far I don’t think it works this is there anything you like in this box kids that you wanna bump Air Force you might as well get the ones I got if we can match the might as well right what size 12 yeah tops boat I

got he’s for soccer what are these words oh it’s a hiking shoe but I mean that’s your size to size 14 doesn’t even have these look so good fresh it’s nothing but why should it be yeah blows all right size for fish well then you have every shoe

ever made you have a oh I know you’re gonna get which one well how does it say water spoons yeah we should have it those are crazy I know you’ll like these I’m not gonna like this ready I know you lie I’m not going to forces right that

close my other sites both how much of these for like four or five hundred yeah there’s a fire the the right shoes on display though the fire everything else we got yeah that’s actually so did you do did you pick out any really Jordans yeah oh you think

the Jordan ones out all right this is one parrot other ones yeah I miss it I miss did you think I had s be duck yeah these are the ray guns these just came out reach down if you like these they came out in this colorway and this

came out on the black color what do you think it pass those are cool he liked these oh man so much going on wait so the one that you liked we have a black version of those as well black rare for us I can’t wear a black well

you can’t worry about your voices what else we got in here Oh what is this this is Air Force hey you like those no it’s ugly to me yeah and I keep your watching this give my boy collab yeah we need a Nike Air Force appreciate their let

me see man there’s got to be something that you will really really like yeah what’s your favorite colors or color scheme Oh matter of fact what you asked for the Lewis book we do have a twelve in those look at that you don’t have these right no this

is better shoe I’ve always wanted that’s 12 they look good I love those okay I think I need these shoes you guys already uh well like 70 parents believe that bang I’m a shoe customizer I have to have you’re right yeah you’re right I might need to get

it with all white shoe oh wait I’m gonna do some video about oh wait what do you think oh oh he’s a very very public the top three Jordan please very very popular do you have these um kids yeah I can show you some kids house yeah I

think he’s done shopping for himself he’s already cashed out enough yeah get the woman’s and shoes and I saw the woman’s up there be grateful what size four-and-a-half youth tiny tiny lady friend let’s see what we have enough for and I have I got a four of these

right it’s your small the Travis’s some dunks this might be small right Concord ESPYs four and a half is what a six and boys everybody had this and a for now yeah that’ll be good those we good yeah I know I’m wonder we had a lot of fours

sky Jackson has came recently we just did a video with her size she bought a lot of those stuff let’s just go this is a five you know one size fits right before pipefitter yeah probably yeah all right all these shoes we have tons of other stuff that’s

not on display like Kobe’s we took all our Kobe’s outcomes yeah Singh yeah where we have tons all you got to see that a Jordan 17 that released a while ago yeah you got to see this show cancel the CD Browns yeah of course okay wow it’s crazy

details it’s like a car right looks like your car suppose shit they’re actually my other bodies no not you do you think this really matters on my car those are crazy oh boy Jordan one yeah these are fire favorite shoes I’ll fight you everything off my shoes I

do not thank you bitch we’re gonna end today words like you’re the short ones woman’s dead woman Ted yeah so woman’s 10 would be at a and a half yeah uh-huh so a1 as Jordan one or like airmax an aromatics of a Miss it dunks these are fair

good so there’s a lot of stuff in the boat that’s not on display Holloman oh this is oh wow this is the one that’s the one that’s the one one this is the one because I would get this from my girl too I only meant to be all

right here I just get it it’s crazy how do you feel about Melrose you heard if I’m all Rossum yeah filming from a lot of that social media people a lot of funny like cool people yeah there’s no one person can we open this story in 2016 it

wasn’t that busy and then it started picking up recently a lot of the first ones in Virginia were from Virginia oh so right outside Washington DC that one’s been open since 2014 I mean we open this in 2016 let me have another shot two blocks or it’s clothing

will Supreme eBay all the white so he’ll compete it the cool buy cool kicks huh yeah so let’s see his pickups right now so he’s got a pair of Sean’s for his lady friend so you don’t want to go in he’s right nada little bit up paso de

knees sorry is 12 chinatown market got a pair of MCAS all right you never go wrong with these three pairs of revenge’s I can customize them where you can wear them I know what the LA’s shiny and we have a pair of Travis’s what do you think a

rough estimate this is right now one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven pairs of shoes how much you think that subtotal that fifty bucks okay you were to do a rough estimate over 5,000 under 5,000 over probably over please yeah yeah that’s like closer

to itself yeah all right let’s do it a little too quick challenging you know we love doing challenges with something there’s a basketball right there if he makes this jump shot what’s your favorite shoe out from here Oh me yeah so make the shot for my dad let

you have these trousers what if a guy literally just got these for free I think I’ll make that well as we’ll get our money off for this guys pick pick notes on the wrist the wrist let’s see what the damage is looking like I’m thinking well the Travis

is a free so I’m thinking it’s probably close to 4500 was it no way oh my god guess the price King get a king I’m the King against the price my back a little bit off you how much you just say 25 or 50 yards on five he

was off by four thousand five hundred and forty yards are you paying a park [Music] there’s a receipt this out as a custom custom duct tape wallet duct tape yep no way yeah okay look at that no gimmicks over here enjoy my guy how about me cool let’s

go huh anybody’s cool and your mom’s gonna be cool any lady friend will be cool appreciate everyone out there for supporting us make sure to follow up Marco we got a huge giveaway artifact yeah let’s do a giveaway actually just grab a tissue from here we’ll give it

one lucky subscriber out there first of all what should you pink cuz I have a having two supreme undefeated it’s not if it is I mean supreme these are undefeated air maxes don’t do these yeah I can do this you can kill these yeah we’re giving away these

we teamed Oh Marco all you got to do is subscribe to cool case subscribe to his channel and comment your size so you can customize it and we’ll shit out appreciate John thank you for kicking it with the cool we out [Music]