My $100,000 Sneaker Collection!

[Thời Trang Nam] what’s going on guys – boy blinks back here with another video today I’m gonna be revealing my 20/20 sneaker collection basically let me run down what happened so we had an amp problem we basically had to have this room like fully like exterminated of ants they

came in here and sprayed a bunch of stuff so everything in this room all these boxes and shoes were temporarily moved out for about a month there was nothing in here and during that time frame I did buy a lot of new shoes just because all the shoes

have been moved and I didn’t really like take any out before we put it in storage I don’t know why but I just happened to buy a lot of shoes during that time so there are a lot of new shoes I did just set up a new layout

and I did kind of put this here too so I think looks pretty cool this is a very cool – slate I guess of my bare bricks I have the rose gold undefeated Mickey the original blue big sharp on this new Mickey 1 Mickey babe collab and then

these two just like full camo ABC camo one and then I have the Hershel that they give to me and then the Babel and that I picked up that was my first one that I ever got so that’s basically this side of the room very minimalistic it looks

great not too much going on then we have these two Murakami pillows they’re not usually on the ground right here this is the current giveaway that I’m doing if you guys didn’t know about it already this bandana box will go hoodie to size large brand new you guys

can win it all you have to do is the steps on the screen and the stuffs will be in the description down below basically subscribe to my youtube channel follow me on Instagram and then go comment on that Instagram post that’s been on my Instagram for a little

bit now I’m gonna be picking a winner from that post so make sure you guys go comment on that anyway so let’s get into this video alright so I got this little stepstool ladder right here and I’m just gonna be showing you guys each because I have a

lot of shoes and that’s not seen well start all the way at the top I’ve really gotten into airforces lately and babe those are very very similar and they’re kind of like identical to air forces but they have like the shooting star on the side these are a

triple white all white pair is it pretty dope got these for retail they do resale now surprisingly and then I do have two pairs of these organ ones of a brand new pair than a pair of warlike once super clean and then these are really really cool so

these are a ghostbusters babe stuff basically this is when they had the collab it was like for the 20th the 50th anniversary we have that on the back it’s pretty cool one of my dad’s talked her friends actually saw these at an auction like a silent auction for

like doctors I got a hospital I think and he texted a pic to my dad he’s like what are these it look pretty cool and then my dad was like oh can you grab those for Blake got them for me these are really really cool day very rare

have not one of them yet don’t know when I will but has to be for a special occasion these next ones I thought I had another pair of these I thought I doubled up I’m like pretty sure I did but maybe they’re in storage these are one of

the most popular colors that came out recently they came out with these pink ones which I’ll show you in these green ones and these sold on stock X they have been selling on stock X for like five six hundred bucks again I got them for retail which was

like three hundred these pink ones I kind of just wanted to complete the set they came out with three I don’t know if I’d ever really wear these but maybe just with like some cargo pants and a black hoodie they they’re kind of cool they pop next schooch

I really like these skeleton Air Force Ones brand-new pairs I need to get another pair of these to beat I want to keep these both brand new because I believe that they’re gonna go up in price he’s already kind of did pair these full-on stockings for like 600

if you look like a size 10 so I kept these dead sog and I managed to find the use which I managed to do and now I’m just beating this pair because they’re pretty cool I really like them CDG Air Force Ones these are very very rare I

do need another parodies just because I feel horrible for like destroying this pair but they’re so cool I really really like them one of my favorite air forces I have for sure the new Travis Scott I put these laces in it I don’t know if you guys have

seen now I’m a lot of pairs but I think it looks a lot better I took that weird like lace cover thing off it kind of covers the whole shoe and it doesn’t make it look better she was already very weird so MCAS you guys have seen these

I have brand new pairs of these I have a couple pairs are now a couple brand new pairs just like sitting in boxes I don’t think they’re gonna ever go up like more than they’re going for but I think we’re really cool to have and then a couple

of simple air forces these snakeskin ones I think they really don’t just like be the very unique look cool so I have those then I have a couple other like simple simple air forces supreme and BA air forces and then like patch air forces I have like a

bunch of other dump air forces which is why I’m gonna skip those and jeez alright we’ll start here so I recently did just get these Bilan Air Force Ones these are ridiculous every living creature dies alone it’s kind of like spelled out these are really crazy very limited

super rare you don’t see a lot of pairs of these now and the only like ones that I have seen are like brand new pairs for like five six thousand or a couple like super big sizes for 3,000 I did pay like low 2004 these just because no

box but I think they’re very very cool the colors are very unique there’s no other Air Force like them and they even have the ballon embroidered on the back the letters like one of the best lawyers I’ve ever seen on an Air Force two I want to discuss

and show you guys the best sneaker cleaner in the game I’m talking about rejuvenator right so basically this is almost every product that they have to offer souvenir and it’s the best sneaker cleaning company in the game it is what I use to clean all my shoes I

wear some of these shoes a lot and they get dirty right you can clean it with soap and water and all that stuff but there’s a chance that you guys could actually ruin your own shoes by not doing it properly so that’s why I recommend that you guys

get rejuvenator you guys can either scrub and clean your shoes which is like the easiest thing to do on the go quick and then you’re done you guys can go onto their site which I’ll put in the link down below you guys can use my code and link

to get money off but there’s a everything on there that you guys can get it’s like the sneaker laundry detergent package you guys put your shoes like you prep them put them in this little bag then you can throw it in the laundry machine which is pretty cool

thanks very very cool then a couple other things Chioda riser you guys buy a used pair of shoes who’s trying to save money that’s what I do smell smells fresh it’s a lot better just like that so that’s another cool Prada head they offer right this is an

eraser suede eraser you get a little mark on your shoe you can erase it with the suede that’s really cool and then these are just brushes then of course sneaker wipes Longy back this is what you put your shoe in and it’ll come with this detergent and like

to put it in and all that good stuff so you guys can keep your shoes clean and fresh and not have to worry about ruining them when you’re trying to clean them yourself a couple other airforces cold wall airforce Rockefeller Air Force Ones use a brand new super

dope simple plane air forces you always need a pair G air forces with the little dinosaur I don’t know if you guys have seen these very very interesting but I think the colder unique and then a very very cool shoe that I did pick up a bunch of

recently as the cactus plant flea market Air Force one I got the red pair I got the black pair I got the blue pair I got the white hair and then I got the black pair I’m still looking for more so if you have size 10 hit me

yep but I just really like them they go with everything they literally goes everything everybody asks where I get them I’ve got them off of go gray old but they’re pretty expensive they each go for like 500 bucks $2,500 in air forces I don’t think most people are

trying to pay that but I just I really like these I really like shoes and I’m down to spend money on expensive stuff if I want it you know I think these are really cool a lot of people hate on the black ones but I think they’re pretty

unique both of the off-white air first ones the newer ones all right off-white ones we got UNC’s euros chicago’s and then all my other Jordan ones unions these are probably one of my favorite these are really cool the black toe unions unions go first stupid amount of stuff

crazy they go for $15 brightening the blue pair is very nice as well then we got Travis Scott Jordan won the LA – Chicago and the core Purple’s shattered backboards dragon Jordan won super super rare pair and then we got both to the cause right here is the

gray pair the black in the boats very very rare they’re very cool if you like Jordans these are really dumb I honestly like the black bit more goes with more but the great pairs a lot more right no you have both of the just on twos on the

bottom if you see those so next row we’re getting through this I have all my designer for your godlike boots and shoes you guys can see them then I have one easy crepe boot right here which I wore like one year got to fear God high tops these

I have not worried I think these are really really dope though the color on these is sick I really like the bolt like green pair – like the mint pair but they’re harder to wear it’s like orange is a little bit more of a neutral colors closer to

red so these are cool just having done the right time to wear him honestly when I get out of high school I’m gonna wear like so many more shoes like so much more often because honestly when I go to school I just wear like air forces or vans

because nobody really cares at my school like what shoes people wear and I don’t really like care to like impress people at my school shoes you know like people just don’t have the appreciation on my school these are the G fear gods that looked for these for a

minute couldn’t find them I didn’t want to buy a brand new pair I thought I only found a used pair which is great these are really communion to Travis Scott Gordon Forrest not personally like this huge super super crazy fan about those I think there is still worth

like 300 bucks they go for like 800 now which is pretty crazy but I just don’t think they’re that cool they’re lucky like a gr they’re not really made that well so a lot of flaws glue stains like paint smear like I just came on the shoe quality

it’s kind of like a suede it’s like not that nice so not really like I’m the blue is kind of hard to wear too but I have because I bought him when they were loves so I’m gonna keep him Levi’s fors the denim for is I ripped him

up you’re not pretty cool but again I don’t know what to wear those with so now I do have a couple like simple Jordan Jordan fives the Raging Bull fives Oreo fives metallic fine and then bread Elevens they’re actually about to be released I was like or they

did they may have just released them maybe they released some by Christmas I think they did but I was out of town so I wouldn’t know my adidas kind of section got to enemies on the top I got to like Datalogic which pairs to be comfortable it’d look

great in shorts I have a couple 350 v2s now they have released like a ton of them recently and I like a lot of them but they all look very similar and I don’t wear these ones that much so there’s no point in me getting those and I

do have creamed red stripes and it was I think those are like some of the best ones God turtledoves pirate blacks and then blue tents I forgot about these my bad but yeah I have them just I couldn’t really sell them for anything not gonna be able to

make anything or get anything back so I’ll just keep them I have a pair that I do all like a while ago I saw those obviously nobody’s gonna buy those and then I have a couple 750 the og ones in the chocolate ones that you stop all them

but I don’t even wear those so why do I need to keep all them and then just a couple random basketball shoes on the bottom as well like I’ve left the rarest basketball shoes that I’ve ever like under my collection the wat the kt5 super rare these go

for like two grand now there’s like no pairs of sample I don’t even know like how they release your honors and then the nerve kt4 is probably like one of the best Katie’s to ever come out for sure packaging the shoe everything is just super dope so we’re

going through this Rome is done thank you guys for sticking through this video you’re still here these which I just picked up super clean pair of off my Blazers and I just picked these up too I just bought like a bunch of shoes best and these are both

really dope I want the orange pair of the places to clean those words up to where like in New York like the fall time that’s a Blazers like perfect for like running around New York couple converse these are really dope to coat converse I love these but I’ve

reward them I think the color way so so so fired like that gray with the white stands out really nice and then you got converse like the white pair for their to both the off-white converse these are really these are really hard to get now a lot of

people want peace but they yellow really like nasty material look at me then when we moved down I have my three pairs of your I talked at the white pair I just got these like samurai ones I got them used and I’m so pretty good price so that’s

that and then I have the original ones then I just have a bunch of miscellaneous stuff like cumbersome diesel to loose and just other runners so now we’re on to the last part of my collection the vein collection plus a couple I choose on the top these are

all just super simple like essential bands like like everybody needs a pair of these in their collection drawn those a bunch of super simple stuff I have a bunch two essential tin then we get into the more like hype stuff I got beer god van obviously you know

I have to I got the red pants I got both of these supreme bands these I have yet to wear but they’re very rare these are mine c-curve and I wanna say these were released like a complex Colin who’s like 200 pairs murder commie slip-ons things are cool

but again the right feet harder where those bunch of other like simple miscellaneous fans going down alright and so starting from the bottom up I have almost probably all fury rock bands I have all the slip ons then it goes from the originals to the new marshmallow ones

and then revenge storms blah blah blah blah blah and then I have the Michigan off my dogs in the red Okwe zone which just came out I don’t need to take those out I think like every youtuber each other with those already alright guys so this is my

collection hopefully you enjoy this video it is obviously a lot more condensed and that’s just because I’m barely wearing the shoes that I have I’m moving out soon and I’m not gonna have like frickin 400 pairs of shoes to drag with me I’d end up selling them anyway

and I just want a smaller selection that I can appreciate more you know like I’m wearing a lot more of these shoes rather than just having like a bunch of like expensive shoes just sitting in here collecting does I made you a video discussing how I think you

guys should set up your sneaker room basically like where I got these certain things obviously you guys probably know where these boxes aren’t but maybe you don’t if you don’t know where these are from maybe you guys want to get certain simple you guys won’t have to put

bare bricks on this you guys can put shoe boxes like anything you want on it I think that maybe be helpful for some of you guys so with all that being said I appreciate it guys make sure you enter the giveaway to the box logo be super dope

if you guys win that you never know the steps are down below and I’ll catch you guys in the next video – bored blank I’ll see you out here peace