My Girlfriend Picks Out My Outfit | Men’s Fashion

what’s up guys my name is Marcel welcome to my youtube channel one dapper Street today I have my beautiful girlfriend by my side does the Silva you guys have seen her briefly on the channel before we sorted out my closet and many of you know her from my

Instagram you don’t know my Instagram or her Instagram check those cows out down below in the description but today she’s gonna help me get dressed yeah I’m gonna try yep she is gonna try usually I help her get dressed actually many of you have asked for her to

be on the channel because you wanted to get to know her and she is awesome what’s the time so I could invite it yeah we’re just gonna go through my closet while is beautiful for one more week before we’re moving in together if you haven’t seen my apartment

tour video that’s what we’re gonna walk around and today check that out links up here let’s get started baby where you start with oh actually so so you got a good she got dressed and this is her outfit my mom picked out these shorts with her yes Wow

his mom was here he like left us for today ready now for tomorrow’s shop me what a Bloomingdale’s oh I think it was a Bloomingdale’s yeah and then she pointed out those like that so this is a cute little outfit and she’s gonna try and dress me to

match her challenge accepted let’s go so you can use this rack if you want to just hang stuff like that I have a few options and I’ll be right here so like you know you have my favorite shoes and your your collection it’s wide intent I love wide

and 10 I think it’s so summery but at the same time is like neutral I love it yeah yeah Cara Flores if you don’t know my Brown yeah you probably don’t know my channel so you have a lot more videos to watch do you know them available now

alright so well starting with these ups up and down you okay I like you with my colors on the bottom and fit right so we have a couple options lights colored and well fitted you guys have seen me wear these a lot the cargo pants and once I

design yeah they’re literally fit to my body so they are we have lighter ones these are all the like color options right now my dragon bone have rip dragon movies but they’re in the wash so that’s the only white jeans I have and this is like color to

but like come now no oh yeah oh that’s oh yeah you can see those that’s chinos these are from suit supply they probably need is deep okay I want you with a white jacket so maybe you know Todd oh right baby it’s like 24 degrees I know but

look no maybe this is all your shirts no I mean that’s okay so these are like over shirts and printed shirts but their shirts shirts or sorts of you okay I love this from your birthday did we get along well look at that color scheme you guys what

I like you know what I usually wear very much along these lines I love that I think it’s yeah I mean I mean yeah I mean yes that is but that is more you didn’t see Kara I mean you can just throw it on your over your shoulder

like if you just like spend the entire day out you know and then it’s night and then it gets a little talking about a classic date a nighttime look going through my life Jackie closet over here which ISIL I still think that might be a little bit definitely

for the nighttime version of the look because this I’m gonna I’m gonna probably sweat my oh no for sure I know it’s funny she actually picked the jacket that I designed together with the cargo pants and this used to be a set oh you see don’t think you’ve

seen me of this No cuz I’m really wanted it’s like it’s supposed to be a hybrid between a trucker jackets or a denim jacket and a vet so it has a little belt in the back but I’ll show you in a second what do you want to see

me in first the jeans I think I feel like put the ones that fits you like the best okay I mean okay very interesting you guys wait outside with her all right and the first look I’m gonna wheel this out here and then we’ll have a little studio

not salad yet you get to style it more I think any outfit that you put on at first is always like one thing you gotta give it a little bit of touches to try and make it come to life but here’s what we got Okara floors shoes Marcel

Dex design now cargo pants and can you tell everybody where the shortest problem because they like it it’s for a limb oh it’s a lip so it’s all you Europeans yeah what do you think I I liked it but I feel like I’ll love it with the lighter

pants already yeah I know you look amazing those feels so good like but I feel like yeah I feel like with the white pants and I loved sure you’re not saying anything let me at least like maybe give it like another thing oh my god a muffin very

different flabbergasted no we made it made a whole world of a difference I am astonished you look so cute now oh my god I love this okay you can still try other things just to see what they look like no definitely but ask me home time Hoffa like

one of those jackets Oh Zahraa thong oh yeah that’s the messing this semester yeah that’s literally like it’s the same fabric for me to see for the lady to see the outfit complete sorry I don’t think I like the dark so what do you want next so I

want the white pants with this shirt wait you want to see a magic trick come stand right here like this and now you’re gonna do is snap your fingers okay okay okay Jose yourself like you did the other I showed you Boyz begun um actually I want it

I want it I feel like I have another SEO that and I feel like it might be important for you guys to what do you think of the whole button conversation because I like buttoning them down a lot like yes I love that okay I feel like you’ve

changes by your outfit yeah so gives such a good vibe I love it do you have an issue with a color difference of the whites of the tans No usually when I match like I’d be worried if this time is like right here but even then it’s different

enough but anything that’s like on the feet versus like what’s on the upper body half like it’s fine because there’s enough difference in between separate oh can I pick up a couple more light jackets for okay oh that was quick [Laughter] jackets are easy to try wait back

there mango man corduroy jacket I love this jacket on you yeah so what I love about the manga magic is like they’re super nice and slim fit but then they still have that stress or super comfy what do you think because so cute as well you wanna see

them alright we’re gonna do something really quick I want to show you four jackets and then we’ll get your result okay perfect [Music] [Music] and that’s all for what do you think I like this one which is the one you just it’s crazy because both outfits have it

like this one has a top and the other one has the bottom but I didn’t like that both to gathering them often particularly so what do you think while she’s thinking because on this look the shirt is also from Mega Man but from last year the pants are

from zebra recently picked those up and actually had the bottom tailored and on the bottom we still have my own car ephors 10 and white skaters this is a night look and the other one is a day look I love both white pants look we have it first

outfit again this time I roll them up a little bit nicer like I was like keeping the button button here and then wrap rolling it up twice yeah just so you know okay so great I love it doing fits yeah those pens like they’re amazing what do you

think watch rings shades definitely shades maybe watch let me show you he’s really quick and while you take a look these are the ones I’ve wore most recently you can see the back of your watches it’s the first time seeing a problem that’s really cool I brought a

few more some of them are home I love this watch so this is my PHA you guys have seen a lot on my absolute favorite watches and then we’ve got three Schriever watches out here do you guys follow me for a while you know that I used to

work the three-ball a lot I used to wear those moms a whole lot now I wear my a little bit higher priced one this is a bright link but that doesn’t mean that I still don’t love absolutely love the design of these watches they’re a lot more accessible

and still fairly pricey but you get a really great unique watch or that we don’t you guys can come up here sir here these are the ones I got it would be yes oh my god who made you man okay she’s going to buzz like okay cut your

favorite cut new favorites this is the winner this is love for no okay yeah I’m down to four so now it’s easy to try so can you try them on for me well I advise I love this I love this anyway these are on gotta make a decision

I I love like the the three but like if I want to like me do I want to be matching matching with your with your watch like I don’t know about that I’m in special like is it is it like because I love these but I like a

slightly lighter trick oh so even though I love these I would between these two now I want to tell you I want to wear these I’ve worn them and probably over two years okay they were really nice like bluish greenish tint so no readies Oh perfect yes thanks

yeah thank you thank you I love to wear you look right now oh you want some ring yeah he said yes [Music] okay you happy I’ll let me see yeah all right I hope you guys enjoyed the video you guys had fun I think she did awesome job

actually kind of like I think I like both office a lot I’m pretty sure I’ve worn this before kind of like yeah yeah yeah I like the earth tones I love it well this is also what we look like together now so if you guys wanna see more

couple outfits we could do a little lookbook for you guys where you know we’ll show you maybe five outfits that you can rock with you girls if you want to see that make sure to leave a comment down below let me know what you guys thought of today’s

video and of her beautiful work right here thank you guys so so much for watching I hope I’ll see you soon with the next video until then