My Luxury Sneaker Collection | 10 Awesome Shoes for Men!

what’s up guys my name is Joe and today I want to show you my luxury sneakers now I moved to LA in January so what’s what is the date today almost August 7 months ago yeah so seven months ago I came to LA I think with probably 3 or 4 pairs of shoes and now I’ve got somewhere in the 30s so I have seriously gotten into shoes starting a little bit from before I moved to LA but especially since I got here and I just wanted to show you guys kind of the collection that I’ve been building myself when it comes to my personal style I like both ends of the spectrum I like the clean or classic looks and I also like the more street wear more grungy look so you’re gonna see in my list I’ve kind of sectioned it out so I’m starting with the cleaner silhouettes and then I’m gonna move to the more street silhouettes and I’ve got a couple height pairs in there as well but I’ve got 10 sneakers so for the b-roll I wanted to show you guys all these shoes on foot but it was gonna take way too long for me to change into 10 different outfits so I wore the same green pants white shirt and black socks for every outfit whether the shoes necessarily went with that look or not but I think most shoes worked with this outfit well we’ve got 10 sneakers to get through I don’t want to take up any more time let’s go ahead and start with the pair of shoes that got me into the luxury sneaker scene in the first place and that are these right here the excel are about so clean 90s I think this is a fantastic place to start when you’re starting to get into the luxury game for me you know I wanted something that was gonna be super versatile and pretty much be able to go with you know almost everything that I’ve got and just a classic white pair especially this kind of silhouette right here this works with so many shoes I mean so many outfits I forgot to say as well luxury means something a little different to everyone if you’re talking to sneaker heads you’re probably talking you know way up there if you’re talking to normal guys it’s gonna be a little lower so the price range we’re dealing with here today I think the cheapest sneaker is around $140 the most expensive is three hundred and fifty dollars and so you know I don’t have any like Balenciaga Assaf whites things like that that’s like that’s that’s super hype I’m not really into it so these right here the XLR Gauchos these go for 245 a full leather upper high quality leather as well and also a really high quality rubber sole at the bottom oh yeah you know you can always see like luxury sneakers on the internet and don’t really understand maybe the height for the reason why they cost so much once you get a pair in hand like I did I start to understand you know the creases when you walk in these they just look more natural they look more refined the more you walk in them the better they get and the better they look whereas cheaper sneakers that kind of starts to deteriorate and fall apart so yes XLR got so clean 90s love the silhouette Thank You Axl for getting me into the sneaker at the luxury sneaker game let’s check out the pair number two I’m gonna have all these shoes link down below if they are in stock you can check it out down below moving on to pair number two probably definitely one of my favorite premium pairs one of my favorite luxury sneakers well sneakers they’re more like I don’t know a weird boot hybrid but they are these right here the the coma two voids this is by we are underdogs a brand based in Portugal they work with up-and-coming aspiring designers shoe designers from around the world and the designers got to basically make their dream shoe with we are underdogs I love the concept I love that you get a different silhouette each time so when I saw these on their website I was like man these looks so futuristic there’s a little bit of Chelsea boot inspiration that goes into the silhouette but it looks just like a really modern take on the Chelsea boot once again we’ve got a full leather upper I think they call this a rubber new book material nubuck is a kind of leather super clean completely black just you know total lack of contrast which is what they were going for these go for 179 dollars which in my opinion for the quality that you’re getting is an absolute steal these easily rival some of my other luxury sneakers that are way more expensive but for a fraction of the pricing guys this is the moment this is the moment I’ve been waiting for I’m excited to announce something that I’ve been wanting to announce for a little while I am coming out with my own sneaker with we are underdogs we’re doing a collaboration it feels crazy actually saying it out loud I’ve been in works with them for you know not too long probably like a month and a half at this point basically I’m not going to take up too much time with this right now I’m just really excited about this project and basically so what happened is when I saw these on the line I bought this pair myself I put up a post on Instagram this post right here and I gave them a really good shout out because I’ve really liked what the brand did love how they work which is independent designers who don’t have the means to make the shoes themselves but they’ve got the talent so we are underdogs they saw that post and they wanted to make a sneaker with me and I was so honored to have that privilege especially since I’ve been really into sneakers like I’ve been saying so super exciting they put me in touch with this awesome shoe designer in Canada his name is Julius you can check him out on Instagram as well we’ve spent many days at this point designing and coming up with the concept I can tell you right now they’re gonna be called the Meraki ones the Meraki one collection Meraki Greek word it means something you put so much work into it’s like you’ve left a piece of your soul in your work it’s something I tied to the original product from our hair product brand and it’s something I’m carrying over into these these shoes that I’m making so without taking up too much more time you can see some of the process here some of the behind-the-scenes of the concepts we were coming with at the end of the day before showing you the final result of what we have just think along the clean silhouette but with some street wear vibes to it that’s all I’m gonna say for now but yeah these are the coma tube voids I love them I will say big pain in the butt to actually put on your feet due to this lacing system it’s it’s actually quite challenging but they look great once you get a monitor right another thing I forgot to say at the beginning of this video is four of the shoes on this list have been gifted to me by a couple different brands they let me pick whatever shoe I want from their website and there’s no requirements to them to feature them or anything but these are one of those so these right here are from a brand called PS 821 I picked these out myself these are limited the specific pair is limited to three hundred and fifteen pairs I’m not sure which one I have it just says limited one out of 315 I’m still continuing with the cleaner looking silhouettes at the moment I think clean silhouettes are a great choice because they just like I said they go with so many different things what makes this a little special are the design elements on the upper here so a lot of this leather is actually disconnected to the shoe and it’s held together thanks to the lacing that connects the two sides together it just adds for a little bit of depth to something that otherwise are really clean silhouette yes Rio okay I will let you out and these shoes from PS 821 go for two hundred and ninety five dollars so pretty pricey again we’re talking about luxury sneakers these are some high quality kicks the way also quick shout out to crossover culture they gave me actually here let me show you real quick these aren’t on the list but this is another a fairly new ish brand they gave me crossover culture that gave me this cool hoodie that I’m wearing and he’s really cool basketball sneakers with these neon hits of color they look sick they look different they’re not on the list but shout out to crossover culture if you’re into basketball if you’re looking for some kicks from you know a smaller brand that are still doing a great job check out crossover culture anyways next up we’ve got who pairs of shoes from the same brand both of these were gifted and this is a brand called p4 for 8 again clean silhouette right here these are the p4 for 8 1 F Loft these go for 285 nice and simple upper with a pop of color on the sole this red a vibrant red it actually goes well with a lot of different outfits I thought it’d be a little bit harder for me to match but I really haven’t had too much trouble matching this shoe with some cool looks the upper is a really nice soft suede pull suede upper and this kind of grayish tan look and cool little detail which you probably can’t see that well but the inside has this like shiny oil line in it it makes it feel a little bit more special and then from the same brand p44 8 we’ve got these these are high tops these are the star 2.

0 white crack great name these go for 290 $8 fees I’m pretty sure you know these are probably the most comfortable pair of sneakers on this list they are so soft all over it but especially on the inside whatever padding they have going on is some good stuff let me just say what I thought these laces were like a blue checkered pattern but they’re black so where’s the first time I’ve noticed that makes him even more wearable so I know that they utilizing different Suede’s and leathers I’m not quite sure what they’ve done here with this texture but it feels like it’s a seriously unique texture going on the outer the white – crack as they call it high-quality stuff I think they look really unique but it’s a nice clean colorway so you can still rock it with a lot of outfits check these guys out again all of these would be linked down below alright so that wraps it up for the cleaner looking silhouettes those are for my more kind of you know modern look and cleaner look in classic looking fits now we’re moving on to some more like proper sneakers some street wear stuff and some high stuffed as well starting out with a pair of shoes that just recently dropped this week boom check these out I really really like these these are the Air Force one type pink what do they type pink tint Air Force one type pink tint tint pink tint I’m guessing is that bit right there it’s the only pink I see on it the reason why the cutaways for this shoe are in the different place is because I got this shoe after I filmed all the rest of the cutaways now at a price point of 140 dollars these are probably not really classified as premium or luxury but you know I wanted to show you guys these anyways cuz I really really liked them I don’t normally like air force once in fact I’ve never owned a pair of Air Force ones in the past but I really like the deconstructed shoe trend at the minute I don’t know if you want to call it a trend we’re just like you know part of the future but little things that make a shoe look more handmade like the you know the handwritten details here this extra you have to forgive my shoe terminology because I’m still learning but this stripe right here that goes on the front that wraps around the sole it looks like it’s just been stitched on you know handmade style now once you get into a price point of $140 you can tell like I can tell that the quality of leather it’s not really up to par with a lot of the other shoes I shown you previously but what I really like about Nike at least what they’re doing right now are the little details that you’re just not seen on a lot of other silhouettes so for that reason even though maybe it’s not the highest quality leather I think it’s a fantastic shoe there was the white pair of these that came out I think they were called the the white summits those sold out pretty much immediately on sneakers for some reason maybe there’s more of these black ones but there’s quite a lot of black pairs left or quite a lot of sizes left and these black pair still on the sneakers app so if you guys want to check that out down below one two three four pairs left moving right along we’ve got these from a brand called arc Copenhagen I found out about this brand from the first sneaker video I made I haven’t made many sneaker videos in fact I may have only made like two but the first one I made someone in the comments left a recommendation for me to check out this brand I’m glad you did because now I own like I think four of their pairs these are the arc carpet these are the arc Copenhagen gosh I’m never gonna get this name these are the arc Copenhagen Burton suede w13 triple burlwood burl woods it’s not it’s not happening it’s far too long basically these are pair of sneakers all right from art and this was also a gifted pair these go four hundred and seventy dollars it’s the triple burl wood colorway obviously you’ve got a very similar color way just in different textures different materials which makes it just like you know pretty clean and simple I will say on the website these shoes actually looked a lot darker in the photos than they do in person if I were to get these shoes again I would have gotten these in the gray cloud colorway moving on from there to some semi hype sneakers these are also some of my favorite pairs right now so comfortable so soft and look so sick in my opinion these right here the fear of God raids with social fear of God and Nike collaboration I was watching an interview with Jerry Lorenzo who is the designer at the fear of God designer he was saying the material he used is like a suede mesh mixture for the upper I don’t know exactly what that means all I know is that this is buttery soft both outside and inside I’ve actually seen people on the internet saying that this is one of the less comfortable fear of God Nike collaboration releases I have not worn any other fear of God Nike collapse but all I can say is these are super comfortable in my opinion they just I can wear them all day long I also love the lacing system I know some people are like oh it takes too long to put on no I don’t care I like little details I like things that are different okay so I love something that just makes you kind of do a double-take that’s about some of the story that I’m putting into my own shoes that I’m making with our underdogs taking you know something classic looking and adding a twist that makes you go hmm interesting and I think they did a good job with that with this because the colorway is super simple if you haven’t noticed I quite like simple colorways because then I can just mix and match really easily so I like to rely on the design of the silhouette more than crazy colorways I think they killed it with this one the silhouette looks recognizable it looks like you know it looks comfortable but it still looks futuristic it looks different clean colorway I can rock it with a bunch of stuff excellent job during the renzo with the fear of God braids all right well we got two more pairs this next one definitely a hype sneaker definitely used to be more of a hype sneaker it is today and definitely one that everyone knows about and probably doesn’t care too much about anymore that’s these right here the Yeezy 350 SV – these are the blue tint colorway I’m gonna be honest right now before Yeezy mafia comes after me there’s there’s a chance these are fake I’m not exactly I’m not 100% sure and I’ve even shown it to some people who say they know Yeezys really well and even they can’t tell but basically long story short is I bought these before you know before I really had a good understanding of how sneak or buying works I bought these off eBay in the UK for like a hundred and like eighty dollars something like that when really these on stock X they’re going I don’t know something like 350 400 dollars on eBay they said they were stock X verified when they came in the post this stock X tab that’s supposed to be around the heel was just loose in the box so you know I don’t know there’s fishy stuff I got it for a good steal that said if they are fakes they’ve been done very well I’m sure a number of you guys are gonna just let me know right away in the comments gonna be like yep they’re fake no question about it but hey they don’t look fake a lot of my friends who know Easy’s they say they can’t tell either I will say when Rio was a puppy he used this as a chew toy without me knowing about it which is a bit of a bummer but whatever I don’t actually wear these that often anyways and finally guide the tent and finally got and finally guys the tent sneaker on the list these are kind of crazy a little bit out there again I’m relying on the design over the colorway I’d like to keep my colorway nice and simple I like to experiment with my design these are the y3 Casa burrows Casa burro Casa baru’s the y3 casibari y3 is a collaboration between designer yoki yoshimoto and adidas they make kind of futuristic looking athleisure wear when I saw these I was like man these are kind of crazy I call them my space boots and you know if I’m gonna put these on I know that I have to step it up with my outfit that day these are obviously not for everyone they look kind of crazy and this upper is like some kind of canvas II material it kind of reminds me of like a tent but it’s definitely thicker than normal tent material I’m not sure exactly what it is you got a little bit of suede accents going around the side of the silhouette Yamamoto name is in the front toe-caps that what you call is that a toe cap I don’t know man I will say the lacing system is interesting they felt like these rubberized pieces a rope rubber rope alright just a rubber rubber thing going to the bottom and it feels kind of weird when you’re tightening but all in all it’s a pretty comfortable shoe and it looks sick with the right street wear outfit oh yeah these go for $350 I found them on Amazon for 250 and these are real they’re not fake and actually that same Amazon link I checked there got they’ve gone down to a hundred and seventy dollars so some serious money off if you guys like them you want to check them out I’ll leave it down below with that said guys I want to give a special shout out to we are underdogs I love what they’re doing as a brand I love some of the designs and the silhouettes that they’re coming out with working with designers from around the world and the fact that they’re giving me the opportunity to come out with the Meraki one collection it’s gonna be one shoe three different colorways I’m so excited to actually share this with you definitely check me out on Instagram to stay up to date that’s what I’m gonna be sharing some more behind the scenes and some more updates if you guys are interested so yes check out we are underdogs down below I’ve got all the sneakers down there thank you guys for watching and I’ll see everybody next time you.