Offset Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

[Thời Trang Nam] what top rate of Audis Joe from complex were in a Leia flight club with multi-platinum rapper offset yes sir gonna do some sneaker shopping tonight to see what he’s feeling what he’s not and then hopefully is gonna buy some sneakers yeah I’m about it I got a lot of it already though you know power to click and do this let’s go [Music] offset let’s talk early beginnings I remember you said used to browse 23 is back a classic website yes sir is that when you started to learn about Jordans and things like that now you know we I can’t on an outside wall I’m an 11 we had came up off of you know J’s you just had to know the history like you got to know your numbers and he was not allowed to team’s points 19 Jordans no correct retro ok have you coming to cafeteria this is a true story like in my school burnt my high school if you coming to cafeteria was team joins on a lot of the kids to jump on the table and last and point and laugh and she’s like we can’t step on the same float and like I got old pictures like from my space when I had like the Olympics it’s on and then when I used to go to 23 is back you know my mama can really afford to buy green shoes but I know every release by aren’t no when they coming up and I have to try to do what I did like I said in line at the model Georgia for the Doernbecher sisters and didn’t get it oh man I ain’t get the rifle stay there last I came there like at 4:00 in the morning skip school like I said I made my homeboy house but we was in line and the model Georgia we ain’t get him but I later on God in the life you know the culture of me growing up you had to wear J’s you couldn’t play like if you couldn’t get them don’t get them you just get something else if you came with no way you can say Jordans anything like especially with the face like I remember the half see-through Jordans at one point not good will take you out for the whole year for the whole year but that [Music] offset couple days ago you Instagram a picture one third of your collection we see a lot of SBS your cop and ESPYs heavy recently yeah do you remember that time when SBS were hitting heavy oh yeah of course the I was going crazy with them because at one point they were lap he’s more it was cheaper than Jordans yes so there was a lot more affordable but also they had the crazy colors like I got these lobsters didn’t I got the skunk’s I got this dishes yep three bears you had I got both fair yeah I got the lo de la Sol’s I knew the way was gonna come back it’s coming back you know I’m sure the shoe gang got back popped in to where it was at first it was like a little slow I feel like 2015 14 13 it wouldn’t get respected because the colors was coming out is just so weird like yeah it wouldn’t know Craig quiet down for a little bit the ESPYs another back full force right I don’t really see a lot of people still not lady to have a keep into like six long months watch we saw one third of the collection you said that you have seven different closets cardi has a Reebok deal is there shoes all over the house shoes everywhere I hang on like a dining room full of shoes I got a weight room supposedly a weight room for the shoes I got a whole upstairs wrong it’s hot it’s like it’s it fits two rooms and they straight back for the shoes and clothes I know I got like a million ounce of shoes million dollars shouting like what Travis he gave me the forest purple for thigh her friends and family know leather interior have you wore those yet on one side and a glass I might put them in my safe-deposit boxes you know I’m saying right now what am i I feel like one mile Raiders pair is this an Atlanta yes sir okay wait maybe you invite us in we do a closet tour will if I show you the closet you don’t run out of film our documentary we’re gonna run out of family we have to do the film two three times it’s a load another picture on Instagram you’re at the counter here a flight club you have the Kanye babes and you’re like should I buy him yeah you did buy him it was cap I was just you know getting the people engaged on what the trip was but yeah I was getting them for sure those are worth I think five thousand on the low end they’re going for a lot will you wear those are those I woke up once okay put them back in the glass box but I’m gonna why I’m to three times though what so like you know a kid who was waiting in line missed out on the dorm Becker sixes and now you kind of you could get whatever you want I take advantage of it you know I mean I’m very blessed to be where I’m at in life in general be able to go back to when I couldn’t afford something to be able to buy just it’s like it’s beautiful you know I’m saying I take advantage of whatever I still do an outline I got to get the super banners yeah Becker’s of course yeah it’s the same trial and I was on yeah I told her I need to get those blending dunks these oh good knows look at these classics they gotta wait when when they come in size 10 I gotta dial you up yeah come on we got it I need to go to me up ASAP I didn’t want be lines outside yeah yeah spark I won’t in with that come holding up [Music] 20:17 we had all three you guys on the show assert whereby the like cash register and you’re holding the air magner like these are supid hard a few weeks ago I heard that you actually got them yeah when did you make the decision to make the jump and finally get them I got tired of like I was lighting them up right and I’m saying yeah and I was just like it’s time for just gonna get them so I went ahead and got that collector I’ve been warming everywhere I’m one day though I’m taking away like something like on a red carpet that type of charge them up wear them on the red carpet make a statement make a statement which is oh we’ve seen that you going crazy hard how much do you think you’ve dropped in the last two months its Boshy like they’re like 30 2006 maybe like a hundred grand hundred yeah like two months hundred grand I’m probably like ten fifteen okay are you the type that if you see it like you know I know that now I got a load of history I was worth something you know I ain’t gonna just blow the money got you and just you know I’m saying get something just I’m not even gonna grab no Jordan of anything it got to be like if it’s over 2010 I’m straight I got you some more classics more classes especially when the color Jordan is like saturated now match Iranian yeah another pair Macklemore sixes how’d you get these so I did a song with him Carl Willy Wonka mm-hmm we recorded at his home see I don’t say also platinum okay I came to the crib and like we used to shoot hoops man he brought them out to like appreciate you his records going good my brother great friendship and gave me those in my head I wanted to just like just go crazy and run around you got played it cool yeah but I already know that’s like a 25 grand and she classified he killed it yeah they look great this this colorway with the suede on the sixes it’s crazy you to our green line is 101 one-of-a-kind the mine is very special because it’s from him well we talked about everything now is the easy part or the hard part browse the shelves see we’re gonna cash out on yes sir let’s go [Music] back again G yeah yeah no I really dropped 40 what else can you get Shh I’m trying to get it all mine so I went numb hon mm I think 87 the package yeah no we got that and I went to Oh G black great ones with it with a sway to look different meet the grapes yeah who did these time I had using high school I want the short tone we get the countdown package 13 see real I’ll be going over 2012 they new school to me I would like a ripped Jean or og ones they don’t fall apart though all right bet let’s just back what’s up all right we’re talking him down for I need the jaws boat all right we’re going ahead pay them ten thousand I got to write on Z I so all right then so you got a total of 27 shoes and your cash total comes out to thirty one thousand three hundred and thirty three dollars and twelve cents [Music] cuz I got hurt kisses playing so I’m just take these y’all just pack it up and I have my assistant mr.

white you comfy bed so offset came through did major damage a new flight club record thanks so much for taking the time yes sir thanks for having me complex shutout Shaw shot flight club shout-out Nike shut up everybody in the world you know saying I love you guys father fall out now stroll treat to out right now pink toes honey wraps me and playbook article check that out I got nothing but retros and ESPYs that’s / – geez you heard it we need help with these bags yes sir [Music].