Perfect Summer Shoe Every Man Should Own? Hot Weather Footwear

Perfect Hot Weather Summer Shoe – EverythingYou Need To Know About Loafers [0:00:00][Music] In today’s video, gentlemen, we’re talkingabout the perfect summer shoe.

First up, these shoes are versatile.

You can dress them up with a suit, you candress them down with a pair of shorts.

These shoes come in a wide variety of materials, colors, and styles.

And, let’s talk timeless style.

This shoe has been in the closets of the world’sbest-dressed men for over a hundred and fifty years.

So, what shoe am I talking about? Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the loafer.

So, by definition a loafer is a pair of shoesthat will slip on and off without the use of laces.

Notice here this pair of dress shoes has laces? This is not a loafer.

Now, let’s talk about the materials used.

Most high quality loafers are going to bemade from leather.

That being said, we’re also going to seesuede out there.

Suede is a form of leather that shows moretexture.

Now, I know a lot of guys avoid wearing suedebecause they’re worried it’s going to get damaged.

It is more delicate than the other types ofleather out there, but it’s still is a type of leather and when treated and taken careof I think it’s a great addition to a man’s wardrobe.

Now, gents, all the loafers you’re goingto see in today’s video can be found over at Jay Butler.

I’ve known about this company since it firststarted over five years ago.

My friend, Justin Jeffers is the founder.

He’s also a vlogger, a content creator.

Five years ago, he sent me a sample and Ihave to admit that I have worn these into the ground, these have standed up to the testof time.

I’ve worn them every summer.

Now, one thing I love about Jay Butler’sshoes, when you look at the shoe right here, you’re going to noticed that they have abasically a shorter vamp.

When you want a loafer that’s going to lookand feel great during the summer, you want to expose more the foot.

Another bit of history with the loafer isthey come from two different schools.

They come from the moccasin and the dressshoes.

So, what’s great about Jay Butler is theytook the best of both worlds.

So, they took the dress shoe design and theyhave it right here in the lower part of the shoe which is great because if you’ve everown just a pair of straight moccasins, you have to be really careful, they’re goingto wear out very quickly on the bottom.

So, I’ve been testing these, like I saidI’ve got some of these older pairs that they hold up when you wear them again andagain.

This is exactly what you want.

But now, let’s talk about the upper.

This is where he took a lot of design fromthe moccasin and made them incredibly comfortable.

So, he went in there and they’ve got handstitching in and around.

Very important, the only way to put thesemoccasins together and the stitching holds up.

And when it comes to the classic styles, theclassic looks, they’ve got you covered.

They wanted to make sure that you can getwork horse loafers that you can dress up, you can dress down, you can add a bit of flashto your outfit.

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Use that link, use that discount code andget an amazing deal on the loafers.

So, the first loafer style we’re going totalk about is the classic penny loafer made popular over a hundred years ago.

It was originally called the wegian whicha play on the word Norwegian hence where actually it came from out of Europe, but it was madepopular in the 1920s in the 1930s with students in the United States.

And, the idea goes that you could put a pennyin here, but what’s going to be the distinctive feature is the strap of leather going rightacross.

Other construction details you want to lookat for a quality loafer is to make sure that you’ve one piece of leather that goes allthe way around.

Why is that? Because a large piece of leather to be usedbasically has to be unblemished, it’s going to be a rare part of the skin of the hideand therefore it’s going to cost a higher price.

Usually, the top manufacturers are going tobe able to do that, other ones are going to usually put pieces together.

Now, when you look right here at the upper, this is where you’re going to see the hand stitching and you want to pay attention tothe stitching.

You want to go in and make sure that the linesare straight, that the stitching isn’t all over the place that they’re using a singlestitch and that the stitching is close together.

So now, let’s talk about the materials.

Right here, we’ve got a full grain leather.

A full grain leather is going to be from theleather on the outside of the hide, it’s going to be the most dense of the leatherout there and if taken from the right part of the hide, it can be soft, it can be supple.

But, the key thing to go with the full grainis it’s going to actually be able to pretty good about resisting the elements.

Now, I talked about suede earlier, it is moredelicate than full grain leather, but not by a whole lot.

If you treat this, if you aren’t abusingyour shoes, you’re going to find you’re going to be able to get a decade’s wearout of a pair of shoes like this.

And, let’s talk about the style that somethinglike this brings to your wardrobe whether you go with olive green whether you go witha dark blue, this right here is going to level up your entire look.

And now, let’s talk about the versatilitybeing able to dress up dress down the shoes, what I love about the penny loafers is thisis a classic design that really doesn’t draw a whole lot of attention to itself, soit can easily be dressed up dressed down.

Now, the lighter color of these shoes, they’regoing to make it a bit more casual, but if these were a dark brown if they were a black, you could easily dress these up with a suit.

Now, let’s talk about the bit loafer.

This one is going to grab a lot more attentionand notice right here, we’ve got the silver bit.

You’re also going to see it in gold, reallydepends on your preference.

I like to match metals to metals.

But, this one is made popular first in 1953, a guy named Gucci came out with this and he started making it more popular and this hasbecome a classic.

[0:04:54]If you’re a little bit bored or you’ve already got a pair of, you know, of the pennyloafers, then bring a pair of shoes like this, you can dress them up this darker color righthere.

And, again, we’ve got a nice solid leather, this right here can easily be dressed up, you can even dress this down with a pair ofshorts.

And, I have to bring this up because I lovethe whole perforated leather.

This right here is one of my summer stylesecrets is to bring in shoes that have great looking style a classic design, but have thesmall holes that you don’t notice from a distance, but you can tell when you’re wearingthese on a hot day because they’re so much cooler.

Next up, let’s talk about the moccasin style.

So, I know I said no laces, but in the moccasinin that history, those laces did actually work.

Now, what you’re going to notice on moccasinloafers is that they actually don’t work.

The laces up here are for look are for design.

This is a very casual style.

You’re also going to notice that they havelacing in and around here.

Again, from a historical sense, moccasinsactually were very functional, they use this lacing to tie in around the foot so it stayedon you when you are running.

A moccasin sole will have just a leather bottom, so you could actually feel the ground that you are touching on.

I appreciate that they actually have a moreclassic design here on the bottom.

Next up, let’s talk about the tassel loafer.

So, this was made popular in the 1920s.

Harry Truman was a big fan of these shoes.

What you’ll notice here is that tassel righton top, this is a very clean a very stylish type of loafer.

This one you could easily dress up, it’sgoing to be much more formal than the moccasin loafer.

Another loafer you’re going to see out thereis the Wildsmith loafer.

Now, this loafer looks very similar to thepenny loafer, but there are two distinctive features that set it apart.

First, the Wildsmith loafer will have a narrowersilhouette.

This is going to give it a more elegant andformal appearance.

The second feature is there’s going to bevertical stitching that’s going to split the front of the toe box.

Next up, we’ve got the Belgian loafer createdby a guy named Henri Bendel in 1954.

So, apparently he bought these factories theywere hundreds of years old, he turned them around and the Belgian loafer was one of theirsignature designs.

When you see a Belgian loafer, you’re goingto be able to spot it because notice the bow right there on the top front of the shoe.

Now, one of the interesting things about aclassic Belgian loafer is it that bow is sewn inside out to create a very fine seam.

All right, gents.

So, there you have it.

Let me know down in the comments what is yourfavorite style, which of these shoes will you be rocking this summer.

And, again, if you want to learn more aboutJay Butler, check out those amazing shoes.

I’m linking to them down in the descriptionwith the best discount code you’re going to find out there which will not last long, guys, so use it or lose it.

I’m linking to it down in the description.

I have to admit, I love these olive green.

As you guys know I love olive green suede, I’ve got a jacket like this and I find that it just works with so many of my outfits.

It looks great with shorts.

I’ve been rocking these all summer and, yeah, just a great look.

[0:07:41] End of Audio.