Salomon SpeedCross 4 Men’s Hiking Trail Running Outdoor and Gym Shoes in Black

so these are the deep speed cross force first of all I do own almost everything Salomon makes for whatever technical their hiking climbing not much of the higher boots I do own a bunch of cell phones because it was gonna be relevant so I brought in foul razors

I brought in the speed cross 3 I’m gonna show you what they look like I brought in my XA Pro 3-d ultras I do really bruise them this kind of should tell you that I really use them it’s not like just I buy shoes in review so you’re

gonna get an accurate one and I’m not compensated by anyone so these are all my shoes my archers nobody gives them for free to say anything nice or bad about themselves ok so first things first if you have that speed cross 3 and you want yeah let’s say

they’re in bad shape and you need anymore and you want to go with speed cross 4 if you’re used to speed cross 3 speed cross 4 now gonna be good for you I’ll tell you why because this is a trail running one it says racing material on the

speed cross freely but that’s not what it says on the shoe what Solomon did to the shoe the travel running shoe is more guided what I mean by that is speed cross 3 is like a sock you wear the shoe superlight ultra flexible like I kid you not

like it is kind of fold I mean it’s the back the the heel part of it is really soft this part really bugs me on certain issues I don’t like too much guidance in the heel unless I’m doing like technical climbing or anything I want to run I

want to wear a shoe like a sock you know like one of those things that way you put your toes in I don’t like them but I like this one so it’s really thin material the top of the material is the same except the trail running shoes of

gore-tex which I don’t suggest buying gore-tex you’re gonna get wet regardless of its gore-tex or not so you’re better off with some kind of material that dries quick instead of trying to keep water out you’re gonna get water in that regardless and it’s gonna be tougher to get

it out and if you have gore-tex so okay so I bruise these shoes you can tell these are my speed cross 3 s I mean they got a lot to tell you can see the punctures here look at the heel I really bruise the crap out of them

there’s no more teeth if you wanna compare no more great almost look at this I mean I’ve been everywhere with these things in salt water muddy water off-road anywhere climbing on certain rocks I’m not saying rock climbing but you know I used them for everything I think they

it came to an end gonna use them for gardening now so it was time to upgrade when I got the forest I was kind of disappointed because you see this flexibility and light weight it’s gone this shoe let me use the other one this tells you all the

gore-tex and all the fancy stickers and everything on it I’ll put it right there this shoe here is nowhere near flexible I put a muscle in it right now look about the shoe bands from I want my shoe bending from here you know why if it doesn’t Bend

from here the heel doesn’t give when the heel doesn’t give doesn’t matter how the shoe fits your your heel will go up even though like quarter inch up and down up and down moving in the shoe the shoe does not Bend if it doesn’t give your heel is

gonna have to go up so it’s a natural way of running you know you has to give but this is not good enough of a give year it’s not even flexible this is so stiff at the bottom that the shoe doesn’t bend at the right spot and for

me this is super guided I kid you not I mean solar won’t change this it’s like going backwards why would they do that I was just so ready to wear these shoes but I’m sending them back to get another one obviously I need some to run I

got my thigh races but they’re not like really runners this is so guided like it’s almost unconscious uncomfortably guided like I’m not gonna do rock climbing with this I know I understand that it has to have a stable heel for trails but is extremely guided I don’t know

why Salomon would do this I mean this was like one of their bestsellers now you can always search for a speed cross 3 and still gonna find it I don’t know if you’re gonna find the same I’m definitely ordering a speed cross 3 before it’s completely like discontinued

I may even get two of those because I really love the way that shoe fits so the four like I said the bottom is completely stiff this part is like not even bending I kid you not obviously the material is a little thicker feels a little stiffer it’s

not as soft like speed cross 3 because it’s gore-tex gore-tex may come handy if you have like little water but if you live in Florida you know you’re gonna dip in water ankle deep but at any point so I really not care about gore-tex I really don’t care

if my feet gets wet but if you think that you’re gonna just step in some puddles and get off gore-tex is fine because it’s keep it’ll keep the water out but if you’re gonna go in ankle deep boaters gonna get in there regardless its gore-tex or not so

who cares about this cortex so she can save on that go for the regular one so if you don’t like guided shoes meaning the shoe will not take the shape of your feet your feet has to fit in the shoe which is like a terrible idea if you’re

gonna do a lot of runnings as far as the cushion goes it feels good it’s almost the same thing I mean they just changed the way lightweight muscle lightweight muscle it’s kind of like I can tell the difference man this thing is like much lighter my speed cross

3 is are like super lighter and this one is a little heavier on the side I don’t want to get into like too much details about the weight I mean obviously it’s negligible probably but you can still feel it if you’re gonna run a marathon obviously in the

woods it may matter for you so the blocks work great obviously this is like a very innovative system I still love it I really don’t care about other kind of ties I actually like dread tying my other shoes if I have regular sneakers too obviously I really look

for these this is a very innovative system the problem is one of them don’t even work out of the box that’s another reason that I’m returning it it gets stuck halfway inside is ortholite it’s thin but it works perfect so you do really not need anything else in

there just used but what comes with it the the design is pretty similar obviously you can see the three you can see the four shoelace is kind of red on this one a ton of the shoe is a little more I want to say like puffier so he’s

kind of bulkier here when you when you put your shoe on this is a little thinner and I like the way it fits actually it’s much softer material right here so I really don’t care for gore-tex I kid you not like it has up a lot of weight

obviously the visibility marks are like same here you can just see in the dark a little bit in the back of the shoe they’re coming from as all to s and all that so but like I said I tear these uh like I wear them on the trail

really heavily so you can see what it was and what it came to so that’s this is my speed cross 3 this is my fellow racers I’m loving this shoe foul racers like one of the best they discontinued I don’t know why they keep discontinuing the shoes I

love super flexible I mean super lightweight very aggressive grip I am loving these shoes like they are good looking shoes super nice and everything but I can’t find them anymore self and then these are my eyes lose the crap out of these also probably I’m leaning towards these

instead of speed cross four and then I’m gonna get a speed cross 3 Pro I’ll find them somewhere X April 2 or 3 D these are gray shoes I kid you not they’re in the heavy side they’re completely flat right now like if I get up if the

surface is wet forget about snow or any kind of slippery service just wet I can’t even walk with these it’s just does it doesn’t even feel like rubber anymore some kind of other material pulled out of this thing like it it lost this grip completely I wear them

for gardening like I said you know cleaning the dog crap from the yard or just mowing the yard and all that so I keep throwing them in the washing machine and they’re coming out like clean at least not super functional bit so getting back to our feet cross

for you can probably find these under hundred dollars right now and I got them for ninety two dollars on Amazon make sure the retailer is real don’t buy these knock-offs these shoes last you forever I mean I’d like I said you don’t want to save on these and

trying to buy a $20 Chinese knockoff so are you gonna pay about 90 to 110 to 120 if it’s too good to be true you know that’s not real so be careful with those buy it from an authorized retailer all right well that’s it if you have any

questions let me know and I will try to answer them for you so it’ll probably help you hopefully it’ll help you to get a better idea which sure you want speed cost rewrite – because for right there foul razor right here discontinued you can still find the speed

cross 3 and our Ultra XD 4 right there so let me know if you have any questions thanks for watching let me know which one you like the most