Saquon Barkley Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

[Thời Trang Nam] [Applause] what up everybody its Joe from complex we’re in New York City a flight club with future NFL star sync mom Berkeley gonna do some sneaker shopping tonight gonna see what he’s feeling what he’s not and then hopefully he’s gonna buy some sneakers yeah Thomas my singing

oh so hope you believe me in the right direction let’s go let’s do it [Music] say Quan you’re from cop play born in the Bronx you were here until you were five but you spent most of your time there I googled sneaker stores in that area there’s not

many what’s it like to be in New York and see a sneaker store like flight club yeah it’s definitely definitely different and Copley Copley is not huge and definitely not as big as New York City but coming here and you know growing up it wasn’t really that big

into shoes but definitely now trying to definitely improve my shoe game and be able to do all these shoes and iconic shoes that you know you’ve seen Jordan and LeBron and all those guys wearing like you said cop is a small place and look forward to get back

to that community and maybe put a screw stop there and make it make it well-known we mentioned the sneaker stores in New York City but you know we also have great restaurants there’s always something to do as a Giants fan it wouldn’t be the worst if you end

up in New York City you know I was born here this is kind of big coming back home but New York Giants New York Jets Cleveland Browns so on and so on so on any team that drives me you know it’s gonna be I’ll be appreciative because that’s

my dream coming true I don’t want to play ball and then I felt I was a little kid so you mentioned LeBron a couple weeks ago you got to meet him yeah what was it like meeting him was it the first time you met him yeah this is

the first time I ever met LeBron and you know I thought it would be a little more a little more starstruck a little more nervous but just I guess because of the position I’ve been able to in the people it was meet kind of bracing myself for that

opportunity and I mean it was awesome you know all the incredible things that he’d done on the field and off the field and you know he was able I was able to do something his shoes on the 15 the 15 I love these I got sent beyond all

the Dan the Bron watched and I’m like a red black and white colorway but you know he said whatever team you go to wish you the best of luck and just be able to hear that from such a legend that was a blessing and honor truly honor you’re

recently out of college I remember my college years my sneaker budget was much smaller than it is now and your sneaker budget next weeks probably gonna be a lot more than it was in college do you remember any shoes you couldn’t get that you really wanted yeah definitely

would be the Concours especially the little top version growing up I wasn’t really big at the shoes and big into Jordans or any kind of fancy shoe I guess you could say but I’ve always had to pick one shoe it definitely the Conchords and now that I have

a little more money coming my way there’s a shoe that I hope to hope to get soon everyone talks about their first big splurge do you have anything in mind of when you sign your deal yet yeah that’s easy the first big thing I’m advised I’m on the

house phone so you know my parents are everything to me and all the sacrifices they made I wouldn’t be the man I am today without those two my mom my father so definitely no bottles to a house that they can call home and not swear by anything another

thing I got to ask about an Instagram pops up you’re with jay-z and you signed to rock nation we’ve had todd gurley we’ve had Ted’s Bryant other rock nation signees what was it like meeting him and talking to Jay yeah me and jay-z was one of cools most

of my life I was able to go to his house and his house is amazing that I remember I was with my family I was walking down the drive-through and jay-z was standing and we were like wow that’s actually jay-z but he’s had a lot of great things

but to say a lot of wisdom to give up you know that he’s in the industry so long and been very successful outside of rap and that’s a guy you kind of want to model yourself after jay-z and a rock nation family just has been so awesome to

me and like reason why I picked them it’s kind of same as why pick Penn State the resources it’s not only about football other things that they can create for you outside football you know obviously endorsements meeting people just put your name in the right places and you

know like I said you’re not just a football player not you’re a businessman so you got to look at it both ways definitely now the Instagram photo itself I noticed he’s not even wearing sneakers did that come up at all or it’s just Daisy and it it doesn’t

matter like I said we was he was he was home you know he was back in his house before we got them pretty sure he’s in his living room you know we took a picture to announce that I was committed to rock nation and I was signed with

Roc Nation we didn’t think about the shoes but you know a lot of people comment yeah it was a great it was a great picture and a picture that I’m looking forward to showing my kids on that your 21st birthday you announce you’re signed to Nike you know

we’re in front of the griffeys were in front of the boat Jackson’s what’s it like to be in that legacy of athlete that’s something you think about a little kid obviously playing a fellow it sound when I can hopefully one day gain your own shoe and this right

here Bo Jackson this shoe means a lot to me as a running back and this as a player because it really think about in football world not many guys have really broke out in a shoe industry and his shoes is still popular to this day obviously obj came

out with shoe sold out and stuff like that so you kind of like such an icon and the way he changed it a game for football he does something kind of my father’s footsteps and hopefully I can have success in the NFL and be able to come up

with one of my shoes at one day absolutely now draft night is there anything that you guys are cooking off special that you’re gonna be wearing on your feet yeah draft night is gonna be a special night out there in Dallas own the only cadet night wants and

Nike and Ben Kirchner a shoe designer we’re working a little shoe for me to wear with my suit something different try something new hopefully get people talking about it and have like my name on it with a Mikey a Nike simple like I said you dream about as

a kid and I’m only 21 and yeah having touched a feel happy touch to field play football yet and a fell but so many things are coming my way and I’m so thankful my sole honor and truly blessed so we should be on the lookout of a special

shoe that no one’s seen before it a little twist on it yeah a little toy law says other thing I want to ask you’re about to have a baby soon yeah you know we’re in a shoe store with tons of sneakers maybe you pick up a little infant

shoe yeah I’m gonna have to definitely I’ll see the gender of my babies on the side yeah we’re gonna find that one birth somebody my girlfriend decide to do but my starting off start him or her him or her off young with the shoe game and hopefully one

day we could walk around matching and I think you know as a father that something you look forward to well we talked about everything now is the easy part get the browser shelves pick up the sneakers I take the Conchords and size 14 I take the 12 and

the size 14 let me get the cause and size 14 don’t you know the undefeateds 1970s car chose to go pick up foo they look fire the acronyms and the size 14 this is different different let me get these I get the 10 gosh you can’t forget the

kid will ya okay yet subtle is 3146 50 thank you so se Kwang came through leaving with a bunch of new sneakers thanks so much for taking the time thank you guys for having good luck this season we’ll be watching [Music] what’s up everybody its Joe from complex

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