Selling Shoes on Ebay. TOP 10 BRANDS MEN’S Shoes to Re-Sell on eBay to Make MONEY

what is up YouTube thanks for tuning in for another video today we’re going to be covering the top 10 best-selling men’s shoes to resale on eBay you asked for it you got it if you haven’t already don’t forget to subscribe to this channel if you want to learn

how you can crush it on eBay [Music] baby powder makes demographics with tables I need to go vote all right guys coming in at number 10 is going to be one of your bread-and-butter brands which is Johnston and Murphy of course Johnson and Murphy you all you guys

have all heard of them they are old reliables and they’re plentiful out there in the marketplace and like I said definitely a bread and butter brand so if you find Johnston in Murphy’s in good condition you want to grab them Johnston to Murphy’s make several different model types

some better than others others obviously but if you keep your eyes open every so often you can pick up a pair of shell cordovan Johnson emergence and that is horsehide those are few and far between but if you do find them you better grab them they’re good for

no less than a 100 to 1 to 150 dollars so coming in at number 10 JM number 9 on the countdown of the top ten shoes to resell on eBay is polo by Ralph Lauren now polo you don’t find a lot of them out there but they are

great quality and if you do find a pair of polo shoes you want to make sure you get them if you can get a decent price on them then make sure you grab them and even better than just polo is a polo bench mate and those are few

and far between sort of like you know Johnson and Murphy shale coordinance but they say they’ll say right inside the shoe benchmade which is basically you know handmade and hand crafted with the finest materials and the best craftsmanship so keep your eyes open for polo by Ralph Lauren

all right coming in at number eight on the countdown are a six gel and this is a brand that I don’t hear people talk about very often but Asics gel they make sneakers and running shoes specifically and if you find a good pair of Asics gel in good

condition you want to snatch them up guys because those have excellent resale value on eBay some of the top runners in the world use and wear Asics gel so keep your eyes open coming in at number eight basics gel number seven on the countdown are allen edmonds this

is a pretty common brand name that’s being tossed around all over the internet now and they’re actually popularity has gone way up in recent years and they’re actually pretty plentiful in the marketplace you know so if you do find a pair of Allen Edmonds in decent condition you

definitely definitely want to grab them up they have great resale value and they’re very high quality craftsmanship so number seven guys Allen Edmonds okay coming in at number six is FootJoy classics put joy classics they are golf shoes and if you find them out there you want to

make sure you get them now foot joy makes several different models of you know their shoes of the golf shoes but put your classics are by far the best so if you find FootJoy plastics out there make sure you grab them guys alright number five on the countdown

chucko chucko makes some of the best sandals out there their sandals I have a great resale value on eBay approximately I mean if you find a really good pair of clean tchacos you’ll have no problem getting $75 I mean I’ve even gotten over a hundred for some really

nice chocos you know the very high quality there probably lasts forever you know they have nylon straps on the uppers and thick rubber soles with vibrant bottoms so they’re they’re hiking high quality construction and built to last so that is why number five on the countdown is chucko

alright guys getting close to the top of the countdown close to number one coming in at number four is Alden Alden makes men’s dress shoes and they are very high quality and very expensive so if you see Alden out there they also make shelf cordovan so if you

see Alden shell quarter limbs and you think they might be definitely want to grab them a great resale value and like I said they’re very expensive and you know really easy to sell on ebay so coming in at number four Aldens alright now we’re getting into the really

really high-end elite brands coming in at number three is Ferragamo and I’m sure you guys have all heard Ferragamo Salvatore Ferragamo they make men’s dress shoes every so often you can actually even find sneakers by Ferragamo boots but they’re more than likely what you’re going to find out

there are attrition so keep your eyes open for Ferragamo guys excellent resale value and very expensive in the marketplace all right and number 1 on the top 10 countdown of the best shoes to sell on eBay Prada that’s right product PRA da and I’m sure most you guys

have heard of Prada if you haven’t do a little research if you find a pair of prada out there you have absolutely no problem getting rid of them have great resale value and very high quality construction great resale value on ebay so if you stick with Prada you

know Gucci you have no problem selling alright guys and I’m just go ahead and throw this one in there as a free bonus because you also want to keep your eyes peeled for these and the brand is fin D if you find a pair of finding shoes dress

shoes for men out there you definitely want to grab them even if you find a pair of women’s affinity go ahead and grab those too because uh you know they’re very expensive that great resale value on eBay and you really can’t go wrong with a nice pair of

Fendi as long as you’re not overpaying for them you know pennies are going to be a winner every time so number one on the countdown best men’s shoes is going to be Fendi and Prada I’d say those two tie for number one but any of these top 3

brands are pretty much going to be you know great all the way across the board now what I included in this list was basically your highest dollar brands to resale anything not necessarily the ones that you’re going to find the most often but these are like I said

the best quality and they hold the highest absolute highest resale value out there so if you find any shoes on this list you’re going to be fine guys just stick with the shoes on the list and get them no problem making money ok that’s it I hope this

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my channel you want to learn how you can work from home be your own boss and create the life that you love selling eBay thanks for tuning in guys and until the next video you could put that go pumping tank now it’s time to take it home the

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