[Music] thank you guys for keeping it to brand class TV my name is Kelly wheels and you are watching Foshan harbor steel at railroad job shop that is located on be a shara street as he allah sawas the first floor and this place like I told you is

one place that you need to bring all the guys ladies and you men you need to find your style over here because they have everything all kinds of trousers and jeans khakis sweat pants shorts you know and they have Blazers both sporty and you know they did a

serious one the official ones shuts everything for the guys now instead looking at the casual pieces that every guy should be able to have and so they at least they look good every single time they are India casuals and not we looking at shoes now we all know

the kind of shoes that fall under the casual and an example and obvious is a loafer these are these are brand by a toy or a job himself a very beautiful design so this is one of these collections he’s a brand so these are very nice shoe to

you wear when you dressed in your in your car casuals and this definitely cannot go with jeans okay you need to make that decision sometimes you need to look at a shoe and tammini is it going to you know come complement my jeans or khakis so generally it

goes well with a khaki kind of trousers so we have this kind of alofa and we have another one this one and a good thing with this one it’s you know it is a sweet it has a sweet you know material which is whole night so this one

also you can dress it up or down again this goes well with a nice khaki you know and our nice t-shirt or a nice you know shuts blazer like a jacket like this and you look good so it is now we have something else we have this as

a kind of loaf I call it’s a tassel offer basically because of you know these two details over here again this is railroad job cool Shawn design himself it is very beautiful it is sweet very breeze this one you can pass you can wear with your nice fitting

jeans and khakis oh this is another example of a casual shoe and it is yeah you look like you were wearing some know thousands of dollars you know feet it’s very beautiful very nice now this is the love us we have other kinds of shoes that fall under

the casuals we have these and be sure most of us are familiar with these kind of shoe these are the ones now these are the kind of people who don’t look so serious they want have a playful kind of you know vibe to their casual way or outfit

so this is the kind of shoot wear and go for very beautiful or the one that I am wearing so if my cameraman will help you so these another pair of shoe that you can decide so if you want to wear these or these it’s up to you

to decide and they are all available so go for this so it is this option and then we have another option wow this one again this is royal royalty by red job these himself you know this is another design by him so beautiful these are very nice design

you know I knew of the double monk as official dress shoes but now you know he has decided to make a casual you know bit of it which is so beautiful the solid rubber so very nice you know for wearing your casual so beautiful these anything can go

with anything very nice this and now we have the last but not the least you know this kind of shoe it is the Chelsea boot your now let me tell you a tip about chelsea boots these are perfect example of a Chelsea boot chelsea boots needs to have

this kind of solve very slim and the sole needs to be rubber if you have a choice a good and doesn’t have those Arrington you have a good Chelsea boot these are not letting Chelsea boots so beautiful so if you’re going for Chelsea boot go for one that

is authentic don’t go for those which are out there imitations they don’t look good so go for a nice Chelsea boot go for different colors and but it is awareness should experiment two different colors don’t go for the black hope you know the bounds that we are all

used to go for bright colors and you will always look and with issue again don’t mind about much in your cloth let it stand out wait so click fashion is all about being a play it’s more serious so guys I really wanna know what the kind of shoes

that you wear when you’re in your casual outfits so share with us using the handles right there below using you know the hashtag fashion hub until next time remember fashion fits style and was keep watching [Music] you Oh