Ski Mask The Slump God Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

[Thời Trang Nam] what up everybody its Joe from complex for in New York City at stadium Goods with ski masks the slumpy odd hey what’s wrong with you need to give us some grip story prices what’s up what’s up good sneaker shopping tonight get to see where he’s feeling what

he’s not and then I’m gonna get this awesome you’re gonna get the sauce you can get the sauce for him cup some sneakers [Music] so ski yellowing up near Miami Broward County do you remember when LeBron came to Miami and liked his sneakers and people going crazy for

them like the South being the eye piece going to dunk exchange soul exchange being on Facebook be back if you ever got it so exchange your dunk exchange hell no I just heard about gonna literally just heard about I was never I be sand plus my parents hated

me anyways so they never bought me anything nice but I always ask that question then your parents lace keep growing up so that’s a now like if I was bad they were shave my head bald and then take my good shoes I’d have like Bobo’s like I’d have

some n ones I’d go to school with some n ones brother and get made fun of how to focus on ski if I’m wearing some n ones there make no sense but these I definitely remember these these expensive back then brother he’s going for it now oh yeah

I put that down ski you don’t have many posts on Instagram you have like 19 but a few of them and I delete constantly oh do you like yeah they don’t deserve but a few of them you’re wearing vans in how big of a fan of vans are

you I’m a huge Vince and I love Vince couldn’t skate tried bus wasn’t working out for me but I love it I’m gonna bring I’m gonna just tell y’all some embarrassing things I used to jerk it’s called it’s a dance called you know we had kinda show we

did the same thing yeah used to jerk advance to the wallet ooh so you guys you guys are gonna bring it back oh yeah I did it’s an embarrassing time for me [Music] skee you’re 21 years old yeah do you remember watching Jordans play basketball ah don’t I

really really dope but when I see like things on the Internet of him like just balling the cow I’ll be like damn I wish I was in that era do you remember going to school and kids showing up what you were to hell yeah never happiness came out

oh my gosh showing up to school so many people had different outfits it would probably have they would only wear like a red or black shirt this was my favorite Jordan and I never even wear Jordans you really yeah sort of god I remember I think the first

time I even seen it somebody pulled up to school because I can’t wear it like I usually didn’t never used to wear Jordans but somebody pulled up to my school you know Mao’s matters we really it just didn’t look right yeah wait you feel me ah things change

and you said that you couldn’t wear them in the past would you ever give them another try maybe I have to I think I have to make that transition you know you fool me you got a can’t be scared to change it’s been a big year for air

maxes and it’s been especially a big year for 97 so you went to them definitely I love 90 centers these the classics I love the undefeated you know the all black is very conclude oh we can take Max’s – yes kappa yea this was telling me yeah these

are fire to go on the nutty fuzz is really like what I was big on back in the day like when I was like growing up and my dad put me on the really yeah so your dad had even cool sneakers oh yeah oh yeah my dad is

fresh i you know like I sort of God my dad will poets in my school it all girls was trying to get at him just cuz he like skin his babies Wilin out my dad just be smoking hella weed I think I really yeah my dad you’re making

this heist in the 95 playing in the little girls like oh my god it’s wrong with you really I read that you’re big into Gucci but you also love every way I love y3 what there’s no favorite you buy a lot of them how do you shop a

while of y3 oh I’m going to the white these stories of hassle bro and then like all the good white three colors is in women’s and then and I’m like what’s the biggest size you got it women how do you feel about like the Alexander Wang collection bro

I didn’t even know these exist only know about a ring from you seem very surprised at some of these prices is it crazy that some of these $25,000 the Macklemore 6 is $20,000 what’s wrong with people like you really don’t pay $25,000 for some shoes brother there’s cars

that cost and they wallet no Eminem’s 14 brand no Sun these better not be walking in these at all they’re gonna be levitated he doesn’t set the price I know you need to give us some thrift store prices all right so we talked about everything now is the

easy part you get the browser Sheldon she can lit brother hey [Music] this was your firm definitely need these ten these undefeateds I love it rushes yeah definitely maybe God this fires watch I bet y’all start by looking at these two also definitely gonna have two copies my

favorite and first pair Jordans it’s a year total of 8 mm 54 and 55 Jesus Carson I got a box brother it’s all thank you [Music] so ski masks came through bought a bunch of sneakers bought his first pair of Jordans oh yeah it split and I got

these and he held my fresh and he got those make sure everyone checks his new mixtape the bie light coming soon go get that get the bookie live the way the Book of Eli is coming soon very soon song was produced by Timbaland awesome [Music] you