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hi guys how are you I’m Robin and this is street style the series that sees me out of the studio and onto the street to see what guys are wearing and what they’ve got in their hair I really like your look can I touch you really quickly come over this way what’s your name Luke look nice to meet you I stopped you because I like your vibe oh thank you where are you from Australia Australia Sydney I’ve got a good ear look what you’re wearing I’m wearing Celeron balm and jacket Dicky’s added s Continental and still wool turtleneck and how does this style differ from Sydney to here yeah I love it here because you can really express yourself a bit more here than in Sydney but there’s a lot of different shops different vintage shops not as many as Sydney but yeah it’s nice I like it and what about your grooming routine you put they groomed i braised you do say things no this is just natural beauty right here yeah well thanks very much look thank you excuse me excuse me mr.

Braylon can I please talk to you about your style just really quickly yes of course what’s your name Luc Luc nice to meet you I’ve just had another look it must be the name of the season yeah you look very cool I’m also jealous I just have a mustache and I’ve just got rid of it okay tell me about your style where’s everything from these are from Depot I got them today someone robbed them congratulations this is from beyond retro lazy oh I’m about to pop into and these are just and who’s Jennifer I have no idea some what some cheerleader of course what about your grooming routine huh your grooming routine a grooming routine not a lot it just grows like this pretty much yeah yeah you don’t use any took moisturizer to no lives you nothing where’d you find you a style inspiration like Pinterest ghosts and people that’s true just chuck together stuff and see how it works very good you’re nailing that Pinterest life it’s good to be back on the stream second never left people are very pleased to see me excuse me boys hi can i chat you about your style you’re in a real rush but come on just come and chat to me very quickly what’s your name Elliot nice to meet you Harrison Harrison where’s everything from Alfred nurseries Wyoming merch and just some golf the flowers yeah very nice and you supreme Jordan and loving Conchords what about your style inspiration jeah I set in place you go to wear street worth to fur just kind of follow on Instagram what’s going on yeah if there’s like a drop coming up with keep an eye on it and then like you know look for what’s coming up that’s interesting and any key accounts that people should kind of look at to get this sort of same look I think anything that Kenya was she wearing you can’t like follow and it’s always in trend so you can’t really go wrong with it I’m looking for a very stylish man it’s very cold but where is the star in London town – enjoying your style where’s everything from oh this from hmm a lot of hmm stuff actually with my whole outfit formation very good and the shoes Vince what sort of like grooming products you’ve got a very groom – beard I don’t use any green products it’s just natural just brushing very good no more no moisturizer no moisturizers just showers that’s pretty much it I’m just absolutely surprised that no one seems to have anything in their hair and no guys are using moisturizer where have you been get subscribing watch my skincare videos please I’m on the run I’ve got upper level upper gear we’re after him come on can I talk to you about your style please what’s your name Edie Edie nice to meet you I’m Robin lovely jacket Levi’s yeah it for long a couple of years yeah it’s very good I just chased a tree I thought I’d need to know I’m what about everything else where’s it from this is from Wolsey timberland boots and then these are jeans very nice and your hat remember it doesn’t keep your ears warm though no no it’s more a fashion than functions any skin care any moisturizers yeah use Bulldog moisturizer they’re like protective UV one do you know it makes me so pleased that you actually use the moisturizer every other guy we we’ve spoken to dozen and yours has got an SPF which is great I just chased after I thought I need that coal where’s it from Kenton Kerwin very nice David Beckham’s yeah I’m the creative director that oh there we go exactly what’s your name Daniel counts nice to meet you I’m Robin and so Kent and Cowan are you all in Kenan Cowan yeah pants not trainers but the rest yeah good and where’d you get your style inspiration or your inspiration for the brand from everywhere British culture British heritage British codes and then breaking British codes which I think the British are the best see ya currently we’re on Carnaby Street now which is obviously a fashion icon in itself so everything to do with Britain London and the melting pot of culture that it is really okay thank you I also need to ask me what freegans you a it smells amazing molecule very nice so they go streets child and it is good to be back I actually think 2019 should be the year of street styled goes global so if you are an airline and you want to sponsor it then please do let me know and if you’ve got any suggestions or where we should go I mean somewhere tropical would be good then do let me know in the comments below and if you’re new to my channel you’ve not yet press subscribe then hits it hit that subscribe button a right now it’s up there so some more than suggest and stay in there steer me and watch them head to my blog it’s looking good my Instagram my podcasts are up there went our next video bye bye.