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what’s going on guys my name is Lisa and today we’re gonna be doing an unboxing on these guys right here this is from the company called tapped now if you’re not familiar with TAF they are essentially a direct-to-consumer shoe company based out of Utah and this can be

my fourth pair from them so take it from a guy that’s you know owned a couple pairs and definitely put them through their paces in terms of like how long they last like them being comfortable it’s definitely there um the really great thing about this company is they

make really high quality shoes for like a fraction of the price and I can definitely say they have my shoes have tooken you know quite a bit of a beating and they still look great so without further ado this just hop into it I’m gonna do a quick

unboxing with my homemade shank right here and we’re gonna show you what’s inside when you get one of these all right so this this is very task-oriented presentation so just in the inside of the box right here the designs really nice as you can see it’s all blue

and inside there’s a quite a bit of a lot of the details here like we hope you like well for the family contact support there’s social links and yeah so here is the invoice now I did end up getting these during Black Friday I do have the white

sneakers so I already knew what my size was when it came to these nutmegs so yeah I was just waiting for them to go on sale and you know I immediately just bought them cool so let’s go ahead and take this black box out and that way we

can get your shoes let me just toss this alright guys so this right here this is top this is a nice black box with some texture to it you know the font is and gold definitely when it comes to presentation tap does a really good job I’ve done

those like four times already and each someone getting new pair of shoes I like the presentation a lot call me old-fashioned but it’s a lot of fun alright so let’s remove this and throw this oh cool alright so I don’t know I’m surprised I’ve already got in these

before but it’s always nice to see this when you do buy these shoes they do come with a shoe bag it is a cloth material the really cool thing about this is if you no this is forest essentially when you travel or or maybe after you condition your

shoes and they’re really nice you know so dust doesn’t go on them and settles in you can put your shoes in here and that way you keep your shoes looking super fresh I own a lot of muck Nani’s which are Spanish brand shoes that you know they retail

for four to five hundred bucks and I have a couple of those and those are the only shoes that I know that offer you these right out the box now of course you end up paying like an arm and a leg just to get one of these guys

so it’s really great that tops already offering you this so put that to the side and oh cool alright so it looks like they still give you shoehorn now the really neat thing about this is it helps you put on your shoes so then you don’t destroy the

backing so in terms of like a lot of people like to slip into their shoes and when you do that you end up breaking the backing right here cuz keep bending it down this inserts it like that and then way you could put your ankle and your shoes

last a whole lot longer I’ve had like I keep getting these this style the original style was a lot better in my opinion it was very flat a lot like a beer opener it had like a marble texture this one’s plasticky I mean it’s cool that they even

give it to you most Cummings would him and give it to you but I you know if taps gonna be watching this I like the original flat one so that one’s cool alright so these are the shoes right here I’m just gonna do a first impressions with you

guys oh okay cool oh cool let me uh let me get all of them out or both of them cool all right all right cool so let me just kind of let me just preserve these a little bit because I have my business for sama I’m looking at

these and yeah I mean you know for some odd reason I don’t know what I was thinking but I just assumed that these would be a lot like lighter and then what they are I just I don’t know I guess I assumed that they would be tan these

are definitely uh a brown I would say a medium a medium brown not a dark brown but a medium brown and you know honestly in person I actually like them a lot more they look really cool now I’m already telling right here there’s like a scar in the

in actual leather now this comes from the animal so kudu is essentially like this deer / gazelle and it grazes in the South African plains essentially when it’s eating it scratches its stomach on the brush while it’s eating and it develops these scars right because it’s starting to

heel back and it gives each one of these shoes like it’s own character like I’m seeing a couple of these nicks right here and I mean honestly just really adds to it let me go ahead and just give you a little 360 of how this shoe looks like

yeah it’s pretty badass right I’m pretty impressed with these and I see the under these are the soles now with these souls I have the all white ones nappa leather and honestly these are super grippy I mean I wear those shoes religiously like almost every single day and

they’ve last me really long actually as a matter of fact let me show you right now these are my white nappa ones now you can see this the thin silhouette really really cool very very very similar to the common projects these are super high quality the reason that

I’m able to keep these looking so great is I put them in shoe trees right as soon as I get the shoe I put leather conditioner I put the shoes tree on and it makes my shoes last a whole lot longer definitely gonna do the same for these

guys right here okay let me put it in right now yeah I mean I think just first impressions right off the bat it’s really really high-quality I mean you can just tell on the inside this is white leather lining it’s leather all the way around I mean just

check this out it’s really cool leather all the way around there’s like this suede in the back right here that really just helps your shoe or your heel not slip out when you’re running so yeah the inside all leather it’s very comfortable and cushy from what I’m seeing

a lot like the white sneaker so really well padded you know the other thing that I’m noticing with this shoe and I mean let me go ahead and see you guys can see this too is that there’s a there’s this grain to it which you know yeah see

you can see right there you see the grain that’s really cool you know with my white ones there’s their smooth nappa leather so unless you’re really close and you feel them you know it’s leather with this pebble leather texture you can definitely tell that these are leather shoes

which honestly for me I think that’s pretty badass I should really like this um now as with any shoe as soon as you get it the best thing that you can do is apply a leather conditioner well everything’s still clean and really the real reason why you do

that is this is a leather right it’s a lot like human skin it’s been sitting in a warehouse area different degrees of temperature and like your leather starts to dry out so you want to help hydrate the leather by putting some moisturizer on it a some leather conditioner

put it on these shoes let it sit for like an hour and I guarantee you you’re gonna feel the suppleness like the leathers gonna feel so buttery and good it’ll make your shoes last a whole lot longer but this is how it looks like with a shoe tree

in there yeah guys I think just right off the bat I mean when it comes to Taff I am not surprised on how great the shoes look I mean just look it back that silhouette is so dope it’s not clunky the mag nonny’s as much as I love

that brand right I own like probably I own like eight pairs when it comes to their tennis shoes are kind of clunky these shoes right here super thin silhouette very comparable to the common projects I would say it’s not better there’s definitely a lot more value I just

like how sleek it looks I mean that’s the one thing I will say like if you guys are has it on hesitating on like getting these shoes don’t I I know from experience the first day that you wear them you know like there’s a one-day break-in period like

with any leather shoe but after they break in they feel it they definitely feel like a glove they fit like that right on your feet but yeah these are my shoes these are the you know the top sneakers in nutmeg and yeah with the pebble leather I guess

um so let me do a 360 one more time and then that way you guys can see it see the leather a little scarring yeah it’s super dope I don’t know I like these shoes already too free to comment down below you guys have any questions about these

shoes are the white sneakers I also have the Judd boot and brown and a brown suede I have the Dylan wraparound boots those are also pretty badass so you have any questions on any of the shoes that I have feel free to leave me a comment down below

and I’ll be sure to get back to you I really think you guys should pick this up especially with the holidays coming around the corner really great present for your significant other or someone that you know and your family that would really enjoy these alright guys so I’m

gonna wear these and pretty soon I’ll probably do like a review after the fact like maybe like a six-month wear review but yeah feel free to hit subscribe down below that way you guys can see my new videos as students to come up when I do more unboxings

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I’ll see you on the next one and thank you so much for checking out my video and I hope to see you guys around alright bye