Take a Walk Through Dillard’s Men’s Shoes

– [Man] Go! – Hey everybody, I am at themen’s shoe store at Dillard’s with Angela, my new friend here.

She has had 15 years experiencehere at the shoe store, and she went to get acertification actually, and so she’s incredibly knowledgeable about all these shoes here.

So we’re going to kind oftake a peek at a few of ’em, she’s going to tell yousome different features.

– Yes.

– So maybe we can help you out at home.

Now, I know most men donot go shoe shopping, and their wives do it for them.

So more than likelythis video is for them.

– Yes it is.

– All right Angela what you got for me? – Number one, I need thewives to bring the foot to me so I can’t actually serve the feet.

Things are just sodifferent now than they were years ago when things wasactually made in America.

– Yeah.

– My number one brandthat I love to sell is my gentleman’s brand, I callit the Johnston and Murphy, which these are real stylish, fashionable but yet still comfortableand real supportive.

One of the featuresJohnston and Murphy does with their waterproof shoe is, we have what we call an X-C-R insole in here and it’scalled a duel width.

– Okay.

– And what you do is, it’s amedium width shoe starting out, once we take and removeinsole, it becomes wider.

– Oh.

– And what it does it gives you more width – Wait until she’s done.

(intercom speaker) – This feature is awesome.

So you remove the liner.

– This feature here, you remove the liner, the inside sole, which is made out of sheepskin lining and memory foam.

And, once you remove thisliner, then it becomes wide, it gives you more movementin the toe box area for the customer.

During that period we giveyou a substitute insole, a little white insole, – For free.

give you just a little— A free insert.

– Oh, free, yes that comes free.

And once you break in the shoeand wear it a couple times, then you’re able to add thisinsole right back in there.

This feature only appliesto our waterproof XCR four collection with Johnston and Murphy.

– Okay, that is an awesomefeature, highly recommend that – Yes.

– For sure.

– [Camera man] I’m comingaround so I can see some of the Johnston and Murphy shoes.

– Yes, please look at mygentleman’s shoes, yes.

– She was showing this one off too, this is great for a little more stylish, absolutely great support here, there’s not a lot offlexibility to this shoe at all.

Inside sole, nice and cushiony.

I mean, all the Johnston Murphy’s.

I mean, look at this.

So if you have some heelspurs, or any heel pain, this will be great to try out.

– Especially if you do, they have their own personal orthotics.

– Yes, custom orthotics.

– See that is– – We do a lot.

– That is removable for that reason, just in case if someone has theirown personal orthotics they would like to enter in there, that’s why we got that there for.

– I recommend a lot of custom orthotics, so this line here, highly recommend.

– And that shoe also has one- – [Intercom Announcer] 1-1-51.

– in shoes like that.

It’s a side entrance, whichmeans it kind of hugs the foot.

– Okay.

– You know, kind of gripsit like a Nike shoe, or like a athletic shoe.

But it’s a little bit more fashionable.

– [Camera Man] It’s very Euro.

– Very Euro.

This would actually be good if you had a higher archbecause that foot type typically has a more narrow mid foot area.

So this will be ableto kind of support and cushion it a little better.

– [Camera Man] So your saying I need them.

– Also, the laces here can be altered, to accommodate the heightof the arch itself.

– Yeah, absolutely the truth.

– Perfect, Johnston andMurphy again, alright.

– Yes.

– What else we got? – Over here on this tablehere, let’s move this way.

This is my Cole Haan brand.

Which is really fashionable.

Those are my Driver’s there.

They’re just something you wear and relax.

– Yeah.

– Shorts, khakis, jeans.

– See here, this has aliner that can pop out.

– That one doesn’t comeout, it’s glued in there.

– It’s glued? Okay.

– If they’re bad they canremove it and take it out of that.

– You can buy it!Gotcha! – They can’t bring it back okay? You all need any help, let me know sir.

You need any help let me know, okay? – Let’s take a look at the other side.

– Okay.

– Oh look at these! – Look, you must getthese on there, please.

– Holy moly!- This is just what my- – Yes.

– You’ve got some good looking shoes now.

– Yes, I mean it really is.

The Wing Tip is, it never left.

It’s really back.

Most of those don’t come out.

– Okay.

– I mean some of them do yeah.

The new ones do, the new ones do, I’m sorry, yeah they do.

– Okay.

So it will fit yourorthotic or any type of over the counter insert.

– Pick up one of those right there.

The mesh, see how flexible it is? – Yeah.

– Flex it.

It flexes just like a athletic shoe.

– Yes.

– Matter of fact, it was a Nike concept.

– Gotcha, I think for certain foot types, that can get by with this would be okay.

– And with the mesh, it’s really breezy and good for the summer.

– This will be great for boating.

To take to the lake if you have a boat.

– Kingsland, hey.

– Kingsland, yes.

Yeah, this would be great for Kingsland.

– I sell a lot of them, and go on the reverse side.

Go over to this side.

We have quite a few.

– Oh wow! – So we have otherstyles over here as well.

– I think someone over, our videographer, is going to be buying someof these today, I know.

– Yes, I told you, and I buymy young baby’s shoes here.

And there again, this ismore of a leather one, so therefore it’s morefor, probably the fall and the winter months.

– Yeah.

– But see, you can wear it in the summer months as well.

– Look at this, I mean that’sa good looking dress shoe.

– That’s classy, that black and gray.

– Yet, the sole of it’s nice and squishy.

– It’s really, and it’s– And the liner comes out too.

– What do you think about the wedge sole? – The wedge sole?- Like it give you a lot of support too?- Yes.

– See the wedge gives youa little bit more support in the lower back, hips- – Yeah it will take some tension- – Right, off your backand stuff like that.

– You got it.

I actually prefer this sole to this one.

– I know you do.

I know you do.

I know you do, because I do too.

This is also that casualcollection of Cole Haan.

– [ Camera Man] The one I like so far.

– If you want a pennyjust a little something, we call the Weekender, just something you want to slip your foot in.

Check it out, it comes in two colors here, and the one for laceups with the perforated, and we have that in here for you as well.

– I mean, you have so many shoes here.

I mean, the Rockport here.

– Rockport, Rockport, Rockport.

– I mean, everybody’s got anice sole on a men’s dress shoe.

I did not know this was available.

– Keep on talking, I’ll be right back.

– Yeah sure thing.

I had no idea that theyhad so many options for men’s kind of younger or, and actually more cushy because I have a lot ofbusinessmen in the office, and a lot of them comein with these real hard- they walk around allday and it really starts to become painful.

Fortunately Rockport, they typically do have an insert that’s a nice cushion in there.

You have to be realcareful about how the toes taper with any shoe.

Some of the men’s shoes are more rounded, others are more tapered like this.

Just be careful if yourhusband has a bunion or a tailor’s bunion, hammertoes, things like that.

Just make sure he’s gotplenty of room in there.

– [Camera Man] Speaking from experience.

– Very impressed with the selection here.

Honestly, this is the firsttime I’ve been in a Dillard’s Men’s shoe store, there’s all kinds.

I’ll head up here, there’sa lot of driving shoes.

I think some littleSperry’s, great like she said for the weekend.

– [Camera Man] Go this way.

– You can watch, you know Idon’t like a lot of flexibility.

This has been around for a million years, and it’s still one of the most comfortable shoe for men they love it.

– [Camera Man] Is that a boat shoe? – It is a boat shoe.

And a nice rubber, it’s goingto last you a long time.

I typically recommendwearing, like my summer shoes, like if it’s a sandal ora flip flop, or you know something like this andyou’re wearing it day in and day out, it lasts for a season.

Then switch it out.

You don’t want to wear a shoethat’s really falling apart.

It’s not going to help you.

The Sanuk in this style, itdepends on what you’re doing.

If you’re going to thebeach and you’ll be kicking it off and you know, sittingin the sand, it’s fine.

I would not wear that around town, I see a lot of people doingthat and they are just, that shoe’s not designed for that, because it’s too bendable.

Sperry’s still, it’s a good shoe.

– Okay, this is not, sorry Angela.

– It’s alright.

– Shoes like this- – It’s not in.

– I don’t even know howthey came back in style.

I mean- – Really.

– There is nothing to this, and I know they’re super popular right now.

– That’s so true.

– That’s true.

Absolutely, I love you.

– Well if you need any help– I love her.

– Come see Angela, clearly sheis incredibly knowledgeable.

We are here at Dillard’sMen’s Shoe store so stop by and see her, and she can help you out! – Anytime, you welcome! – Alright everybody, have agreat day, see you next time! – Thank you, God bless.