The 5 Best Jackets for Spring || Men’s Fashion 2019

Oh hey guys so today we’re talking about the five must own jackets for spring hey guys welcome back to Gentile I’m George this is blake if you haven’t I hit that subscribe button yet hit that right now we are here every week talking about men’s fashion lifestyle and

everything in between and today we are jumping the gun a little bit but we want to talk about spring so today we’re talking about five jackets that are perfect for spring so I think this video is coming at a perfect time for us in LA because we’ve been

on this extremely cold fronts we it’s been freezing here it’s been it’s been 50 degrees I mean it’s been 40 it’s been 48 in family hills it was it was snowing they said it dude it’s it’s been extremely cold it’s our polar vortex guys but us Angelenos are

like dying for spring now you know usually a spring like 24/7 365 alright guys and up first on the list is a standard denim jacket so this is perfect because as you guys might know if you own a denim jacket it does not provide much warmth it’s is

very much a style thing but it does give you that little extra layer to you know kind of cut the breeze a little bit yeah and I think a classic Levi’s denim jacket is it would be like you first go to it’s easy to wear you can start

with any piece and then from there once you get comfortable that og denim Jackie you can start like changing it to like a moto denim jacket or a dark black denim jacket or even like a white denim jacket you know you can start like you know just plain

with it one really important thing to remember guys is that not all these jackets are going to be for your style so you know take this with a grain of salt but there are so many different types of denim jackets that will fit your style which is gonna

be a whole different video if we wanted to do that one but you know the great thing about all of these jackets is you can really layer them like if it’s warm wear a t-shirt underneath if it’s colder you know you can layer a sweatshirt or a sweater

so it really just adds that extra pop to your outfit with a cool jacket but you can still layer underneath weather for the exact temperature outside alright guys and up next on the list is the classic bomber jacket which I am wearing today this comes in many different

shapes and sizes much like the denim jacket you can get the nylon super puffy bomber or you can get a more streamlined bomber but basically a bomber is something that has you know kind of elastic sleeves and this type of collar which makes it a bomber jacket yeah

I think something that I like with my bombers is it to be like more fitted than normal so I typically size down so if I’m a medium all sides out so small and I think because bombers already have like a puffy field regardless if it’s nylon or if

it’s canvas so I think when you size down you get like a more tailored fit I guess you could say right I mean it just looks nicer you know I I completely agree like definitely you don’t want to go too small but too big looks awful yes and

you also have to notice that bombers are cut shorter so it’s not gonna be long like like a coat it’s gonna be a little shorter than normal more casual you wouldn’t wear that to like it like your club or your bar it’d be like more of a daytime

jacket right and personally for me I feel like a bomber jacket I never zip them up like I never yeah just because it’s like got the elastic around the waist too and it’s just like sucks you in and weird places especially if you’re not like a super skinny

dude like yeah it’s you only unzip it so that’s why you can also size down a touch because as long as you can get your arms through and you’re good you don’t need to make sure it’s like zips a full way up exactly alright guys so number three

in our list we have a suede jacket so today I’m wearing one that’s a little bit more casual than it is dressy typically suede is more of your like hiring going out jacket that’s why I’d like to own like different colors like a black a brown and even

like a darker shade of brown because it’s I could substitute that for a blazer and still look like dressed up if I’m going out but I don’t want to look too dressed up to be honest all of these jackets that we have could be a suede jacket like

they make suede bombers they make I mean this looks like a suede denim jacket and the last jacket on the list could be suede as well and still look fun but basically it just elevates whatever style of jacket you like and takes it to like a classier dressier

level alright guys up next on the list is kind of a classy version of a windbreaker I think it’s called a blouson jacket so this one’s from Lacoste back here but basically it is a windbreaker with you know a nicer collar and you know some it’s a nice

accents yeah I think it’s more of like a dad jacket but a elevated dad jacket because dad jackets are typically like my dad wears even it’s kind of being in baggy he zipped it all the time but this one I hear is more tailored fitted better fabric just

just nicer yeah yeah I mean granted this isn’t this isn’t the jacket that makes a statement but it does get the job done and it does look classy so if you’re a more dressed up you know suit and tie type guy this you put this on take your

blazer off of your suit jacket off this will look just fine over any dressed up outfit alright guys and last but not least something we don’t get to use that much in LA but is essential pretty much everywhere else in the world the raincoat yes guys no I

think this jacket first if foremost has to be water repellent you can’t go for a super chic look of this on this type of jacket it has to serve a function and a purpose okay so like bravery makes amazing coat there’s a lot of Jake who has a

lot of killer ones and AHS you guys if you click onto Amazon you could probably find a rain jacket that’s gonna cost you about $50 and sort of the exact same purpose and function as we write right guys so this is not your fashion jacket I mean if

it rains daily where you are I would consider making it more fashionable like if you’re in England yeah then maybe Burberry is the right choice for your rain jacket but if you’re in a place where it only rains seldomly and you kind of pull it out of your

closet you know even once or twice a month not worth going overboard on it honestly all right guys that pretty much wraps up our five jackets that are perfect for spring I hope this video was helpful hope you learned a little bit comment below which jacket is your

favorite below remember denim bomber blouson suede and a raincoat so you know you can kind of mix and match any of these combinations of jackets but hopefully you’ll find something that works for you see you next time guys you