The Ball Family Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

[Thời Trang Nam] when everybody’s jokin complex were in LA a flight club with the ball family Alonzo lamelle Oh Maya Angelou Singapore’s Lavar we’re going to do some sneaker shopping tonight you can see what they’re feeling what they’re not and then he does they go to buy some speakers or

they go sell some sneakers Oh bill speakers treasure let’s go so guys we always start at Jordans okay who are growing up what shoes that you have worn up above it I’ve never seen these for a while do doc please take me back the juice bees without war

cleaning the game record a football player short one on one I have to pay for song I think I’ve heard I’ve heard that you’d be right here man you play these more later in the to be ever make the two is really the tools or the pitch to

get with me when I had these all that took flight I mean I didn’t jump are you starving okay right ready friends low scoop what about you guys Kobe 8co being so Kobe over Jordan not in Jordan that I like all machines okay what about lawns I went

to definitely probably 211 Jordan I lie to you I like the five okay so it’s spread out among I shout out of both [Music] Lanza you said the 11th of your favorite what’s your favorite color way definitely the bread store seasons right here and this dad bless you

with them coming up like know what I classic perils I didn’t do Rosie and some laws it never been moving on you come upon he had him in junior high school playing outside and speed up the of them twelve oh man this is like one of the freshest

Monica carbon fiber channel alongside older classic yes yes these bad boys whose $500 so it’s a little different because these are old warriors that are reselling but you’ve gotten flack for the price point of no shoes yes my fingers like this is exclusive store you don’t have 25

people running here you got hoaxes let me here know what they want that’s why that price is exclusive like that okay like my on 495 500 if you want to shoot coming in you don’t come in and say wow if I can get that one will stay out

of this door this is where the best people come to get what they want to get but let me ask the tweet yeah you can’t afford them the Turk you said if you can’t afford them you’re a big room you’re not a big ball of that you not

know that the little insensitive now why is it interesting because not everyone can afford $5 that’s the name of our thing is called big bowl of bran what small and the word D no one knows what is the dessert I want to expand this check this out don’t

go to rolls-royce tom but you need to Toyota okay nobody wants which is what I want to ask yes at any point in your life when you like sneakers yes could you not afford a $495 pair of shoes I couldn’t hey I couldn’t afford enough but my mom

and dad got a little magic okay come here’s the thing if you got a super Cole 500 and you got brand don’t be a fool or big emotion okay there’s huge bourbon back so show is just a shoot if you like it we will imitate it with a

party you like what you like go ahead get it the price is no object you don’t take the best time now just I don’t take back with some analogy on the fact that I’m still here big ball or whatever you do basically I’m saying what card until crap

or whatever you do and you want to get that come kitty [Music] when they’re ready to release are you guys strictly going to do triple B’s or you may see them in Jordan you may see them in Jordan but you want to see me enjoy it okay I’ll

be in big baller brand I don’t just restrict them just ahead of issues it depends on how our brain grow okay how big my one day you start being like me so you know what I’m just wearing my brand my look aware initially wants all my boys with

whatever suiting want and what do you think you guys may do that firstly I’ll probably wear my own so just because in us I’ll assume I think so I mean it’s nice that freedom the way whatever you want but at the end of the day why wouldn’t you

want to wear your shoes fair enough you say a lot of things that you could be Jordan 101 you know we’re in the era of people just saying things but when the shoot came out right when you announced it people were taken aback that you actually did it

how did you get the help who helped them design who what seems you have the guys got to have a whole thing there’s something that you out on though everything on edge too long go create with no pain just a creativity of a 19 year old and knows

what he likes after all these shoes it’s a mixture everything that he’s like so that’s that’s the main thing right there shoot it’s not that big of a deal it’s two things stitching and glue yeah but yeah but if our plays are here playing 82 games a season

it is a big deal why because it can fall hard okay you go get another one yeah but not on the court you can’t you can’t so didn’t get anyone you think okay there’s a good Christian to do okay so Lonzo you designed the shoe yeah people said

the sole kind of looks like an adidas boo soul and it resembles the Kobe he said that you take influence from other shoes is that fair to say that you took what you liked and put into your shoe yeah that’s fair oh that’s bigger I got what I

thought would be a nice ooh and on the way came out I was happy with it so we released it and I’m happy with those things how long from start to finish to the process take I’m designing it didn’t take too long took about 3-4 hours you know

how to our mom and emo you know and then when they went to production with it it’s only it’ll be finished and I got it done are you guys looking to design a different color going to stick with the ones though designed for now I’m over this with

the difference of anything in your head that you can think of off top well one favorite color 3 4 5 ok really but not a Celtic green huh – okay later with the Nike meeting it’s off were they in the Nike meetings with you or just you know

just me and how high did you get here my gosh it wouldn’t hire milk now as you know this is what happened was yeah bitch didn’t they wouldn’t ready for this change every meeting we had was with a guy wandering for okay that’s the wrong guy for me

we want co-brand and you can be pleasing CEOs just like I am okay coming with the wrong picture so I’m spending the backspin I don’t want no endorsement deal and that’s what everybody look good all of our once a billion-dollar endorse to zero I mean every said I

wonder their endorsement you guys in color I’m Cobra okay and triple beings will be able to choose the guys we talked about signature shoes we talked about Jordan let’s go to this crazy wall where the most coveted expensive sneakers are [Music] three out of four you guys are

in triple B sandals another talk was the price point what made you guys put our sandals as well sandals after every ball player gotta put on your sliders after you still falling why I’ll do too much now feel I got a dress you own or fit flop if

you hang it up in a I got AI got a vest you own after that McKibben animal types rounds and I’m assuming please I gotta go see yo Sal okay no we’re not messing around but I tell you what dose and oh my gosh I feel like playing

some ball these are no slip grip look at this bottom you can’t play no good ball and you can’t play ball feel me you can’t you can’t play ball and it’ll be I can type all this Gumby my foot into which is play ball with these nothing but

jumpin you just said you have a heavy foot I got a heavy coupon I’m light on my feet Lonzo we have special colorways this is like the Oregon it goes with their uniform you kept your signature all black and there’s talks that the Lakers got the second pick

we know that he wants you to stay close to home in LA if the Celtics pick you first will we see a black and green colorway of the co2 ah you have to stay tuned I’m up okay so you know we’ll see in the future how are you

going to judge success of the launch once this is all done success is on whatever we think it will be on as long as we have to with it and success it absolutely and levar I would say we’re always caught up on sales how obsessed are you guys

with the sales of the shoe I’m not obsessed about the film’s okay though shoe is symbolic that’s why the price day that’s a price tag we came not a boardroom everybody’s head is stuck aligned 200 250 because it’s not their own shoot somebody else throughout the advance and

you’re jumping and doing all the work the guys in the back I know I think she was worth this good piles of shoes is put together the way he wanted it and I feel that’s the price tag be in our own shoot symbolic comes with a price that’s

basically what the shoe is for like I told God before if I just make 50 shoes it would be 50 falando in my boy I’m good with that so I’m not on the point fans know what you got still a million by next week two million by the

week after all it is not about that you can make some bubblegum shoes that don’t mean anything the right guy is sponsoring a shoe everybody is going by you know this thing’s also hasn’t done anything yet and I’m looking over here right now there’s this place 5350 apply

three things multiply honey honey okay how this is erected it retails for 220 220 or so but it resells right after or sometimes fifteen hundred a thousand Wow see fifteen hundred thousand and they say moms will have to do something before they go buy a suit doo doo

slam dunk or crossover for the street come out like that nobody’s a big entertainer you guys are like yeah but I I’m just saying what does he do he singing I could sing and bring out a shoe so I really got that something would I be so stepped

into the beautiful you don’t give me no money for that because you want to here we go I’m doing it so guys we talk about everything now the easier part you got to pick up some shoes and I see what you’re going to buy hey that’s what I’m

talking about and that’s what we’re here to do this after we drop you kind of know behavior with a killin villain when you shopping for you you got to do your thing Thomas fell down I was high you said I got beat after that lost everything light on

my feet or bottle before the bottom yeah he’s was there I can’t wait to hit the club with you hands club price Club VIP and all these will hit man Oh see my father likes all night maybe I rock the one I’m talking about anymore then yeah good

right we’re donors I got he’s in the 13 it and they’re not the same one in one of different colors sip it goes down sailor soul comes through 22:56 in 56 and well works [Music] so as you guys could see the ball family came through mello Yello Lonzo

and the big guy levar thanks coming through guy says you’ll be hearing from all of them very soon [Music]