The LG Fortnite House Goes Sneaker Shopping ($130,000 SUPREME BEAR!)

big umbrellas or presence of a little piles of piles and prizes a summer party no money depressive e : therefore my blessings I feel like I’m falling to 30th back tell me a bonus of going to sign this by calling rush in the Sun and I wanted to

go in a vixen on something it’s down here with the LG house where Ivo needs verano we’re gonna do some sneaker shopping and let’s see what these guys like all right so we have a little challenging for three days today and we’re gonna take some shots up in

that here we all have five shots each for every shot we get a hundred dollars added to our total so a lot of high stakes here all right we want to get as many shots as we can [Music] [Applause] [Music] so you have to watch I got 300

extra I’m gonna be honest I haven’t played sports in like eight years she’s used to the laughs you’ve gotta stand on the right I got to I got three I got one important to in the boy behind the camera got to 800 there we go let’s go good

thing I don’t die in forty eight hundred forty eight hundred [Music] parents or parents or parents or eleazar eleazar here huh what are we looking at so I like these a lot these are dope I like them alone yeah these are really cool there’s only a thousand bucks

so it gives me like maybe 200 bucks to work with so I want to see if these have size 13s can be really hard to find shoes that are my size no I was looking at a couple of these but they don’t have shoes my size okay we

have a very limited selection so I got to find something that I really like you know these are cool I like these a lot because of the the texture on the outside yeah I was on these I like these a lot these as well so my buddy here

behind the camera I actually got him these bad boys right here but I’m a little bit jealous you know we’re looking at the grey edition of the sakai blazers I might have to ball out and get some of these I don’t know Nick are you looking for a

ground you’re looking for a couple pairs really near you know you like high-top sneakers yeah I’m more of a high-top kind of guy my stuff these guys are definitely into the lows well I mean I’m gonna both but the shoe freaks are gonna make fun of me but

I kind of want like a shoe to workout in and I like the flats to workout in I’ll sing about getting some off-white congress’s you know he told me he wanted the coca-cola converses to workout in all right so if you know me then you probably know that

I love the Pharrell’s like I already have three pairs of these myself I actually just got these the human made heart ones and then I’ll have the blue cloud ones and then the very first pair that I ever got was the all-white most comfortable pair of shoes I

ever bought my entire life I’ve all man hold up hold up I’ve been eyeing these for a minute bro I might act up I don’t know I’m gonna be honest I like adidas but I’m not really too into the either this yeah yeah yeah like you don’t see

too many people wearing these right and there’s just more variety in colors with the Pharrell as I feel like like you can get them in any color they all look great and they all have a different meaning on each one of them which is super cool the BBC

exclusives they sold these only at the store near you so yeah it has expensive taste let’s go for about two to three thousand Canadian I want to know how like Kanye got into just everything to be honest because I’ve been hearing a lot of backstory apparently who’s wearing

Nike and then before that there’s even more that was going on like the Louboutin collab and you know I’m into those kind of shoots like losers on Gucci actually I’m not I’m never wearing Gucci shoes ever again they’re perfect they’re very uncomfortably Kanye had to suffer to see

a Travis Scott collab like Travis Scott Jordan once with a backwards swoosh that doesn’t exist without Connie well Jordan once every week there’s a new colorway that wasn’t happening before Kanye really set the stage that’s not fuzzy we want an option for $130,000 oh my god and it’s

the most expensive supreme item in the world and you said there’s only one of these it’s um Kim Jones made this for his dog and then donated it to charity Wow wonderful no sir [Music] get the food Lamborghini oh my god beautiful car man it’s all carbon fiber

was it butterfly doors I think so the whole cars carbon fiber oh yeah all right I think we’ll hold off a little bit on that you already know the vibes you boy just yell hot check quick yeah let me get my checks are you feeling turn it on

makini bro you you own a Lamborghini only three two one what I’ll be honest bro I thought mine was loud you know what it is we don’t have our windows down when we when we start them up that’s a problem but that was that sounded like a NASCAR

yeah alright so we each got twelve hundred to spend and I spent mine all on one grill and I got the the Hallows Eve off way Blazers had a cop you know I’m trying to get the whole collection here so you know we styling out with these bad

boys all right and then of course me I had to stay loyal to the Pharrell’s definitely my favorite shoe at the moment they’re the most comfortable pair I could find and the cotton candies are just so perfect cuz the pink and blue that’s the colors I love the

most and these were 2000 Canadian but luckily the shop was able to give me a nice little discount on them so I really do appreciate it od here in Toronto so I’m not gonna sit here and stunt like I know all about shoes like these guys do however

I actually love these shoes these off White’s a lot of people say like off-white this off-white that but I actually do like these shoes a lot I’m not just buying it cuz of the brand I was actually gonna buy it but because LG was able to hook me

up I got these for free so really happy I got him so so what’s up guys actually ended up getting two pairs that I’ve had my eyes on for a little bit I got the gold supreme up tempos I really wanted the red at first but when I

saw the gold in person they really popped and I was able to get the cigar championship sixes as well I’m really excited about both these these are I mean these come with the ring on top I’m just I don’t know I’m a static these are my first two

Grails and I’m rocking out in my collection so the Big Boss Booya had to outdo everybody my man went with the Travis Scott’s and he’s gonna go like completely different with the laces so instead of like choosing a lace he’s gonna let the laces hang wear with the

black leather laces hang somebody sent me a video that I’ve never seen anyone do that yet like I’ve seen people go with pink pink and black pink and white no one’s ever left this hand [Music] alright I’m hyped I think everybody’s really hyped you’re like really really hyped

we bought a bunch of sneakers we got amazing hospitality come on to ot Toronto honestly this sneaker shop has showed us the best hospitality when we’ve been to a lot of sneaker stores Oh detour oh no 270 points us and you guys are actually dope they know their

stuff they know sneakers and thank you guys for all their links will be down below be sure to check them out guys on Instagram it’s definitely down there thank you again to luminosity from hooking it up with all the speakers we’re getting extra fresh yeah for a while

we can’t wait to be back in Toronto and come shop LG on top let’s go [Music]